The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack Review

Access to early access for the game offered through Electronic Arts
The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog focuses on the supernatural and how to peacefully (or more tensely) befriend the otherworldly creatures. Your Sims will have to face a variety of problems in a haunted home and other paranormal activities and develop a new skill in clairvoyance or a job as a paranormal investigator and even a chance meeting with an old friend!”
CASH and purchase mode
Our analysis on the creation feature in The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog can be found on
For the purchase model, these objects are fascinating. In designing them, designers were inspired by different styles, including gypsy tents and gypsy tents to Queen Anne style. Of course, they were drawn by the romance and mystery in New Orleans. The result is an eclectic assortment that is a perfect reflection of the concept of the catalog. There are quite a several items, as well as various decors. However, the main feature of the catalog is the table used for seances which we’ll discuss in the next section. The crystal ball is merely an ornament; however, you can get a more visual impact if you place it at the tables during the seance.
The color scheme is bright and, at times, uneven, but at the same time, it does not cause any harm to the eyes. The biggest drawback is the lack of natural wood hues in particular objects. However, not every room can be outfitted with an office or cabinet with the shade of the sea. There aren’t any special features and only one brand new coating to the flooring and walls when it comes to construction.
The images below illustrate some ways to utilize the items in the catalog to create prepared rooms created by the designers.

Don’t get lazy and don’t forget to look over the descriptions of new objects with care, as sure of them have interesting stories!
Type of new lot Ghost House Ghost House
Freaky noises and flashing lights, continuously breaking electrical and plumbing equipment? Mystical symbols on the floor? a creepy doll watching you from the corners of the space? Welcome to your brand new haunted home!

This is a brand new kind of lot that was added to The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog. Mysterious and terrifying incidents will always occur at night in this particular lot, frightful objects pop up out of thin air, and ghosts seem to be wholly mastered here. In the midst of all this, the site is responsible for the following list of unique features of the website. A total of nine, however, not all can be harmful to your Sims. Some can be helpful.

If your Sim is determined enough to make it through this, he’ll be rewarded with rewards in the form of bonus points for each night in the home (250 points for every character within your family). Also, it is possible to have the job complicated by activating hero mode by using the “Helping Hand” object. The creepiness around the house will increase more than usual. However, the number of points you earn will double.

It is possible to select the Ghost House plot type that can be chosen for any residential plot within the game, both brand new and previously occupied (except for apartments that are part of the “Life in the City” add-on) “Life in the City” add-on). So, for example, it could be transformed into a typical residential home.

Hostile spirituality
The haunted home has another particular characteristic that is unique to it, Spiritual Hostility. It determines the strength of the veil between the worlds and the other worlds, which spirits are visiting the property, and any other paranormal activity in the area. When you are first beginning to play a haunted property, its amount is not too bad, but as time passes, it will rise. To lower the Spirit Hostility amount, cleanse your Ouija table, offer sacrifices to spirits, rid yourself of all creepy items promptly, and put Sacred Candles on the lot and inside the home.
Spirit Hostility could be present at several levels:
Absence of manifestations from beyond
Spirits are agitated – they become angry and can scare people close by and even set flames. The paranormal phenomenon occurs more frequently than usual.
Spirits are angry. They become angry and can be able to scare people around them, and ghostly phenomena occur more frequently than the norm.
Spirits are agitated. They can sometimes be able to scare people, and paranormal events occur regularly.
Spirits are friendly. Paranormal phenomena occur less frequently.
Spirits are pleased. The living and the dead coexist in peace; spirits are friendly and friendly, the paranormal is less often.
Find out your level of hostility using The “Learn About Ouija Hostility” option in the Ouija table.
Halloween objects
As we’ve mentioned, many dangerous objects can be seen in the evening, such as very frightening toys, terrifying hands, strange symbols, creepy shoots, and pools of slime. All of them must be removed promptly not to raise the level of spiritual hostility.
It’s pretty simple to accomplish, and the simulation destroys the hands, dolls, and escapees with a kick. Next, a mop removes the slime and characters. After that, rituals, amulets, and tambourine dances can be performed. This could be the primary problem with the catalog of paranormal themes.
Spirits – friendlier but not always so
It is not known the origins of their existence. What we do are sure of is that spirits love gifts! If you can please them, they’ll give you something valuable and make a positive impression on the other ghosts that live in the home! There are four types of ghosts, and which one appears in your property is dependent on the degree of the Ouija’s hostility. The spirits are also summoned through the Ouija Board yourself.<

Greens have a friendly nature and may even provide a Sim with a fun Ghost Parcel mood and an enthralling purple glow.
Blue – These spirits do not care about your opinion. However, if the offer is pleasing to them, they might be improved.
Red The spirits are angry and could frighten the residents on the property, and can sometimes spark fires. They can make visits from family members, neighbors, or Vladislaus Straud vibrant.
Yellow is a shy but cheerful spirit sporting humorous glasses that are square. He is not seen often and is the only person you can talk to. He has a name: Dina. This is more of her.
If you want to calm the spirits, you could try to connect with them or offer an offering (spirits like items made by sims, and they will not let go even of food) or give apart from your heart. However, this isn’t recommended should you not wish to be wiped out for the last few days of your life.

