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The game’s early acces to it offered through Electronic Arts

One of the most-anticipated additions to The Sims 4 is finally available, and your Sims can visit a university and read the library, hoping to earn the coveted diploma for higher education. However, first, you’ll need to attend a university. In this article, we’ll show you how and what you should look for to be looking for when you are trying to get into the university.


Before you submit your application, make sure you know which scholarships your character might be eligible for. It can be a substantial help, especially in the case of families with minimal budgets. There are many kinds of scholarships available:

  • Scholarships for honors-level students A person who is accepted into an elite education program automatically earns an award. However, the amount awarded will be contingent on the number of prestigious schools willing to take the student. If you can improve your character’s grades and abilities before admission, you’ll increase your chances of being accepted into various programs and receiving more scholarships!
  • Professional Scholarships Characters with many practical abilities can apply for one of the professional scholarships. All the time spent working on the grill, fishing, and many other talents can be used to earn an award! These scholarships are intended for kids and are not offered to senior citizens or adults.
  • Sports Scholarships There are various kinds of scholarships that demand applicants to participate in extracurricular pursuits. To be eligible for the Athlete Award, the applicant must be on an athletic team. In addition, for a CyberSportsman Scholarship, the character must participate in computer-based games. A person cannot be considered for both scholarships simultaneously.
  • Low Scholarships Low Scholarships All characters can apply for college as well. Education for All and Helping Hand scholarships are intended to assist those with the lowest likelihood of being accepted. We’re waiting for applications from those who are underprivileged!
  • Specialist scholarships The universities want to draw young people who have already made it to the market for jobs. These scholarships enable teens as well as young people who’ve had some success in their career to finance higher education, and thus improve their chances of achieving success in any field in the near future.
  • Scholarships
  • Resident Scholarship Regions can offer young adults and teens the Resident Scholarship, offering financial aid for higher education. Each region is allocated a specific amount for scholarships , and urges pupils to take advantage of the opportunity and represent their area in the field of education!

Sims can apply for a scholarship through a computer, phone, or mail. Even teens are eligible to apply. However, they will only be able to receive an award when they turn into adults and enter university. To determine which scholarships you could apply for, contact the advisor by phone or using a computer.

If you submit your application to be considered for the scholarship, you’ll be provided with an extensive list of opportunities for scholarships to the character. You may choose to apply for only a few or all at once, but keep in mind that there’s no assurance that the applicant will be awarded every one of the scholarships. If you’re lucky, the scholarship you get will not just be enough to cover tuition but also boost your budget a little.

The table in the following, you will find information on all the scholarships that are available and the criteria for these. The amount of the award on the list is the minimum amount, it could increase based on the amount of prestigious programs you has been accepted into.

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Title and Description for Scholarships


More information
The Best Scout. The scholarship is open to those who have achieved success in extracurricular activities during their time as an Scout. 175 SS The option is available to those with Gryphon Scout level. Characters can be enrolled who are at Gryphon Scout level.
Student with a career

Specialist Scholarships Specialist Scholarship is offered for those who have succeeded in any profession. The scholarship is not open to older or adult characters.

300 SS It is available to anyone who are in a second-level job in any field of work
Education for All

Individuals with a low family budget will be eligible be considered for the award.

500 SS The character can be a part of the funds are less than

People with a moderate family budget are eligible be considered for the award.

350 SS Open to characters whose budget is less than 25000.
for the Gifted

The Gifted Scholarship is available to those with a record of acceptance to the most prestigious programs.

100 SS The recipient must be enrolled in a at least one year of university to continue to receive this award.
Homeless Cat

This scholarship is offered to bowlers who have the ability.

400 SS Bowling Night catalog is required. Bowling Night catalog is required

The person must attend the university and play in the team soccer to be eligible to receive this award.

400 SS This scholarship is offered to athletes with ability. The applicant must be a member of the soccer team in order to receive this award.

The recipient must attend a the university and be involved in extracurricular cybersports to keep receiving the scholarship.

400 SS This scholarship is offered to those who have video game skills. The recipient must be a participant in computer-based game competitions in order in order to keep receiving this scholarship.
Future-proofing the Future

The scholarship is open to those who have mechanical or rocket science expertise.

400 SS Rocket science and mechanical skills
Food and Drink

This scholarship is offered to people with different culinary skills.

200 SS Cooking gourmet cooking, culinary mixing drinks and baking skills
Pet Friend

The scholarship is open to those with pet-training capabilities and vets.

400 SS Cats and Dogs supplement required
Future Star

The scholarship is open to any person with any level of skill in the entertainment sector.

200 SS The ability to play musical instruments (guitar violin, piano and organ) as well as singing, DJing, as well as acting
Leisure time outdoors

The scholarship is open to those who have a passion for gardening, fishing, or other outdoor-related skills.

200 SS Fishing, gardening, the art of floristry, and herbalism
residents of the city named[city name]

This scholarship is open to any city that is part of the base game and game sets and add-ons.

From 250 SS The amount ranges between the 200 SS up to 350 SS dependent on the city in which you reside. The program is not accessible to adult or senior citizens.

