The Sims 4 Discover University – Uni expansion available for PC and Mac

Electronic Arts and Maxis have released the expansion The Sims 4 Discover University for PC and Mac. Its expansion packs, which is priced at less than 40 euros will be available on the 17th of December on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With the add-on, Sims can apply to the college of their dreams. They can take classes in the fields of education, engineering, and law, set up their dorm rooms, participate in extracurricular activities beyond the campus, and make new acquaintances.

“Discover University” offers two new universities within the Britechester game world that permit Sims to go on to higher education: the historical University of Britechester for Arts and Humanities and the contemporary Foxbury Institute for Science and Technology. Both universities help prepare Sims for their professional lives, particularly as they seek jobs in engineering, law, and teaching. But, they also acquire skills that can be valuable in the professions that they have already. The way a player decides to spend their studying time is their choice: whether they are focusing on getting high marks or opting to skip class to meet students in dorms – there are many options,” The developers say.

“Simmers can participate in a variety of University-related activities, including. :

  • Showing their style in the latest university attire
  • Participating in classes that are in line with their desires
  • Involving in additionalcurricular pursuits, like debating, robotics, or art
  • Furnishing dorms with contemporary decor, which reflects the Sims character
  • Join with your players to play juice pong.
  • Play a prank on the rival university
  • Take a ride around the campus on bicycles or meet in the common spaces”