Kava Feast in The Sims 4: Life on an Island

Experience the authentic experience of island customs by hosting your own Kava meal! Make use of the special Kava drink bowl to make your personal drink and toast to your loved ones, fresh and traditional. Attention: overdosing on the kava drink could cause long-lasting and intense relaxation. Very very VERY RELAXING.

General Information
Cava Feast is the only event of its kind that is part of the new features to The Sims 4: Life on an Island. The event is organized by the Sims as young as an adult or more. Kava Festival is a target event, which means you earn different rewards from it. In addition the top level of the festival must be completed to finish the initial stage of the purpose “Beach life”.

Information about Organizations:


  • The party cost 100 simoleons.
  • Minimum number of organizers 1 Maximum number of organizers 8 organizers.
  • Maximum number of guests: 1. maximum 15.
  • Location: Residential lot with dormitory, park pool, beach cafe, bar nightclub, cocktail bar.


It is possible to invite guests from toddlers or even older. However, keep in mind that guests who are invited do not come to the event, so the number of guests could increase many times! Particularly, if you’re having an event at Sulani.

The preparations for the event
If you are preparing the food for the party when you are preparing for the feast, it is suggested to purchase the kava bowl and make an alcohol drink ahead of time. There may be a need for an audio system and a kitchen in order to cook meals for your guests.

If you want to earn an award of gold it is possible to require an audio system as well as a kitchen for preparing meals for guests.

In order to make the drink, you’ll need kava roots, that is located within the jungle on the island of Sulani or grown. It is then and rewarded with the bronze medal awarded for holding the kava festival or purchased from the beach supply kiosk. Kava root isn’t an essential ingredient, but it can reduce the price of the drink by nearly half. The cost for a drink that is not made with the kava root is 18 simoleons or 10 simoleons if you use the kava root. In one drink, you will get eight portions from the beverage. It is likely that you will need to make the drink multiple times throughout the holiday season if there are more than enough guests or if a specific task arises.

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When making a drink sims that have the characteristic “Island Child” will receive mulet “Recipe for an old island meal” (confidence +4 during the duration of 4 hours).

After the preparations are completed when the event is ready, it’s time for you to begin the celebration. The most important thing is to; talk to the guests 12 times; There will be other tasks to prepare and consumption of cava and other routine tasks like dancing, cooking, and telling anecdotes.


  • Please, please have a glass in cava (option that is available by clicking on the bowl, as in inviting guests to the table)
  • Drink a glass of the cava (3 times)
  • create a drink of kava
  • toast your toast with a cava beverage (sim should hold the glass and drink the drink. The action can be found in the menu for friendly interactions when you click on another sim)
  • prepare a meal for a number of people
  • let 3 characters dance simultaneously
  • allow 3 characters to consume at the same time
  • Let two characters be content simultaneously
  • can tell an narrative (3 three times)
  • tell stories (2 time)


In addition, it’s ideal if the sim’s coordinator is the one with the character characteristic “Child of the Island” and the event will be granted an initial bronze level when it begins. There’s no way to miss the gold. With its acceptance during this time of year and there’s nothing complicated, and all tasks can be accomplished easily as well as the level of gold can be achieved quickly.

Be aware that only those who are who are over “teenager” are allowed to take a drink of kava. Drinking the drink gives the person an Calm mulet. (Happiness +2 for 2 hours). The second drink can increase its effects. However, after the third drink will be “Total tranquility” (very stupefied for the duration of 8 hours).

Award Ceremony
For the bronze event , you get 3 kava roots. in exchange for silver, you will receive various items the collection, while for the gold you will receive objects taken from the “Buried Treasures” collection.

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Sims hosting the event and their guests will also be given guests and organizers will also receive a “Together” mulet at the end of the event (happiness + 2 hours) Additionally, Sims who possess the characteristic “Island Child” will be given its more powerful equivalent.

Also, the Kava Festival is a wonderful occasion to get together with friends or family members take a look at some of the items in the Shells and Buried Treasure collections and complete your Beach Life life goal. 

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