Skiing skill in The Sims 4 Snowfields add-on

The new additions add a variety of opportunities and abilities that our heroes can learn, among which is skiing.

How do you develop a skiing ability

People who can ski like to cut through the snowy surfaces while feeling the cool breeze moving over their faces. To learn the art of skiing, it is necessary to learn to ski or master the technique of skiing at home by using a computer. Enhance your skiing skills to learn new clothing, models, ski outfits, slope actions, and other communications.

Skiing is a sport that can be performed by characters ranging from small to big, starting as a child. Skiing is a skill that sims can develop in the adolescent years. The children who ride will learn motor skills.

You can master the art of skiing with the three volumes of “Skiing” by purchasing it at the bookcase or on the computer:

  • The Art of Skiing. Volume 1. Balance holding and the first descent 75 SS
  • A technique for skiing. Volume 2. Analyzing the pistes and stopping points 150 SS
  • A technique for skiing. Volume 3. Style and grace 250 SS

If you want to experience the thrill of an actual skier, it is essential to visit the place of endless snow, which is Yukimatsu, in which you can discover five mountain slopes that are suitable for skiers and snowboarders, each one with its level of difficulty. The more skilled of the person, the more complex the slopes are available to him and the more tricks he’ll be able to do when skiing. If you are looking to learn how to ski speedily, you should be in a relaxed attitude.

This type of activity is ideal for those with a ambition consisting of “Extreme Lovers” Character traits like “Courageous”, “Active”, “Nature Lover” and the characteristics of “Adrenaline Thirst” , “Energetic” and “Outdoorsy. ”

Rent or purchase ski equipment

Skis can be purchased for children and adults from the vending machine located at the bottom of the mountain, close to the elevator station. You can also purchase through the purchase mode. In the beginning, you will have two kinds of skis on offer in the vending machine – the Snowball Bigfoot ski for adults (for 200 SS) and Snowball Bigfoot ski Malyutka for children (for 160 SS). Be aware that only a handful of colours are available at the vending machine. However, New models are available as you gain experience in the purchase mode.

There’s a possibility of having several types of skiing equipment in your baggage all at once. The sim will select one at random. You can also choose one of your own by clicking its icon on the character’s luggage.

If you’ve ever had the desire to go skiing but did not have the equipment, Don’t fret – your character will “rent” them on an upper point on the slope. But remember that these skis aren’t always satisfactory, which means that your character is at risk of having a rather uncomfortable experience. Therefore, it’s best to carry your skis. The equipment you roll in is kept in the luggage of your character. If you don’t want it, take it back by clicking the icon that appears in the bags of your personality.

Skiing shoes

When you go skiing, your sim will have to change his footwear and shoes, which may not be in the same style as the outfit you picked for him. So, be sure to choose his company carefully. To avoid this, make sure you take good care of the right shoes before you go. In CAS, you can give him specific “ski” bootsthat won’t alter their look while he skis.It is important to note that ski boots are not asymmetrical.

Slope Types of Ride

There are five different slopes to choose from on the snowy mountain that each has a degree of difficulty. These slopes are educational for beginners or amateurs, advanced skiers, and for those who are highly skilled. On all slopes, excluding the slopes used by schools, it is possible to access either by using the elevator by clicking on the building near the bottom or simply by selecting”Ride” or “Ride” to the slope you wish to ski, and the character will take the elevator.

Learn Slope Available beginning at the ski level 1.. This slope is great for skiers who are just beginning their journey. It is split into 5 trails which differ in the amount of turns and jumps.

Beginning slope accessible from the level of skill 1.

It’s the slope to the left, away from the elevator. It is accessible by going up into the stall or selecting the hill and choosing the “Ride” “Ride” option. Sim will take the elevator to reach the beginning of the slope.It is located on the left side of the elevator.

Amateur Slope is available at the 3rd level of skill.

The slope is found on the left that is accessible via the lift. In the 3rd skill level, you’ll have moderate and low activity. at the 4th level; you’ll be in a position to ski with higher activity.It is

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Skilled Slope accessible from the skill level of 4.

The slope is on the right side of the lift. The slope and all intensities are accessible immediately at ski level 4; however, the level description states that high activity on this slope is accessible only starting at level 5. The ledges made of stone serve for jumping ramps.

Extreme Slope is available starting at the skill level 5

The most extreme right slope is located away from the elevator. The access to this and all levels simultaneously is accessible at ski skill level 5. This slope can be divided into two trails with ramps made of rock edges. This is the toughest slope.

The slopes are all skiable both at night and daytime. The special lighting will be on all the trails are lit up in the Snow Festival, which makes the skiing more enjoyable.

Skating style

When you select a slope, you can choose whether your sim will either ski usually or make funny poses. Additionally, all slopes, except the hill for training, offer three levels of ski activities: low, medium, and high. You can pick the appropriate most appropriate level by clicking the slope. Based on the degree of difficulty, the person can be prudent, staying clear of tricks and leaps or performing amazing stunts.

All slopes, except the instructional slope are divided into three levels of activity : medium, low and high medium and high

    • When there is minimal level of activity, your character will take the safest route while avoiding the possibility of showing tricks. This method is ideal for those with no ski ability.
    • Your character’s low activity means that they choose the safest route.
    • Intermediate activities, the actor is more confident, and may perform certain jumps. The number of jumps and tricks he’ll show every time.

This character is expected to be more confidently and will perform some jumps.

  • The character with high activity can showcase his talents to the maximum. However, the possibility of failure if the ability is not developed sufficiently is significantly greater.

Injury during skiing

When skiing, Sims can fall and get nasty mulettes from injuries that can cause them to not ski for several hours. Furthermore, the weather conditions “ice crust” can affect the needs of the slopes. they’ll be too slippery, and Sims will frequently fall. Information on the state of the slopes is available at the info board located at the base of the mountain. It is situated between the beginner slope and the slope used for training.

