50 Shades of The Sims – Crazy Mods for The Sims 4. Part One

Do you think The Sims is too toothless, and it’s not even sporting the R rating? Let us reveal something that you’re not alone. In the community of modders in The Sims, you can dig for diamonds that cause your game to be perhaps poorer than the quality of GTA 5 and maybe even higher. In Gamepressure, we’ve gathered the Mods available to The Sims 4 to ensure that you give it the R rating. At least, they’ll make it more difficult.

The author of the book states, after one or two of these you’ll never be the identical. In essence, sex drug use and the rock and roll scene. Additionally, the excessive love of a father, and obsessions. In the shortest of terms, 18plus and everything else.

Wicked Whims

Let’s begin with the trumps, to call them. Wicked Whims is probably the most extensive mod in this list. Do you think that Sims sexual life is dull and boring and limited to a few moments in the plaid? Maybe you’d like to fulfill your most cherished dreams and fantasies through the game, as many of us used to do when we were kids playing with Barbie dolls? They did not have genitals; however, did you find that a problem? Wicked Whims can undoubtedly help players use something similar to it within their game.

Animations that this mod can add significant [I’m talking very substantially will enhance the enjoyment of the sexual world of your Sims. For instance, the community on the forums enjoys practicing sexual arousals in-game using the mod… You need to create accounts on the creator’s website to download the mod. You can then download anything you like. Then, you can share with your friends if it is worth it or not.

With Wicked Twists, The characters you create could become naturists. Naturism is an idea of unity with nature. Naturists typically advocate walking naked and barefoot CadeltaAnd when you own The Sims 4: Get Together DLC, you can become exhibitionists are also available. Your Sims can be free to “connect with nature” as well as one another wherever they go: plane, car downtown, nightclub swingers club (you require the DLC to play), crowded street couch, table the closet… Your imagination can be free! Yes, the persona of your characters doesn’t have any significance.

Do not be fooled by the sheets that have hearts and clouds of pixels! This is serious here. I still can’t get over it. The mod adds the capability to look at other people. Sims can engage in polyamorous or polygamous relationships. They can also be intimate. Playing Game of Thrones is also feasible. Also, any sibling-related anime.

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The game also alters specific gameplay mechanics, which change the experience of females in the game. The mod lets you change the likelihood of pregnancy between 0 and 100 percent. Abortion? One thousand five hundred simoleons and you’re done. You can also do it by using medication [also available in this mod[included in this mod]. Female characters who had a happy life without menstrual cycles are now experiencing one. The ladies have prepared to deal with all this, the menstrual cycle, the soiled underwear, pain, and more. In addition, pads and tampons.

Therefore, bizarre situations could occur. For example, my lesbian couple witnessed an unidentified man from the street who was wearing no pants while coitus was able to climb into the window and begin praising himself. After that, he wandered throughout the house; as one of my heroines was caught on the fire while cooking, she came to her rescue and took it out. The two then went upstairs to bed and discovered the opposite girl. There was a fight that was eventually resolved in “lovemaking” again.

What’s the matter? If The Sims could replace your life, it’s also a sexually stimulating experience. It’s a great way to have fun.

Custom Aphrodite Aspiration

If you’re a fan of romanticism and the myths of the past of Greece, This one is the one for you. The Custom Aphrodite Aspiration is a way to invite you to follow the path of the myths about Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Prepare yourself for the character you choose to spend her time in romance and flirting, as well as seduction and completing certain tasks. For instance, Aphrodite was married to unattractive Hephaestus with five lovers. Aphrodite Aspiration is worth combining with Wicked Whims.

Don’t expect just romance, but. There are weddings too, many children, and. Gardening. Also, you’re carrying a lot of responsibility. You will be recognized if you can survive the whole thing and get through it. How? Let it be a shock to you, should you choose to discover this method.

Breast Augmentation

I’m sure you’ve guessed that you’d see something similar. This mod is pretty simple to operate. It allows you to make your character’s breasts look huge. Like the other customizable products, you’ll be able to raise or decrease your breasts. However hard you attempt, they’ll still appear strange. Combining this technique with Wicked Whims could result in bizarre situations. For instance, larger bust sizes may not be compatible with certain positions.

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Fitness Controls

It is also for those who have particular preferences. This mod lets you alter the physiques of Sims by making them slim, fat, or muscular, up to the point of extreme. The whole thing can be changed through the editor for characters. Simply increase or decrease fat muscle mass by using the slider, then select your clothing, but make sure you don’t change the clothes for any other purpose. It is essential to keep this in mind, since without this, you won’t attain the desired outcome, as changing clothes can result in the possibility that the simulation will be back to the original appearance that the designer has set. This mod naturally allows for extremes. The issue is where do the limits of aesthetics are for you to reach.

Luckily, the author allows you to choose the extent to which you can decrease or expand the capacity of the Sims. It’s all about how far you’re willing to take it.

Babies for All

If you’re a fan of the film “Junior?” This mod is perfect for you. Teenager girls? Men? Same-sex couples? Grandma as well as Grandpa? The sims of all siblings can now get pregnant. Age doesn’t matter. Anatomy and physiology, too. There are just two essential things to know.

If you first send Sims Sims to bed in order to create an infant, there is nothing to take place. Like in the first game, you’re required to choose the “have a baby. “have an infant” option. You can also combine this option along with Wicked Whims, and then sexual contact that is not protected can result in the birth of a baby.

Second, sims that were in existence prior to the time that the mod was implemented are not suitable for carrying the baby. In order to do this, you just need to alter the settings of your character by selecting the appropriate option.

Some more crazy modifications for The Sims 4 we’ll tell in the second section of the content.

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