Skills don’t need to be at their highest level to qualify for a scholarship. However, having a higher skill level gives you an edge when applying for the award. Similar is the case for scouting and career activities. Make sure you read the scholarship conditions carefully to ensure that you do not get an unpleasant surprise. Mainly, this applies for “Athlete” and “Cybersport” scholarships. They are available first as a student. In addition, you must follow the terms of their payments.

You can monitor the application’s progress by calling or using your computer. The examination outcome will arrive in the mail on the following day. You can discover the result by removing your mail from the mailbox and then opening the envelopes. The Real Lottery!


When you have completed all scholarship requirements, your person can apply for admission into one of two universities of higher learning located in Britschester, the University of Britschester and Foxbury Institute (hereafter called universities). This option is only available to teens; however, they may be considered for admittance the day before their birthday (at the average age of life). If not, everyone can apply – as well as the sim you’ve been playing and your brand new character. It’s best to start by visiting the universities to find out more about the different programs for study and the student associations that each one has. It’s possible to use the “Explore Universities” option is accessible on your computer under the latest “University” menu. The menu is available in the “University” section.

To apply for universities, click the appropriate option on your personal computer or mailbox. In addition, it costs just 75 simoleons. You will receive an acceptance letter by post the following day. Be assured that there’s no rejection. You are guaranteed to be selected regardless of your school ability or performance. But there is the possibility that an undeveloped character is not qualified for an elite university degree. And will be forced to select from the standard courses that are offered, which is, in fact, extremely frustrating. This is understandable since the most prestigious universities offer more excellent scholarship opportunities and the best start and bonus for his career.

A fascinating fact is that a person who is at a level 5 or more in the Dishonesty ability can use the computer “Make donations for the university to boost the chances of being admitted (2000SS)” (the choice will be available on the “University” menu). The user can do this for themselves or any other family member (family bonds are not required) to improve the likelihood of admission into prestigious universities. Each character is only able to make a “donation” only once. The admission committee may comprise an individual who isn’t morally burdened. However, it could be that the effort will be unsuccessful, and you’ll have to pay the minor but unpleasant penalty, that is 500 SS.

If you’re using the “Path to Fame” add-on on your phone and you are famous with a level 4 or higher, You can also attempt to gain admission benefits. To achieve this when you apply, simply select”Use Celebrity Status” or the “Use the Celebrity Status” option on the phone (the option appears under the “Jobs” “Jobs” section). Similar to the bribe option, it is possible that you will not succeed. However, in the event of failure, your reputation will be tarnished.

The admissions letters will tell you what programs your sim was accepted to. All you have to decide is to select the school and program from which you would like to complete your studies. Remember that each course will impact just the careers of a handful of other related ones. Therefore, don’t make the wrong decision. To make it easier for you, the descriptions of each program outline the career options that are associated with it, along with the abilities you’ll acquire during the program. You will also require at minimum one of these skills for admission into the top programs. The good thing is that you need the fourth level of the skill you wish to learn! For instance, someone with the fourth level of cooking will be able to get an elite program in this area. Similarly, the fourth level of drawing can open doors to the highly regarded fine Arts program. Don’t forget that your chances increase based on the level of arousal that you have to attain for the skills. Most changes will be offered to those with the charm ability, as it can open doors to a variety of top programs. Check out here for further details.



Prestigious for

Basic skills are required

Advanced capabilities

Careers with effects

Foxbury Fitness, Gardening, Logic Veterinarian, Healthy Living Botanist, Doctor, Culturalist, Oceanologist

Britchester Comedy Fun, Charm, Fitness Acting actor, Internet celebrity, Comic

Foxbury Exercise, Logic, Techniques Vampirism The Villain and Space Smuggler Boss

Advanced Arts
Britchester Drawing, Photography Violin Organ, Piano Graphic Designer, Tru Master Musician, Fashion Photographer, Stylist and Florist

Foxbury Programming, Robotics, and Computers Rocket Engineering Staff Correspondent, Computer Engineer, Oracle, Promotion Specialist, Expert

Art History
Britchester Writing, drawing and Charm Archeology, Selvadoran Culture, Photography Fashion legislator, Maecenas, Art critic

Britchester Fascination, Logic Research and Debate Archeology, Selvadoran Culture Officer and Judge

Britchester Baking and Fine Cooking Cooking Chef, Restaurant Critic

Foxbury Fascination, Logic Research and Debate Acting, Parenting, Mischief Diamond Agent Detective Professor Special Agent

Britchester Fascination, Writing, Logic The Education System, Research and Debate city builder, journalist Director, Charitable Foundation Organizer, Manager, Public Relations

Foxbury Mechanics, Robotics. Science and technology that is rocket science Logic Mechanical Engineer Space Ranger, Scientist Ecotechnologist, Mechanical Engineer

Britchester Writing, friendliness, research and debate Vampirism Writer, freelance Correspondent Private Attorney, Freelance Correspondent, Author

Foxbury Research, Logic and Friendliness and Debate Administrator, Investor, Environmental Manager

Three professions that the designers thought were not adequate enough to be worthy of further education include Bartender, Computer Game Player as well as Professional Athlete. Also, the same Internet-famous person, according to their view, cannot be a success without a college education.

