Student societies in the add-on The Sims 4 At University

Student clubs In The Sims 4 At University allow students to escape the monotony of study and meet new people in addition to allowing students to develop useful abilities and rewards to grow . Every university has three societies which only students from that university are able to join. Additionally, there is a secret society which all students are able to join.

  • University of Britchester:

    • Britchester’s Uniforms
    • Speakers Guild
    • Society of Art Historians
  • Foxbury Institute:

    • Bots from Scientists
    • People who are smart
    • Foxbury Fan Society

In contrast to the clubs that are part of The Fun Together add-on, you are not able to create your own society but you can be a part of existing societies. Also, don’t forget that only sims for students can join a society for students.

To become as a member of a school society is fairly easy attend its events or meet with one of the attendees and request admission into the organization (membership within this society is highlighted in the tooltip at the main screen of the simulation). To find out where and when the event you want takes place, open the “Interest Groups” (“U”) menu and click on under the “Societies” tab . There’s no further conditions or tests.

You are able to become a part of each of the three societies simultaneously However, keep in mind that it will take time to join. Consider carefully whether it will affect your sim’s grade and whether the benefits of the society can benefit your student. You don’t need to join to participate in the activities. For instance it is not necessary to be a part in”Speakers Guild. “Speakers Guild” to participate in debates, the same way you don’t have to join”the “Erudite bots” to be a participant in a bot competition. Therefore, if you’re just looking to hang around with other people that you like, there’s no need to be concerned about it. In addition, you’ll be notified of game updates for every major event.

If you’ve decided that you’re required to be a part of the student society You’ll find more information that can be helpful. There are three levels to each organization which are The New Member level, the Senior Member as well as Honorary Members. If you are a member of the society, Sim gets a T-shirt as well as a plaque with the society’s emblem on it. In the next levels the benefits of the different societies will be different.

It is possible to increase rank by fulfilling the tasks that are assigned to the group, participating in the society’s activities and communicating with the other members. The assignments will change each few days (on Thursdays, Tuesdays as well as Sundays mornings) However, they’re not too diverse. You are free to choose to perform them. It will only impact the speed of your level there are no consequences for failure, and penalties will be imposed. The current ranking, tasks, and events calendar can be found on the “Interested Groups” (“U”) tab under the “Society” tab.

Every society has its own distinct interactions with its members that influence the advancement of rank. Certain of them are always accessible, while others are only available during specific occasions. They’ll be identified with the emblem of the society that the Sim is a part of.

When you graduate from university, and earn the degree means you’re out of society. But , if after a period of studying you become bored with the community, you can go out at any point. Just click the “Leave Society” button on the panel for society.

All information regarding assignments, bonuses, and other activities of all universities are listed here to allow you to determine which one is best to your child.

University of Brittchester Student Societies

Britchester cheerleaders. The Britchester Cheerleaders have one objective – to bring happiness and enjoyment in all they do. She assists students at Britchester University to keep their energy high by playing with their fellow students and cheering them up and inciting the loathsome lobsters from Foxbury.

Public Works
  • Display a poster at the sports stadium where rival teams play
  • Install a sign in their stadium
  • Engage in a confrontation with a student
  • Throw the statues of the opposition using balloons or toilet paper
  • Draw the statue that is opposite
  • Begin to chant the chant three times.
  • Snap pictures with the team Mascot

Particular interactions members of the community

  • Make a joke about the Foxbury Institute
  • Take photos with the team’s the mascot
  • To create a mural
  • Toss Confetti

levels and bonuses

New MemberIn joining the group, the sim will receive an t-shirt as well as a poster for the organization.

Member Sim Sim has learned to sing the greetings for Team Britchester.

Membrereitus Sim now has a new look. Sim now has the Team Britchester mascot costume and an exclusive Dragons Ping-Pong table.It’s a


soccer game party. Let them show the Foxbury “Lobsters” the way to be the boss by doing handstands on the keg, playing the game of ping-pong and the sound of music. Did they take on to the team from home? Big mistake!

The location: UB University Courtyard

Time: Fri, Sat. 15:00 – 19:00

The Britchester’s Outlaws Night

No matter if our team is successful or not Britchester’s society of Troublemakers is a social gathering every night at the Bar! “<

Local Bar: Location

Time: Sat. 22:00 – 2:00

A Tribute To Creativity

event. Britchester’s rioters know how maintain tradition by using spray cans of paint! Enjoy yourself, dance in the street, paint graffiti, and sing the chants. and give the Dragon a high-five!

