The Sims 4 Discover University – the learning process and grades

The game’s early acces to it offered through Electronic Arts

In our last review, we discussed . Today, let’s discuss the most important aspect of The Sims 4 At University add-on the Sims 4 At University the university experience and the grades.

The length of the study

A semester at a university comprises five working days regardless of life expectations. It extends to a whole week, but there are no classes on the weekends. The number of semesters that your sim will be required to complete is contingent entirely on the number of courses you select when you sign up. Every subject that is completed equals one credit. In addition, you must earn 12 credits before earning an award. Major and minor issues are counted. This way, you can determine the length of your course will run. In the example above, when taking the highest amount (four classes), Sim will study for three weeks. If you choose only one subject for a semester, you could delay receiving a diploma by approximately 12 weeks. The most effective option is to pick two or three significant issues, along with one elective (you are not allowed to select multiple electives in a semester; however, each time you take an elective, you can choose another one that can help you develop additional knowledge) This way, you’ll be able to spend more time studying as well as take part in extracurricular activities, and maybe even get some rest.

As opposed to the previous games in this game series, The Sims 4 sim living in a dorm room is aging. If you’re playing the average age of life and aging the horizon, your Sim will be spending the entire time in university, with many studies (3-4 subjects each semester). Take note of this, especially when playing with families of different generations. In the end, during investigation, you will mature the student and the other members of his family. Even three weeks can be quite long for an average life span. In this scenario, you should consider homeschooling to keep playing for your entire family or switch off aging during the time of living as a sim student in a dorm. There is, however, a positive in the study sim – you is the possibility of working (preferably in a free-lance capacity making it more able to manage your schedule) or to be married or marry or have children (not recommended to live in a sim in dorms – in the event of children, they would need to relocate to private living space). It is generally recommended to try different learning methods to discover the most suitable for your play way of life.

The rejection and the reinstatement at university

If you want to end everything at the end of the semester or find out that you have made a mistake in the university you attended or specialization, the app developers provided two options in this situation. Go to your phone’s dashboard, and under the Work tab, you’ll find two choices: Drop University and Drop Out.

It appears to be the same thing, but it’s not. The decision to “Drop out of the university” will result in Sim losing all scholarships and progress and not being able to apply for admission within five days. If he chooses to “Drop out” is the case, it is much quicker than that – just two days, and all progress made on credits and grades will be preserved (you will still be able to see it on the panel for career). This option could be offered if you decide to change your mind and wish to pursue your preferred area of study. You’ll need to “re-enroll in a university” via your mailer or your computer to do this. In this instance, you do not have to wait for a admission letter. You can register immediately and immediately begin your classes.

Education and attendance

The semester always begins on the following business day after you arrive at the university. For instance, if you’re admitted to the dormitory on Friday, your semester will not start on Monday. However, when you arrive on a Monday, your semester will start on a Tuesday and begin with a different day for each character.

While you’ve just been admitted, you’ll have to complete your research in all the subjects you’ve chosen, or the first class won’t be very effective and could hurt your score. Therefore, plan your admission so you’ll have plenty of time to get settled in and begin preparing. It’s also beneficial to be familiar with the schedule of classes and the required requirements for each category. All of these details are in the Career menu in the control panel. In addition, the number of subjects you’ve studied and your overall grade will also be available in this menu.

There won’t be separate grades for each subject before the last exam. However, you can learn the status of every subject by speaking to the professor via email, attending an appointment, or having a meeting on campus. Do not ignore this information, as you could make the most of your time and effort on those subjects that aren’t as progressing.

At the beginning of the term (you will be informed of this), students are required to attend classes, complete their every day’s homework, and write the final piece of work for each semester’s course. It could be an exam, research paper, or even a presentation. These factors can impact your performance in each class and the final grade you receive in general.

Lessons and assignments

The lectures within The Sims 4 At University are held inside the rabbit holes. One hour before the time when the lecture begins, you’ll be notified, and your character will move to the right place, after which when the lecture begins, he’ll be able to go into himself. If you are playing as a group of students simultaneously, it should be simple to make it possible for you to get to the class at the right time. The key thing to remember is that your character’s task queue isn’t busy with other things.

The length of the lecture is approximately an hour and a half of the game time, and during this period, you have the opportunity to choose several behaviors (similar to what you would expect in any job that you have a closed career):

  • Be attentive
  • Note down your notes
  • Engage students in conversation
  • Sleep

You’ll get the most value out of your class. Naturally, it’s best to choose “Take notes” instead of “Listen now.” You’ll know how well you performed in the class with prompts for games after every lesson.

