The Sims 4 Compact Life catalog review

The game’s early acces to it is provided through Electronic Arts

The brand new The Sims 4 Compact Life catalog lets your Sims to experience the delights of a miniature home. Learn how to design a smart living space and reap amazing rewards for it! The hygge style that inspired the designers to design the game, will provide your Sims true warmth and comfort.

Objects from CAS

The designers drew inspiration from the Japanese concept of “One-Mile Wear” in the creation of the new collection of clothing. The concept is that comfortable clothes which can be worn at any time within a half-mile of your home. Indeed, all clothes are so comfy that you could take a stroll in them, enjoy an eatery or sit reading a book on an inviting chair at home.

For males, six outerwear options are available with a jacket included, which will be included in the category of cold weather clothing in the event that the Seasons add-on is added as well as two pairs of pants and a full-length ensemble which is as well as sleepwear category. Women were provided with three comfy sweaters and a short , denim jacket, a long-knit skirt that has pockets, a comfy dress, and a pair of pants like men. The same pajamas are also available. The clothes are all made of very pleasant shades and textures. There is without flashy or “flashy” outfits. Unfortunately , there aren’t any clothing for toddlers and babies in this catalog.

Alongside the brand new clothes, a new collection of jewelry is also available for women. They include necklaces and earrings. Both men and women will receive glasses with a new design.

In terms of hairstyles, the catalog includes two unisex hairstyles as well as two hairstyles for women only. Furthermore they are suitable for babies and children! We’re hoping that this will be a way to keep a tradition because there’s always a lack of hairstyles suitable for simians.It’s a good thing that they are all available.

New type of residential lot tiny residential house

There’s a new residential lot type that is in construction mode . Tiny Residential House.

The conditions for a plot of this kind include three phases (or the levels) of a tiny home Three levels or stages

  • Tiny house with a maximum space of just 100 cells
  • Tiny house with a maximum area of 64 cells
  • Miniature house with maximum area of 32 cells

Size of property is not a factor as only the surface of the foundation floors, basements and floors are taken into consideration. When you are building the top of the screen will display the amount of space you’ve filled up and whether you’ve been within the limits. So, the game will track the number of cells your home occupies, and the switching between levels will happen on a regular basis. It’s essentially a form of test, the goal being to pack everything you require in the smallest space.

The minimum requirement is also there and you’ll need to construct the house with more than four square cells in order to be able to meet the size requirements of a house. If you’re not certain that you’ll be able to fit everything you require to live in such a tiny area But don’t worry, because there’s already a pre-built home in your library that will be suggested by the game upon first starting the game following the installation of your catalog.

Plot Bonuses

Every level in the tiny house is designed to provide its inhabitants with different advantages. The number of them will depend on the dimensions of the house The smaller it is and the smaller it is, the more benefits the sims will receive. You can find out what benefits you’ll receive in every level within your Tiny Dwelling House in a special menu accessible by clicking the icon next to information on the place.

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Title and Description

It is available on

An unending feeling of satisfaction
Inspiration, happiness and mindfulness last longer than they do.
Small House, Tiny House, Miniature House

A lighter burden
The less spaceyou have, the lower the energy cost and the lower costs!
Small House, Tiny House, Miniature House

Comfortable and comfortable
Relax! It’s twice as cozy.
Tiny House, Miniature House

Talent for skills
The level of skill increases by two times as quick.
Tiny House, Miniature House

Let’s not be fighting
The relationship level increases twice as rapid.
Miniature House

Turnip, grow, big
The plants grow twice as fast.
Miniature House

Additionally, every person who live on the property will be provided with a muzzlelet, neutral, that matches the present level of your small house and a brief overview of all benefits available.

Sims who reside in tiny or miniscule home can boast about it when they converse with other characters “Brag very tiny house” and “Brag VERY miniature house” interactions will be available in the options for friendly interactions. The game will not offer any bonuses, however.