The address: University Yard UB

Time: Sun. 15:00 – 21:00


Guild of Speakers

Utilize your persuasive skills to make you more popular as a confident and straightforward Speakers Guild. You think you’ve heard an entire long rant? There’s more to come! Let the members of the Speakers Guild what you think through debate or even participate in a debate so that the world will be able to hear you.
Public Works

  • Persuade a character to do something
  • Debate for two hours
  • Any topic can be debated from the podium
  • Win a debate
  • Learn about any subject by using the archive repository
  • You can watch the news on TV

Particular interactions members of the community

  • Debate the issue
  • Offer feedback on the discussion
  • Find out about the debate strategy.

Rewards and Levels

A New MemberIn joining the organization, the sim is given an organization’s t-shirt as well as a poster.

Senior MemberSim receives additional points for courses in communications as well as history, philology economics, and psychology taking part at Speakers Guild events.

Honorable member –Sim gets an Speakers Guild (CAS) jacket and the TY84 Gold Plus vault for archives and the capability to convince teachers to raise grades, offer advice to teachers and assist with homework.


Learn to debate

Do you love having the final word? You’ll surely enjoy debate! Most likely, you’re an expert at what you do. But extra practice never hurts. Join us!

The location: UB Common Room

The time: Tue, Wed 4:00pm until 8:00 pm

Orator Guild Night

After a heated discussion, participants of the Speakers Guild have finally decided about a venue for their meeting.

Local Bar: Location

Time: Thurs. 8:00 P.M. – 0:00 A.M.


Every Saturday on a Saturday, The Speakers Guild meets to have an exchange of words. It’s a sloppy and violent battle that is based on the slogan, “Your word against mine.” Only one persuasive master will win. Make a statement or go away!

Place: UB Square

Time: Saturday, 8:15 a.m. until 22:00 p.m.


Society of Art Critics

Are you always looking to design something? Don’t worry about it! Feel this passion with fellow people who are members of the Art Society. Earn points for the organization through creative projects during the free time.
Social tasks

  • Complete a painting with the style you want (pop art abstract, surreal, or classical)
  • Take five photos (with camera or phone)
  • You can study an instrument for 2 hours
  • See three paintings in the museum

Particular interactions members of the community

  • Find inspiration
  • Talk about your most cherished artworks
  • Discuss your style of drawing

levels and bonuses

The New MemberIn joining the group, the sim will receive the organization’s poster and a T-shirt.

Former Member Former MemberSim gets extra points for Art History and Fine Arts subjects through participation at Art History Society events.

Honorable MemberSim gets Rob Russ’s Little Happiness easel as a reward. Sim will be able learn new the art of creativity faster.


Figures of painting

Learn to draw human body parts outside! Artists of all levels are welcome, from experts to novices. Discuss your skills with other artists Enjoy the view and learn from others!

Place: Canal in The UB Common Room

Time: Mon, Thurs. 3:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Art Society Evening

Where else could you find inspiration than in a relaxed atmosphere and with an alcoholic drink? Art Society Art Society meets regularly at an area bar to discuss about the beauty of.

Location: Bar in the Local Area

Time: Tues. 20:00 – 0:00

Foxbury Institute Student Societies

Reader Bots

Solder by yourself or with your buddies! Erudite Bots club members regularly make robots, or discuss their latest inventions. Earn extra points for organization by working on the robotics projects listed below during the time of your free time.


  • Create an automated bot
  • Create a quadcopter
  • Make an assistant bot
  • Make the bot more effective
  • Improve the level of skills

Particular interactions members of the community

  • Make sure you are aware of robotics
  • Discuss strategies to collect scrap metal
  • Discuss your most loved helper bots

Levels and bonus

The New MemberIn joining the group, the sim will receive an organization poster and t-shirt.

One of the longest-running –Sim receives points extra for physics, computer science and other nefarious subjects taking part with “Erudite bots” events.

The longest-runningSim earns extra points for physics, computer science and other villainous subjects by taking part as a participant in “Erudite Bots” events.It is

Honorable MemberSim receives the gold edition of the bot-herder. It also has the capacity to acquire the robot’s skills quicker, and the capability to purchase robot upgrades at a lower cost.


Erudite Bot Night

Making ingenious inventions can be exhausting. The brain must be de-stressed.

Local Bar: Location

Time: Mon. 8:00 P.M. – 0:00 A.M.

Robotbuilders meeting

It’s time to think up and make! Join forces with other members of Intelligent Bots to make the ideal device.

Room: Foxbury Common Room

Time: Tues., Thurs. 7:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

Assist Bot Contest

You’ve got the most powerful assistant bot, but no one has heard of it? Join the contest to win the title of Lord of bots even if it’s only for one week.