Barman, instead of a degree instead of a diploma, you can obtain the degree you need to enter the job at the 6th level (Head bartender).

Alongside the main courses, you are able to choose to choose an optional course, but be aware that it’s not included in the total amount of courses you are able to be able to take within the program. It’s not a separate certificate for it, however it’s an excellent method to acquire a new skills.

Registering for a University

After you’ve chosen the right university and program, then you need to go through the steps to register. It is done via your computer by selecting “Apply for University.” In the window that opens, you must select the institution, the specialties as well as the residential location, and the payment method for tuition.

Select University

You’re invited to pick the university you’ll attend, the University of Brichter or Foxbury Institute. Be aware that the top programs offered by the two universities differ, which is why you should not make any mistakes that you’ll only be able to switch schools after one semester of studying. The most prestigious courses are at Britchester University are geared towards the humanities (Art History, Communication Sciences, Culinary Arts, Dramaturgy Arts, and History, Fine Arts, History, Philology), and those offered at Foxbury University are primarily scientific and technical (Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Psychology, and philosophy).

Selecting an important

The most important thing to remember is to pick what major to study and then the number of courses you’ll be taking during the period. Make sure that the program you’re interested in is listed and active. If the program you’re interested in isn’t available, simply go back one step and switch to the university. If the program is not active (grayed out), the student has to improve their performance to be accepted into the program. Once you’ve figured out the program, you can move on to choosing the number of classes for the upcoming semester. A maximum of four courses you can take is four. You can complete a course at once or select smaller numbers. Keep in mind that each class makes one credit. In all, during the training, the trainee should accumulate 12 credits. You can decide if you’d prefer to work quickly and be ready to go to work or just relax and enjoy the life of a student with a minimum academic burden. If you choose to take less than four courses, you can select an additional option that counts towards your graduation.

And in the event of the highest amount of work, the minimum period is 3 weeks. It is unchangeable and is not dependent on the duration of the character you choose.

Selection of the location

You can learn in the comfort of your home, move into a dorm in college or stay outside the campus. If you study at home, students will reduce the cost of dorms, and tuition will be reduced. But, moving into the dormitories will allow you to take part more deeply in the enhanced ambiance, even though it will cost you more for your education. If the dorms are not your thing or your family members are already in veins, you can relocate to a different house away from the campus. It could be any home in any city. All you need is enough cash to pay for it, and it is a good idea to bring some money. In this scenario, the transfer will be completed immediately following the finalization of registration via the menu for family division and transfer of funds. Therefore it is best to collect the required items prior to the move.

Be aware you must be aware that in the event that your protagonist is pets or children he doesn’t want to let go of when he is studying, he should not be allowed to stay in the dorms along with them. If that is the situation, you must choose to remain away from campus or not relocate anyplace at all.

Another point. In the event that your protagonist is your sole household member in your family, you may choose to stay at your home or move into dorms. Remember that if you select this option, you will not be able to keep the home and must purchase new housing at the full price when they graduate.

School costs

You will be able to see clearly the price of each course and the number of stipends you will receive, along with the price of living expenses if you’ve chosen to live in a dorm. It’s simple math that your awards are subtracted from total tuition cost and costs for living. If the stipends you receive aren’t enough to cover the full costs of your tuition fees, then the remainder is paid from your budget of your family or through the loan for your student; however, this as well has to be returned upon the completion of your studies. However, if you’d like to, you may also pay back the loan as you are studying (an option that is accessible in the phone number of your character).

Once you’ve completed the registration procedure Your student will then be transferred to one of the residence halls or an off-campus house. You’ve officially been accepted as an undergraduate of Foxbury Institute or the University of Brittchester or Foxbury Institute! “<

How do you send more characters to a university

In the next paragraph, I’d like to provide a more in-depth discussion of the complexities of sending a variety of characters to universities. To be honest, this procedure is quite awkwardly executed. Since even if you want to send two students in the same household to university, you need to apply for and choose scholarships for each and then complete an individual process of enrollment… which is that’s where the most significant problem lies. Once you’ve registered a sim, that person will be immediately sent to the campus or to a different home, based on the one you’ve selected. Therefore, in order to transfer another (third or 4th …) student, you need to return to your central family, sign in once more and sit and wait until the following student is able to access campus, and then check in for the second time… Well, you’re getting the idea. The time it takes to complete your process is directly related in relation to students. It is recommended to send all students to school on the same day and in the least amount of time to ensure that each student has enough time to get ready for class since the semester doesn’t officially begin until the first day after the admission date.

The pace of your studies and time at university aren’t suspended when you’re part of a different family. It’s recommended not to take your characters to other colleges at the same time or to separate them for those who want total control over each of the students’ learning. So long as you are playing as a single student, the other students will learn independently and might even be able to graduate without your participation.

The next time we review it, we’ll look at the time to look more closely at. Ask questions and let us know your thoughts.

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