Breeding Insects at the Farm of the Louse-Babies in The Sims 4: Ecological Life

If you purchase “Lice-crumbs,” the animal farm “Lice-crumbs” it is possible to breed it with among the 4 varieties of bugs (not in order to confuse or but include worms) (not to confuse, include worms)

  • Worms 15 SS
  • Crickets 15 – 15 SS
  • Bugs 15 SS
  • Bombardier beetles 35 SS Level 5 cookery or 9 scavenger.

Infest care and collection of living products

If you are a part of an insect colony, it is essential to take care of it to ensure it is sustainable and acquire the materials that you require. A farm for insects is more demanding than beehives in this respect. The colony is characterized by three vitality indicators: Status as well as Nutrition and gathering. It is possible to view the current state of the farm in the pop-up tables that appear whenever you place your mouse on the property.


Gather the “harvest” every 24 hours. The time starts at the time of settlement or last year’s harvest. The primary ingredients used in harvesting are humus/larvae as well as fuel. You can gather either or both. In other words, if you have collected the larvae, you will not receive fuel and be waiting for when you next gather. Crickets and Worms produce biofuel and humus. Crickets also give painting “Noir”. The beetles as well as Bombardier Beetles give larvae and biofuel. The state of your colony may obtain fertilizer as an added benefit. The collection indicator includes two states total:

  • is ready you can gather the “harvest”
  • is not fully developed there is no harvesting yet


Feed the insects only at to the Hunger level. Feed them the normal diet (just selecting the “Feed” option that will cost you $5 SS) and compost using an empty toilet or garbage container (if you have the “Compost Box” improvement is activated). Starvation includes four states Four states:

  • the wasting
  • hunger at this point you already have the ability to feed insects
  • hunger satisfied
  • satiety

Colony condition

This is most likely the most significant indicator that determines the colony’s life. It includes five stages that could be used:

  • Failure The colony isn’t working;
  • decay at this point, it is not possible to collect the life products even when they are in the process of being ready.
  • Normal
    In normal condition in normal condition, you will receive one unit of product without bonuses.
  • Growth
    The colony is satisfied and content. You’ll receive 1 unit of product for each collection and there’s an opportunity to receive 1 fertilizer for free (sometimes the crickets use black paint);
  • Growing
    The colony is content and produces more nutritious products:
  • 1 humus, or 1 fuel, and 1 fertilizer for a bonus in crickets and worms (sometimes the crickets use noir paint);
  • 2 larvae or 1 fuel , and 2 fertilizers in addition to the fuel in beetles and bombardier beetles.

Fertilizer is known as Excellent Fertilizer it’s the identical one that Jasmine Holiday gave during the Fructon trial. It’s the same one from which she received it! ”

The condition of the colonies is simple to assess visually. There are dead bodies scattered around the cage – exhaustion. Insects crawling around at the lowest point – decay. Insects crawling towards mid-level of box normal, but not quite all the way to the top growth. They can even be found on the top that covers the lid (and some hover over it) and bring the definition of prosperity. In fact, bombardier beetles who do not take care may even devour the poor farmer with a blaze. In the image below you can see what each stage appears like in the case of crickets.

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The game is enhanced by the special “Caregiving” game-play. It will take approximately 40 minutes of game duration (sometimes more, and sometimes less). In order to progress to the following stages, it is necessary to handle the insects at least 3-4 times. Children from the age of a toddler up are able to take care of the insects. Yes, children don’t have much to do as they look around and observe. However, they are able to do this in tandem with adults, which improves the health of the colony quicker. Furthermore, toddlers and kids can pick “crops” in the field and give them to insects.It is a great way to feed the insects.

To further reduce the duration of nursing and increase the effectiveness of your nursing, install LittleMsSam HTML2 random small mods (Nurture Provides More health).

The need for nurturing is vital, since by consuming certain ingredients, you harm the colon’s health. The usual decrease is one level, but occasionally it may drop two notches at a time. In order to collect fuel and ingredients, it is only feasible if the colony’s conditions are “Normal” or better. The more favorable the condition and saturation level, the greater number of ingredients you can gather. It’s not clear the reason why you could collect two pieces of the product from insects however only one is from worms and crickets, regardless of whether the entire colony appears to be in good condition.

Application that is located in the home


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Biofuels can be utilized to fuel generators as well as vehicles with been fitted with the “Fuel Tank” enhancement installed. However, it doesn’t appear to have any impact on the level of eco-tracking – equipment powered by biofuels starts to give industrial eco-tracking even though it didn’t provide eco-tracking. When the fuel is exhausted it’s ecological footprint shifts and returns to green.

Gumus and the larvae

This is the most exciting part. There are several new recipes included in the supplement. These are the ones that you will require, and as ingredients that are required.

  • Cricket Popcorn 1 cricket Humus, 1 level of cooking skills
  • Cricket Dish – 1 cricket hummus, 3 cooking skill level
  • Bomber Beetle roast 1 bomber beetle larva at level 5., cooking ability. Refills the Sim’s energy level. While eating the sim is able to exhale flames.
  • The Hot Worms 1 worm humus degree of cooking ability and cooked on the grill.
  • Bug Juice 1 beetle larva 10th level of drink mixing. If you consume three portions each day, your sim will get better .

There are a variety of recipes readily available to cook within a plot that has one of the “Life without amenities” property. Insects that eat in a place with this property will give you a variety of positive muzzles.

Bombardier Beetles and the Trespassing ability

You’re asking yourself why you need the pecking ability to create bombardier beetles? It’s really easy. If the Sim has larvae of bombardier in his bag He gets a fresh one when he pokes encounters with the other character “Bombardment!” Do you know what that signifies? You can to throw bugs that are bombardier at other people. If you are struck by one then the other person may be able to catch fire but the fire disappears quickly. Most likely, this horrible incident will come with no serious consequences. In fact, the victim will receive an Firebugs muzzlelet (grumpy +2 for 2 hours).

If you’re still unsure you may ask us. We hope you have fun playing!

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