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The spirit could give you various valuable gifts as a sign of gratitude. They could be Otherworldly waxes that make Sacred candles or a Metaphysical cake that instantly quenches hunger and the Metaphysical drink that lets you gain an unrelated skill, and the Vase of Forbidden Candy that gives an energy boost as well as a Soul Particle that can restore lost moments of your life, as well as other artifacts.
Ghostly gifts can be used or sold to the Gimmick Collector by selecting a unique option when you click the item. In addition, if you’ve installed the “Path To Glory” add-on, it will elevate your character’s status to glory.
More information on ghosts and gifts is available in another article.
A particular ghost-NPC can show up in haunted areas and cause all kinds of damage, dropping new creepy dolls and escalating the degree of Ouija Board hostility in your home. This is the person who nineteen lot features that says “SHE” refers to. She is always in a raging mood, so engaging with her won’t make you smile. However, she can be dispelled by a particular idol that you can obtain from friendly spirits or the ghostly good Hydri, who has a long lineage of hate and love tied to her.
and it will be seen in the places where your Paranormal detective is operating and causing trouble and destabilizing in every way!
The impact of paranormal activity on characters
This paranormal activity will cause fear in your characters due to the new emotional state added to the free January 21st update for 2020. Be aware that Sims in a level of terror will not be able to rid themselves of the paranormal and sleep, or even eat, so keep an eye on your characters’ emotions and assist them in coming to their senses at the right time. It is recommended to purchase the character characteristic “Courage” in the reward store. This helps them to be less scared and deal with anxiety faster. Also, don’t forget that you can purchase Sacred Candles – being around them will help your Sims quickly rid themselves of fears and muzzles. Candles are available as a gift from ghosts or bought from an auction shop with 500 reward points. They burn with a magical black flame that is very attractive. However, they are also very fragile. Their “life” is short-lived. The duration of uninterrupted burning lasts for about two days.

Some characters may not experience the fear they have of all time from the bizarre phenomenon. Some may even enjoy it; for instance, people living their lives in an “Adrenaline Thirst” way of life believe that haunted homes are beneficial! (The Snowy Expanse supplement)
However, dogs and cats will respond very severely to dangerous objects in your home; Sims, too, can be scared. If you have pets, this could be an additional reason to get rid of any creepy items from your property and maintain a degree of spiritual hospitability in your home.
That’s likely all you need to know about the new plot type’s primary aspects that are now available in The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog. After that, the details will be revealed from your personal experience.
If you’re looking forward to playing in an unsettling home, you can find an unfinished lot of the new style “Dwelling Duplantier” designed by the designer Doctor Ashley specifically for this catalog. In addition, according to the “plot,” this house was the home of a critical character in the record, namely The Ghost from Guidry (more details about nature later).

Sensory clairvoyance as well as Ouija board
A new skill closely connected to the manifestations of paranormal activity can be developed using a specially designed object, the Ouija Board table. It is a skill with just five levels that people can learn, ranging from young to senior, and even children can also boost the level of intelligence. Overall, Ouija Seances provide great entertainment for all the family. However, the results can be shocking.

The ability develops best when one is attentive. And if the character you choose to play is a wizard, they’ll get an additional advantage to their clairvoyance speed.
Through clairvoyance and the Ouija table, you will be able to determine the current state of the plot and then hold ceremonies to improve it. It can also communicate with dead people and receive messages and random mulets from ghosts or spirit guides when the ability level improves; you can also perform a terrifying ritual and even avail help from an alien maid by calling our old friend Skelehilde! Skelehilde!”

If you have a good level of clairvoyance, the medium will not require a table. Instead, he can draw Ouija circles wherever he wants and hold séances wherever possible. This ability will prove very beneficial for the paranormal detective.

However, be aware that you must be able to pay for everything. Hosting ceremonies and rituals drains the vitality out of individuals, so take care and be mindful of your psychic’s desires and moods. If they’re unhappy or unhappy, they’ll be unable to carry out the ritual in the way they would like, and the ceremony could be disrupted. It’s also possible to deteriorate the atmosphere of the house.

For more information on the ability to see, look up.
The beautiful Skelehilde, recognized by players from the first and third sections in the series, will be joining us once more! She doesn’t have a coffin that she can place on the property, and you can summon her in an Ouija board session whenever you require assistance as an executive or free cleaning service. She’ll take care of the cleaning, fixing damaged it, serve meals, help students do their work, care for the infants, and assist you in removing the bad Temperance! After she’s finished with chores, she’s more than happy to join you for a talk to you. You could even start an intimate relationship with her since whatever your preference is; there’s no way to argue over it…
Claude Rene Duplantier Guidry
If your Sim is afraid and doesn’t know what to do about paranormal manifestations or supernatural guests, don’t fret. You have a person who can help him sort things out: Claude Rene Duplantier Guidry or simply Guidry. Guidry can be described as one of the latest NPCs released on The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog. He is extremely welcoming and loyal to the residents of the haunted house.

