In Sims 4 Android there are features you’ll love

The gallery, in which users can share their self-created content with others, is one of the most important new features of The Sims 4. After the web version of the gallery was launched a few weeks ago, the platform for user-generated content is now also available as an app available for Android and iOS. The Sims Mobile is free-to-play, so the basic version can be played for free.

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There is no better way to spend time than playing Sims 4 Android.

Choose personality traits like “active” or “musical” for each Sim, and add more as your Sims gain life experience. According to Electronic Arts, the Sims is the best-selling computer game ever – a total of 175 million units were sold (as of 2015). It all started in the year 2000, followed by countless expansions that washed money into the coffers. Now Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced “The Sims Mobile”, a digital version for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Yes, there is finally Sims 4 Android version and it’s awesome

The game gives you the opportunity to play through almost all realistic – and also unrealistic – life scenarios. Of course, you also need appropriate characters for this. The “Create a Sim” tool gives you full control over the look, character and style of clothing. You can also choose a life wish for each Sim. “Sims 4” was released in 2014, but thanks to free updates and a shop full of expansion packs, the game held up very well.

Click here for instructions on how to activate JavaScript in your browser. “The Sims Mobile” is already available for free download in Brazil. EA also does not provide any information about the financing model. Additional special tasks such as gardening and job search provide variety and improve the account balance.

Once you are logged in via your EA account, you can search the entire gallery with search options such as keywords and like and comment on favorites. Each creation has a unique link that you can use to share it with your friends. You don’t even need to own Sims 4 Android to look around the gallery.

You can easily get Sims 4 Android on your phone in a blink of an eye

The Sims FreiSpiel brings the computer game classic The Sims as a free app to the Android smartphone. In life simulation, the player looks after the well-being of several people in a fictional city. We have adapted our data protection information to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to provide you with a pleasant online experience, we use cookies on our website. By continuing to surf on you agree to the use of cookies.

A status bar shows how well the characters’ needs are met. The player also determines the appearance of the Sims such as clothing and hairstyle.

Before I helped build the new online gaming magazine Alpha-Omegagaming, I was around Toni and after careful consideration I decided to set up my own magazine.

You can find detailed information and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time in our privacy policy. Visit the gallery via the iOS and Android ™ app, or the game and have a look around! Getting information about upcoming new content and expanding your game with new gaming experiences is now easier than ever. You can also save your own favorite creations and automatically load them into your own library the next time you start Sims 4 Android.

With The Sims Mobile, Electronic Arts and Maxis has announced a new mobile spin-off of the popular game series. There are already first screenshots and a trailer that can be seen. appgefahren oversees the mess in the app store. Whether apps, games or accessories, visitors are always well informed on our various channels. We provide information about all topics related to Apple products such as iPhone, iPad or Mac and technology that inspires us.

Get a closer looks at this incredible version of the game

So that your Sims have a roof over their heads, ready-to-move-in houses are available in the existing neighborhoods. If these do not appeal to you, you can also set up your own dream domicile in construction mode and set it up appropriately. Then you are ready to dive into the diverse world of “Sims 4”. Of course, the classic game principle is retained. You can freely create your own Sims, build houses, maintain relationships and much more.

If you would also like to be part of this project, write to me directly at. We look forward to new people and stories, everyone is welcome with us. A specialty of The Sims Mobile is the multiplayer, in which you interact with the Sims of other players. You can invite to a party together, make friends, and even move in with another Sim.

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Players can interact with other players’ Sims at parties or in the city in new ways and use stickers to compliment them. Players can also have their Sims start a family that opens new ways for future generations by leaving heirlooms with far-reaching gameplay benefits.

We would like to point out that from time to time we may overlook a potentially harmful software program. The graphics of The Sims Free Game are more than impressive for a mobile game. The animated figures and the detailed game world are particularly impressive.

If you are not logged in with your EA account, you can only see content managed by Maxis. You can view, share and download great creations from the community through the gallery, and now you can visit them through the mobile app and internet browser. It also keeps you up to date on all the latest news, so you always know exactly what’s going on in the world of The Sims 4. Sims 4 Android is based on the Legacy Challenge.

What you can find in this game is simply amazing

The Sims 4 Android is at least as much fun as on the PC. The control via touchscreen is very pleasant and precise, the graphics appealing. The Sims immediately captivate the player and don’t let him go so easily.

In The Sims Mobile, players interact with their real friends in a completely new way. With “The Sims Mobile” EA and Maxis have announced a new version of the life simulation on iOS and Android devices.

If you like to stage life stories or have a soft spot for architecture, you will find it here. Thanks to the current EA promotion, you can save the price of the otherwise € 40 base game and download it for free. The offshoot for on the go offers players numerous possibilities to create their Sims in the character editor and to experience funny everyday adventures with them. Building beautiful dream homes is just as much a part of the Sims lifestyle as hobbies or extensive career opportunities. Electronic Arts has supplemented The Sims 4 with a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Through social interaction with the other characters, the player at The Sims FreiSpiel makes friends, enters into relationships and starts a family. As in real life, instead of love there are also quarrels and hostilities among the residents. Our download button takes you directly to the Origin US site.