Site: Foxbury’s Playground

Time: Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Smart people

The brain is growing and requires food. This is true for Smarties as well. The most knowledgeable and efficient group regularly meets in groups in the library.


  • Do your homework
  • Spend 2 hours studying (with an archival book, textbook or a computer)
  • Be attentive to your class.
  • You can visit at any time during the office hours (attend a seminar on the subject between 11 a.m. until three p.m. on an average Monday)
  • The office is open during the day (attend an instructional session on the subject between 11 a.m. until three p.m. on any weekday
  • Help a student write the term paper

Particular interactions members of the community

  • Discuss ideas for new projects.
  • Discuss upcoming tests

Rewards and Levels

The New MemberIn joining the group, the sim will receive an organization poster and a t-shirt.

Scientist MemberSim earns extra points in all subjects when he participates in activities with Smarties..

Honorable MemberSim is awarded an Smarties plaque as well as the capacity to improve his intellectual abilities faster.


Activities of the group

What’s the point of having fun when you could be learning? Each day they Smarties learn in the library and discuss the upcoming tests and brainstorm suggestions for projects to come up with.

Location: Library

Time: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs. 3:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

night of the Smarties in the Bar

The Smarties met and decided that they’d like to stop their study.

Local Bar: Location

Time: Fri. 20:00 – 0:00

Fans of Foxbury

A fun and casual tradition day for high school students or have fun at a soccer-themed celebration! You’ll meet the team’s mascot as well as the juice Keg! Perhaps both simultaneously!


  • Place a sign in the stadium of the opposing team
  • Display a poster in their stadium
  • Incite a student who is not yours
  • Throw the statues of the opposition with balloons or toilet paper
  • Draw the statue that is opposite
  • Begin to chant the chant three times.
  • Take photos with the team Mascot

Extra interactions

  • Foxbury Support Foxbury
  • Nude running

Levels and bonus

New MemberIn joining the organization, the sim is given an t-shirt as well as a poster of the group.

Former Member SimSim can now be heard chanting the Foxbury team’s greeting.

Member EmeritusSim receives the Foxbury team mascot costume as well as the signature Lobsters Ping Pong table.It’s a


Foxbury Fan Society Night

Who is a fan of juice? FOXBURY STUDENTS! Who enjoys socializing? FOXBURY STUDENTS! Join us! ”

Local Bar: Location

Time: Wed 8pm from 0:00 pm

Foxbury soccer match night

Handstands! Juice Pong! The background! The university life in the best way! Like the custom that all home games are preceded by loud parties at Foxbury Stadium.<

The location is Foxbury Stadium

Time: Fri. 3 P.M. – 7 P.M.

Student Day

Enjoy a Saturday school day at the Foxbury Fans. There you can kick a ball around or simply hang out with your beloved team mascot Lobster Larry.

Place: Foxbury Institute

Time: Sat. 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

The Secret Society

Order of the Enchanted

The mystery of spirits has been protected by numerous generations. The blessing of the spirits is a blessing one can only dream about. Be kind to the spirits (and provide them with sweets) and they’ll return the favor in a way that is pleasing to them. If you don’t treat them with respect, you will not be blessed with the most wonderful luck.


  • Care for the garden of the spirit
  • Place the crystal on the altar for the ceremony.
  • Set the metal on the ritual altar
  • Set the harvested harvests on the ritual altar
  • Food should be placed on the ceremonial altar
  • Engage in friendly interactions by using five characters

Specific interactions society members

  • Find out the reason behind the order
  • Learn about the motives to join the Order
  • Find out the things that make people happy.

levels and bonuses

New Member New Member Sim is awarded the official mask and mantle (CAS) and also the power for communication with spirit and to make offerings to them at the altar.

Standing Member Standing MemberSim is given a new kind of mantle (CAS) as well as the possibility of casting spirits on other characters.

Honorary Member Sim gets another kind of mantle (CAS) and the power to summon different kinds of spirit at any time.


Spirits Celebration

Honor the blessings from the spirit world by offering them gifts and holding an event. Find out if spirits are fond of the person you are or don’t.

Location The Gibbs Hill Ritual Site

Time: Wed, Friday 22:00-2:00pm, Wed

For more details on this “Order of the Magical” go to


Student societies will certainly add diversity to the Sims’ school life. They also aid them in learning the proper abilities and increase their academic performance in various disciplines. We hope this article can help you decide which option to take, so that you can get to the top of the list and earn all bonuses that are due. You need to know that it’s easy to achieve.

Answer your questions, concerns, and opinions regarding our student societies at .

Have fun playing.

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