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A great woman’s man in his life, he’s always flirtatious until the day he dies. He died from an unintentional collapse of his bed. his head.
Hydri will be seen in the haunted house the second night you stay there at approximately 9 pm. From that point on, it will be nearly every night, but occasionally at a different time. You could choose to block his visits using the “Helping Hand” object if you’d like.
There’s a wealth of valuable and exciting things from Hydri and about him and the world within his vicinity. You can get questions answered and request assistance by clicking on Hydri and choosing the “Hydri” interactive menu. The menu has several choices. A portion of them tells the legend of Guidry himself, the best way to handle anxiety, and how to deal with dangerous objects. Another section is designed for specific scenarios where the Sim is terrified, exhausted, or in need of help dealing with the ghost of Temperance.
It is essential to note. However, Guidry won’t constantly help you out of difficulties. He can only assist you one time per incident, but your character must tackle the issue independently, following his directions. For instance, if you’ve given the ghost a part of his soul, Sim could go to Guidry, and he will assist Sim by giving him a particular object. However, the next time, he’ll just give you instructions on how to obtain it yourself or scold you for your lack of care.

As a paranormal researcher in his life (and over), Guidry can tell you more about the field, and if you impress Guidry with your psychic abilities, Perhaps he’ll help you obtain the necessary license.
If you live in a haunted home for seven nights, Guidry will give you his costume from the past. It comes with a full-length male outfit, boots, and a canotier cap. To see how the company appears, take a look at our CAS review by clicking the link in the middle of the review.
The job of an independent Paranormal Detective
The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog has been expanded. The Sims 4 Paranormal catalog The list of jobs available for freelancers is now expanded to include a new one called Paranormal Detective. In reality, every Sim could become a Paranormal Detective if he holds an exclusive license signed with Claude Rene Duplantier Guidry. Only the holders of this license can work within the Bureau of Ghost Investigations and eliminate the world of supernatural creepiness. Guidry himself can obtain it by proving to Guidry that you’re skilled in divination. Alternatively, you can purchase it at the bounty shop and pay three thousand satisfaction points. The license you are buying is displayed as an extra feature in your character.

It is not necessary to be able to see clearly when you purchase an agreement for satisfaction points. It certainly helps, but it’s not required to be successful.
In addition, adolescents and children can obtain a license. However, they will only be true paranormal detectives when “young.” They can also display their badge to other Sims.
After obtaining your permit and pursuing the Freelancer job, you will be able to choose from a listing of companies “Ghost Investigator Bureau.”

Contrary to other types of freelance and other forms of freelance work, unlike other forms of freelance, the Paranormal Detective job is highly full of activity! Your characters will visit houses of other game families and clean them of unwanted guests from other realms (similar to the crime scene visits that occur during the Detective career, which is available in the “Go to Work” add-on) “Go To the Work” Add-on). This can be anything from pre-made families such as The Goths and The Pancakes to your character’s home. It’s a good thing that when you take on the role of the characters, you will not experience any supernatural phenomena or other supernatural phenomena unless you change the plot into a haunted house of your own.
Part-time work is unlike the norm one, as you can pick from three different tasks with various difficulty levels – easy, challenging, and challenging. You will be able to leave to complete the work only in the evenings, at the same time. You won’t know which task you will be given the job ahead of time.

In general, you’ll be required to carry out similar actions to your own house that is haunted during the task. Eliminate frightening dolls and hands and terrifying escapes, remove the mysterious symbols, create slime pools and, of course, get the spirits’ attention or persuade them to quit. However, as stated above, the “ghost hunter” shouldn’t possess any proton emitters or spectral traps. Instead, your primary weapon is an excellent kick to the leg or a mop. If your Sim can use clairvoyance to enough level, they can create Ouija circles and perform cleansing rituals, which can be more in tune with the current scenario. However, magicians can remove slime-filled puddles with the spell “Cleanse”; however, this doesn’t increase the speed of progress (perhaps this should not be offered at all). the slime appears to be duplicated from the puddles dirt from the seasons; it’s as easy to slip, and then when your Sim is lifted, the mud drips down).
The progression of the paranormal cleaning at home is monitored using a unique interface similar to the advance of a public event, however, with a completely new look.
The reward for completing the task isn’t that great. However, you could make extra cash by selling items gathered by the spirits while working in exchange for a payment for finishing the task.

More information about the profession of the Paranormal Detective in a separate article
Catalogue The Sims 4 Paranormal is very atmospheric enjoyable, and creepy while at the same time. New items will delight the developers, and when it comes to character creation, there are plenty of exciting features. Of course, expectations for the game’s gameplay were slightly more than what was delivered, and yet, living in a place that has ghosts, as well as other spooky items, having clairvoyance skills, and a thriving career as a Paranormal Detective will give plenty of characters even if they seem dull.

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