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If you decide to take the maximum number of classes for the semester, students will likely have two lectures on one day (either 5 minutes or a few hours separated). Between courses is an excellent time to do homework, sitting on a bench close to the entrance. This could free up a few minutes in free space later. However, the student will be able to use a few free days to work independently or participate in student organizations, or for recreation. The most important thing is to make your schedule bright.

Furthermore, the success of attending an event is directly contingent on the completion of homework in the course. If a student attends the lecture without having completed homework and is not completed, it can hinder efficiency in the class. If homework is completed within the timeframe, the results are excellent.

The notebook for homework can be found in the baggage the character in the luggage of the essence, or if for any reason, it’s not in the bags (or you have it stolen), you can purchase it with your computer, the bookcase, or at a kiosk for student supplies. All homework assignments are completed within the same notebook, which is excellent in less confusion. Homework can take a few hours. However, a skilled person will end it much quicker. As mentioned earlier, attending classes on time and with the homework completed will positively impact the results of the semester.

You can also save your homework. This option is accessible on your computer under the “University/Course Assignments” menu.

Presentations, coursework, and even exams

Presentations and coursework are essential to your learning experience. In this absence, you will significantly lower your sibling’s chance of earning a high mark in this subject. So don’t delay and devote some of the free days during the semester. It’s good to know that your term papers and presentations can be written and submitted without waiting for the day that marks the end of school.

Work for the course is created on a computer (option available in the menu for the university). The coursework is written separately in each of the courses. First, you compose a draft essay, which may be of poor quality, but can be improved and edited. If you get a confirmation that editing is not required and will not impact the document’s quality, you may give it to your teacher. Overall, the procedure will take quite long; however, just like with homework, an excellent level of skill can help and allow you to cut down on writing the term paper. You can also try to copy the paper you wrote; however, if you are discovered, it could negatively impact your score, and Sim will be given an ominous warning. Additionally, any attempt at cheating can result in suspension or probation. But, cheating can be considered committed; however,, the person is likely to be extremely embarrassing at the very most.

Presentation This is likely to be the most exciting alternative for the final examination. Suppose one of the subjects you choose requires preparation for presentations. The specific display board will be placed in your sim’s baggage immediately following the admission. To create a presentation, transfer the board across the globe and begin gathering materials. The entire preparation process is a series of steps during which both the presentation’s appearance and performance of your talk will be altered. You can test the quality of your representation by moving your cursor across the screen. Like in coursework, the first presentation is likely to be of poor quality and will not look professional. Therefore, presenting it in a classroom setting is not advised. It is best to take some time to prepare the data. It is also possible to solicit other characters’ views or even practice the speech.

If your work is excellent, If your job is of high quality, you will get an email from the game stating that any further work will not help improve the quality. In addition, the board will appear very sturdy. It is only possible to do this on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:30. Then, click on the board in your character’s bag and choose the correct option. After that, the nature can take care of everything by himself.

With exams, it’s easier to pass, but the primary goal is not to be absent from your semester’s final lesson. A missed class can be detrimental to your final grade on the course and can greatly affect the overall grade. Therefore it’s safer not to do the consequences. To pass your exams with flying colors, you must be present and keep up with your homework. To increase the likelihood of scoring an A-plus, You can also learn about the subject through the textbook available at a kiosk and students’ equipment. Like your notebooks, you can use them to research all of the main subjects of the course. You can also research your subject with the help of a laptop computer (the option is available in the “University”) menu “University” menu) or by using the electronic archive repository. In the course, the student will be given a chance to cheat. However, you’re aware of suspension and probation, don’t you?

Important. The coursework, homework and examinations will help improve your scores if your person has developed skills in their chosen field.

Skills prior to an exam

Now and then in the late evening, the common room hosts an event known as “The Cramming before Examination.” The event will bring all students to complete their homework in a group. This event is helpful by the fact that the “Last Chance!” muzzlelet will be active throughout the time it takes place. (Attention +2). This is an excellent chance to finish your incomplete projects or simply improve your scores in your classes.

A tip: Be mindful of everything in moderation, and do not overdo it by studying. Be aware that a long-term study schedule can result in struggling to stretch.

If you’re going to devote all of your time in the classroom, it’s more beneficial to do your studies in the study space using”Study Space” property “Study Space” property. Your character will be less exhausted and will have more time to concentrate.

Student societies are student-run.