Buy Mode Objects

A small home like this demands a warm and comfortable space, which is precisely what the designers have come up with for this catalog, in the style of humge. Furthermore, certain items can be used in multiple ways to reduce space. This is a cabinet and shelf in one, which include television, a bookcase and stereo (all the options are bundled in one menu to facilitate). A recent update removed the heavy bookcases and placed TVs where we need them and also help save the space of a small house. Also, there’s a desk as well as two types of dressers that fit into only one cage. Then there’s the folding bedis available in two variations – one with a sofa or without it (about the other features we’ll explain below). There are other items and accessories that will enable you to build an attractive and cozy space.

A folding bed, and new type of death

The most prominent item in this catalog is the folding bed, which we’re acquainted with in The Sims 3 Student Life. Fans were eagerly awaiting it in the addition to the fourth installment however the designers have decided it’s better suited to this catalog.

A lot of people expressed confusion about the reason why they didn’t create bunk beds in Compact Life, but during the SimGuruNinja stream, he clarified bunk beds do indeed conserve space, but they have less gameplay potential in comparison to beds that fold, and are “more expensive” at the time of creation However, it is very likely that they’ll be included in the next sets or upgrades.

The bed comes in two different versions, with and without sofa beds. The colors complement the furniture that is available in catalog. There are a few alternatives for photos above the bed, however there are two choices for the bed: when it is folded down – daytime and when it is unfolded, nighttime. The shelf is not equipped with slots because it is among the elements that are unfolded.The shelf is one of the unfolded elements.

Folding beds aren’t accessible in areas that have”Life without Amenities. “Life With No Amenities” property, because they’re not mechanical, instead, they are an electronic object that can be controlled remotely.

A rollaway bed won’t provide extra mulettes. However, reclining will give Sims an inspiring mulete. Contrary to previous versions of the game, the Sims 4 character does it via remote control. Technology advancement, however.

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The bed may break down in the course of use. It is easy to identify this issue by the electric discharges that are located at on the surface of the item. If this occurs it is important to repair the damage, since the bed that is broken could have undesirable results.

In the best case, the bed will fold as the individual is asleep, and he’ll remain trapped for a few minutes. After being freed, he is given an uncomfortable muzzle that lasts for three hours which prevents him from sleeping or laying down until the muzzle has gone. Another issue that could occur is that the person is swarmed into the bed at the time that he opens it. The majority of the time, this is done with a remote control however, sometimes the bed gets jammed and you need to tackle it in the traditional way. This is when he gets struck. He also gets an uncomfortable muzzle, however sleeping won’t be disrupted.

If you’re not lucky it could result in an unlucky death instead of an ostrich. This possibility is present even if your bed is nice however it is very low. If you don’t have death an option You can take one of two changes to lessen or completely eliminate the risk

  • Spring reduces the risk of breakage. It requires level 3 mechanics ability
  • The spring block is strengthened and bed won’t be broken anymore and is required to master level 8 mechanical ability

Thus, death in bed is a brand new kind of death that is available in the game. The grave of the who has died this way is an “Z” icon. As while asleep, he’ll also be granted a unique ghost-like trait, behavior and capabilities. The primary characteristic of ghosts is the intense fear of bed that prevents him to rest or sleep on any mattress (these alternatives will be disabled). But, it doesn’t hinder his from “Hiding from the world” when he is embarrassed, and “Crying” when he’s sad. To replenish his energy, a ghost can steal the energy of other Sims by using the “Insert to boost their energy” option, which is the energy vampire at its pure form. The energy bar of the donor character will be reduced to zero and the Sim to be given an “Exhaustion” Muzzlelet. The sim will then collapse and eventually fall to sleep.

Additionally, there will be a brand new “Wake up in the Morning” and Warn!” option to interact that are available for asleep and sleeping characters, by which a ghostly spirit can awaken the entire home to protect other people from suffering.


This concludes the review we did of The Sims 4 Compact Life catalog. Overall the catalog isn’t good. The objects and CAS appear pretty good and are able to be utilized in games. The bed folds down to bring some excitement to those who take risks. Furthermore the challenge element that was introduced in the game, with the new plot property, is to be quite intriguing and will likely be appealing not just to people who prefer small homes however, it will also appeal to people who enjoy putting their skills to the test.

Discuss the catalog’s new features and ask questions .

Have fun playing!

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