Grab your own Android APK and start playing today!

Compared to the previous The Sims apps, the creator is more extensive and looks better, but there are not all options of the desktop version. The life simulation The Sims has now also found its way onto smartphones and tablets. The Sims Mobile from Maxis, the subsidiary of Electronic Arts, can be downloaded free of charge for mobile devices with Apple iOS and Google Android. A new launch trailer was also released for the release, showing the numerous possibilities for Sims players.

That means you start out as a penniless Sim and play across generations. For your Sims, you choose life and career goals that need to be achieved, let them celebrate parties, fall in love or start a family. A Sim’s career and decisions affect the options and résumés of children and grandchildren. The goal is to build a successful life across the Sims generations.

In The Sims Mobile, players can create Sims according to their own ideas, build individual houses and play together with friends while shaping the lifestyle of their Sims 4 Android. At the start of the game, the appearance of the Sims can be fine-tuned from hair color to style to fashion and accessories. Players can choose personality traits for their Sims that match or differ from their own, as well as their hobbies, careers, relationships, and more. When designing the perfect house, you can choose from numerous furniture, appliances, decorations and themed collections. Players can invite other players ‘Sims to present their homes, or view other Sims’ homes by visiting their parties.

Future plans for Sims 4 Android

In the future, additional content will probably only be available against payment, but EA has not yet given details on this. The game has already been launched in Brazil for Android and iOS. There is no date for Germany yet, but the game should also be available in Germany in the coming months.

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The Sims Mobile is a new offshoot of the classic video game The Sims, which you can play on the go on your mobile phone or tablet. As always, you are free to customize the character, appearance and living space of your Sims.

My main interests are in the MMO and RPG area. The CHIP installer only downloads this download quickly and securely via the CHIP high-speed server, so that a trustworthy origin is ensured. In addition to virus scans, every download is manually checked for you by our editorial team. From now on, the creations of fellow players can be called up via iOS and Android devices. To post comments, please make sure JavaScript and cookies are enabled and reload the page.

To download the game for free, you need a VPN like ZenMate or Windscribe – you have to set the location to the USA. With a click on “Get the Game” and then “Buy Now – $ 0.00” you can secure the standard edition for free. Change the look of your Sims including hairstyles, outfits, makeup and accessories. From head to toe – the possibilities are endless! Then put together a stylish wardrobe by working with Izzy Fabulous in the boutique.

The gameplay is even better than on other platforms

With the virtual money you buy furniture and decorations in The Sims FreiSpiel and increase the living standard of the characters. You are already registered for The Sims Mobile newsletter using the email address above.

All you need to do is register with Origin so that the app can be linked to the gaming platform. Electronic Arts has released a new mobile app for its life simulation The Sims 4. “The Sims Mobile” also has a multiplayer mode in which players can get in touch with real friends. The Sims of the respective users can visit parties, for example.

You can also view the activities of your friends within the gallery using the app, so that you don’t miss any interesting content. Expanding your game with new creations has become even easier with the launch of The Sims ™ 4 Gallery via iOS, Android ™ and Steer your Sims’ stories from careers and hobbies to relationships and family. Choose from exciting careers such as fashion designer or doctor and hobbies such as cooking or playing the guitar. Start a family and open new paths for future generations by leaving helpful heirlooms.

Regular updates based on community feedback keep adding new locations and options – including a concert party with dance floor since the last update. The characters in The Sims FreiSpiel are moved with finger gestures and lead the Sims to the fridge or take a nap on the sofa in the living room.

There is no issues with this game at all

The creations of other players can be viewed and saved via the so-called Sims 4 Android gallery. is a gaming blog that should enable almost everyone to test games, apps and hardware. We are constantly developing and have enjoyed our first three years in this format with joy.

So far we have financed this page through advertising and kept it as free as possible from clickbaits or paid items, but since COVID-19 this has become increasingly difficult. Many companies will cut or cut their advertising budgets for 2020. Budgets, which we unfortunately rely on if we want to continue offering PC games in the usual way free of charge in the future. And it is exactly this “playing the craziest wishes for life” that has inspired fans of the series since 2000.

With the help of the app, the gallery can be searched, where you can like, share and comment on the creations of other users and view your own content. The app also offers the option of storing interesting content. The content you have saved will then be loaded into your game the next time you start the game.

The app is developed by the creators of the Sims and Sim City series and, according to the press release, is based on “Sims 4 Android Legacy Challenge”. It is about creating new characters (“Sims”) and building a successful family over several generations. All readers receive news, articles, guides, videos and podcasts about their favorite games from us free of charge.

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