The University of Britschester and the Foxbury Institute have their own programs, which aid students in improving their marks. We won’t get into the specifics of each one and will provide an additional review. However, here’s some information on the most effective places to join to increase your scores in certain subjects:

    • ready Bots (Foxbury) HTML0 Ready Bots (Foxbury) the ability to earn points in subjects like Physics, computer science, and even villainy.
    • Speakers Guild (Britchester) The possibility to earn points on subjects like the fields of philology, history, communications psychology, economics and psychology. In addition to this, honorary members of the society are able to convince instructors to improve their grades and assist students with homework and give advice on studies.
  • Society of Art Historians (Britchester) The opportunity to earn credit in fine arts and art history classes.
  • Academics (Foxbury) The possibility to earn points across all subjects.
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Unfortunately there aren’t all societies that can be equally effective However, there are plenty of options.

Total semester grade

Once Sim has completed the final test, and you pass the final exam, you must be patiently waiting to hear the results. You will receive information about your grade for each course as well as your average grade for the whole semester. If your student is working hard, completing homework, attending classes, and passing all the required exams and tests on time and with a high score, then an A+ grade is assured. If you intend to be a top-notch student, Don’t slack off your study pace.

Trial period

If a student hasn’t been diligent and his scores aren’t up to scratch (simply saying, in the event that he received an A), then he’ll be put on probation for the whole next semester. If the student’s grades don’t improve, then the student’s character is suspended for five days, and they will lose all scholarships.

Student achievement in inactive families

It’s been stated it is possible to play with different students in a series (when they’re separate families) their academic progress isn’t halted. In other words, when you are a single student, the other students can study independently, including exam preparation, and might even be able to graduate independently. But, if they choose to do this, they will have their grades vary between 3-4, and they’re unlikely to be able to complete their degree with distinction.

Registering for the new semester

When the semester’s results are published, the game prompts you to enroll in the next class immediately. It is possible to sign up immediately or wait a few minutes out, but keep in mind that if your sim has scholarship funds, they are liable to lose them if they have a break from your classes. The process of registering for the new semester will be similar to the admissions process for universities. You’ll be able to change your major as well as the number of courses you will be taking. You may even alter your major; however, should you choose to do this, you’ll lose some of the credit you earned. At the same time, you may transfer your dormitory to a different one or move into a separate home (the moving process will not occur in a hurry, but you will be given an opportunity to gather your belongings – in the upper left corner of your screen, you will see an event with a specific timer “Collect items and then move”). Of course, you’ll be required to select the best method to pay tuition costs if they are not covered by an award. Then it’s an issue of waiting until classes begin – the semester begins the following business day following the registration.


If you’ve completed the 12 credits, your student will be able to achieve that dream of earning the diploma. What’s not that all about? After the results of the semester are announced, you’ve been notified when the graduation ceremony starts. If you’ve installed and added the “Seasons” add-on, this event will be added to the calendar of your family members as well.

There isn’t a graduation celebration in the add-on, which means you’re only required to dress in robes, and then visit the arena for sports (rabbit hole), the place where your character will join many NPS students to form an entourage. After the ceremony, your person will depart the venue and will happily throw off his cape. The crowd will be likely to stay around. It’s a lot of fun to attend a graduation. But, if you participate with a small group of students, everything will be more enjoyable. Also, you can host an event yourself; even if you were in the dormitory, you’d have more time. After attending the ceremony on the luggage sim, you’ll see his graduation picture, but the diploma that you receive afterward will be delivered to you via postal mail, and you’ll be able to hang the diploma on your wall proudly.

Alongside the feeling of deep moral satisfaction, this diploma can also give you the chance to pursue careers that are related to the course you’ve finished at an upper grade (these can be included in the set of jobs specifically for each individual with a college diploma). In particular, the certificate in the normal program allows you to go straight to the seventh level of the career field, as well as on the most prestigious to the eighth. Of course, having a college diploma can lead to more rapid career progression, higher pay, and a faster accumulation of pay-for-vacation days. Additionally, when employed, the person is eligible for a lucrative bonus in the form of a lump sum (several millesimolons).

The system of influence for the grade of diploma and prestige is like this:

  • common diploma with distinction the 6th career step
  • common honors diploma – 7th career step
  • A prestigious, unqualified diploma 7th career step
  • A prestigious diploma with distinction step 8 in career

However, for certain careers, the distinction could be due to the distinction in the way the separation into specialties starts, while open professions have no specialization in any way.

This concludes our look at the learning process that takes place in The Sims 4 addition “At University.” We hope it will assist your character in avoiding issues with learning. Ask questions and post your thoughts.

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