Skiing skill levels

  1. When you increase your ski levels, Sim gains access to the slope for instruction and also the beginner slope, which has moderate, medium, and high activity. The higher your skiing ability the more challenging slopes and tricks can be found.
  2. Sim can now inquire what the grade of the latest snowfall, and show off his fashionable newly-designed ski pant.
  3. Sim can now enjoy skiing with moderate to low intensity on beginner slopes, and also learn how to ski and also get an access right to Master of Slope 3000 skis.
  4. Sim is now able to ski with medium, high, and low intensity on Connoisseur’s Slope. Sim also knows how to prepare himself internally. This will give you an advantage on the slopes and allows you to do more tricks.
  5. Sim is now able to ski in the extremely low and high activity slopes. talk about the adventure with friends and sport a fashionable ski jacket.
  6. Sim is able to unlock access to the Icebreaker X2 ski and learns how to do a new trick at the ski slope.
  7. Sim can now write about skiing with the help of a computer.The blog is now available to Sim.
  8. Sim can now glide alongside other characters and perform a brand new trick.The trick is
  9. Sim is now able to advise other characters on how they can stay safe and avoid falling. Sim can also demonstrate the most beautiful ski trick.The trick is
  10. Sim improves his skiing and is now able to help others, share professional tips on skiing, and offer skiing lessons on his smartphone or laptop. Also, it gives him the possibility of “Puchlak” Skis.

Rewards and brand new interactions for skiing

Learning to ski and improve your skills, Sim will gain access to new skis, clothing as well as a variety of interaction and features.

New items are available in the CAS and purchase mode

On the second and the fifth level new items of clothing are available in CAS, including trousers and jackets for both women and men (for the pants for men to be displayed in CAS, switch off the filter for men’s clothing).Then, you can choose to display the pants in CAS.

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Unfortunately, there are the same issues in the awarding of ski skills in CAS as with the other awards. Not all colors are available, even though many more are available in the game files. Maybe this will be corrected in the future patch. For now, this situation can be rectified by installing the mod (download the variant Fogity_Unlocked_CAS_Parts_By_Category, the necessary file is in the folder Unsorted).

Alongside the brand new outfits, your characters can also use three types of skis. *

When Sim reaches the third skill stage, Sim will gain access to the Slope Master 3000 skis.

In the sixth stage you can buy Icebreaker X2 skis.

Finally, at the tenth level of skill you’ll be granted an access point to “Puchlak” skis that have cool backlighting.

Skis are accessible to characters who are teenagers and above.

Interactive new features

  • You can inquire about the nature of recent snowfalls.

    It is available starting at level 2 of skill when you click on a different character in the menu of friendly interactions. It must be within the Yukimatsu region. Options for answering:
  • The snow conditions today are cloudless.

    The mountain is ideal for skiing! The snow that falls is as soft as marshmallows featherbed. It’s a pleasure to feel free to tackle the slopes as long as you can!

  • Today’s snow quality Snowfall

    There is a light snowfall on the mountain, but this shouldn’t impact your skiing.

  • Quality of snow today The weather is icy and snowy.

    Be aware of the frozen crust! It’s a lot harder to maintain your balance when you’re standing on ice, and you’ll be more likely to fall.

    Sim will be issued an “Dangerous snowball warning” muzzlelet (confidence +4 hours)

  • Today’s snow quality: snowstorm

    A storm of snow is raging down the slopes, and going skiing right now isn’t an option. The visibility has drastically decreased because of the weather, and it’s bound to have an impact on your performance!


  • Learn how to ski It is available starting at Level 3 in your computer through the “Network — Research” menu. It improves your skiing ability.
  • Internal Prepare This option is available starting at the fourth skill level when you click on the character you want to use. If the sim is successful, it will be awarded the “Ski ready” muzzle (confidence +2 for 2 hours). If it fails, the sim will be given the “Stupid Check” muzzlelet (embarrassment +2 for 2 hours). The feature is available for use each hour for 4 hours.
  • Discuss your skiing experience This interaction is available at the fifth skill level by you click on a different character in the menu of friendly interactions. The Sim will be given the Good Memories (Confidence +4 for 4 hours) or Unwanted Memories (Confused +2 to four hours) muzzlelet.
  • Blogs about skiing The option is available at the seventh skill level , when you select the computer under the “Network” menu. Sim will be awarded an “Well-written essay” muzzlelet (+2 happiness for two hours). It does not boost the level of skill.
  • Discuss ski styles Available beginning at the eighth level by clicking on a different character in the menu of friendly interactions.
  • Avoid Fall Tips available at the maximum ability degree when clicking another character from the Menu of Friends Interactions
  • Avoid Fall Tips Available at maximum ability levels when you tap another character from the menu of Friendly Interactions
  • Give professional advice on skiing starting at the level of skill nine, when you click another character on the menu for friendly interactions. Sim will instruct another character for a period of one hour. The sim receiving instructions will increase slightly the ability to ski. The feature is available for 10 hours.
  • Learn to Ski This option is available at the ninth level when you click another character’s name within the menu of friendly interactions. If the sim is successful, it will be awarded an “Excellent teacher” muzzlelet (confident +4 hours). It is available once every six hours. If the teacher sim is equipped with one of the “Bruise and Bruise” or “Dangerous Situation” muzzlelet, it will be off.
  • Learn Skiing This option is through the phone’s “Work” tab, or by clicking on the computer’s “Network” menu during the week from 9am until 5pm. The person will leave the station for three hours. On his return, the character will be awarded the simileons (on an average, between 500-600).


Discuss the skiing ability as well as ask for clarifications.

Have fun playing.

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