The Sims 4 Discover University’s Teacher’s Career

General information on the teaching Careers

Create your future minds with the field of education as your career. It is a challenging job, however, it is extremely rewarding.

The teaching profession is among three new professions that are available to players on The Sims 4 addition “At University”. You can choose to furthering your education just like you do in the past by calling or choosing the job using the aid of computers.

The teaching career is semi-open like it’s stylist career in the base game, or an add-on called Living on an Island add-on. This means that your character could work on their own or stay home doing various tasks for their job.

If your child is working at an office, he will be offered an option to choose from a variety of typical work behavior. It is odd that there aren’t specific choices prior to or after deciding on a specificization.

  • Connect with colleagues
  • Normal mode
  • Relax
  • Start early
  • Work hard

Sometimes, you may also receive cards that address different situations which affect the efficiency of your work.

If you’ve installed”Path to Glory” installed, you’ll be able to make your “Path To Glory” add-on, some special cards could be released which can make someone famous and wealthy… however, there’s a chance of being relegated or losing your job completely.

The day-to-day task to be promoted in the context of work-related tasks will be the Homework Check. To do this, you’ll need the Tutor Folder. It will be automatically added to the luggage of your character. If you complete your homework, you’ll be given an “Higher score” muzzlelet (Attention +3 hours) and a slight improvement in your Logic proficiency. This feature is only available every day. If you’ve lost the Teacher’s Folder It’s fine – you can request it via the bookcase located in the “Tasks” section.It’s a good idea to keep it in the “Tasks”.

If you choose that you want to do your work at home work assignments will be more diverse. The majority of them will be completed via your computer using an additional menu that is called “Career or Career” in Education.” …”.

  • Create a lecture plan This option is available in the laptop. The Logic skill is boosted. Sim gets an “Teaching readiness” muzzlelet (Confidence +3 for 3 hours).
  • Studies Materials Option accessible on the vault for archives. It is the Electromagnetic Archive Vault can be located inside Britchester Library. Britchester Library, which is located in the common rooms at the University or purchased through purchase mode for 12,500 simoleons.
  • Volunteer to help You can request to volunteer by clicking on a different person, such as family members. If the sim is successful, it will be given a muglet “Take it easy and it won’t be rough” (Happiness 2 hours for $3). It is possible to request the same character, but not more than three times in the course of three hours.
  • Write the letter of Recommendation The option is in the internet browser. The writing of letters of recommendations improves you Research and Debate abilities.
  • Write an official letter of Recommendation The option is on your computer.
  • Learn with students online Option available through the internet. There are a variety of disciplines that are taught: Communication, Art and Technology Basics and Entertainment Basics and health Basics. Each discipline has its own essential skills. The more developed these skills are in the Sim-teacher, more money he can earn for his online class. For instance the sim who isn’t equipped with the appropriate abilities will receive 175 simoleons in exchange for a talk on Art. If he has developed abilities in photography, drawing and acting, he could be assured of 400 simoleons. The difference is clear.

Whatever job choice (in the workplace or at your home) your sim ultimately decides to go with, you will have to acquire a range of capabilities to be successful in your profession:

  • Science-based Research and Debate Level 9
  • Fascination – level 6 (specialization Administrator)
  • Level 6 Logic (specialization Professor)
  • Level 6 Logic (specialization Professor)

The ten stages are the most common to the teaching profession. After you’ve reached the level of six, you are able to focus on Professor or Administrator. A Sim who has an education in Psychology could choose to focus as a Professor or having the degree of Economics in the field of Administration. The career path available in this instance will be contingent on the grade at the end and the quality of the degree.

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Make a name for yourself and eventually become an academic at a university. Lecture, guide students, conduct study for the school and obviously, you must give your grades!

If you choose to go through the Professor route Your Sim is expected to develop their Research and Debate ability and will have to concentrate on enhancing his Logic capability. You will also receive new ways to work at home. Unfortunately, they do not provide any useful mulettes.

  • Create a research paper This option is accessible on your computer.
  • Prepare for the lecture The option is available on a different character.

The Chief Lecturer grants the character the ability to instruct others Sims abilities that he has at least 5 levels (unfortunately it does not apply to all skills; the complete list of skills is provided below). This option “Teach …” is a category that falls under friendly actions. By clicking on it, you will be able to open an additional menu with all the abilities available to teach. The higher the professional level the greater number of items can be taught to the persona. For example, at the seventh level, you can instruct mechanics, writing fitness, scientific studies and debating. The eighth level will be video games programming, rocket science, and robotics. In the ninth grade comedy, charm drawing , and acting can be added. Finally, at professional level 10 you are able to instruct gardening, cooking photography, logic, and even gardening to other students.

It’s a lot like with the “Mentor” interactions, however it doesn’t require the student sim to learn a new technique at this moment. However as opposed to the tutor experience, the teaching does not offer any visible mulettes to accelerate learning in any way. However, the tutor sim will be able to get the “Serves correctly!” muletlet. (Happiness +3 hours).

Keep in mind that you have the option of “Teach Online” to earn an additional income. Don’t ignore that Research and Debate capability, with which professors can also earn additional income by adding their skill information in the Archives repository, and also publishing their research using computers.

Specialization Administrator

The people who make up a successful career within the Rector’s Office perform a wide variety of duties that each one of which affects the performance that the school enjoys. You don’t directly interact with students, however your choices impact their education as well as their future.

As administrator, you’ll require along with your debate skills an enthralling skill. Furthermore, you’ll find new opportunities for working from home

  • Make a software to host an office meeting The option is accessible in the software. The sim will get the “Everything is in order” muzzlelet (Confidence +3 hours).
  • Budget proposals to study The option is accessible on computers. The Sim will be provided with the “On Budget” muzzlelet (Confidence + 3 hours).
  • Spread Scholarships The option is accessible on your computer. Through this process you will improve you Research and Debate abilities. Sim gets the “Everything happens according to plan” muzzlelet (Attention +3 for 3 hours).
  • Request to contribute for the University The option is that is available for another character.

As a Senior Rector Sims, a Sim can “Teach” his abilities to other characters – like a Professor but the Administrator only gets this opportunity at the peak in his profession. Administrators can also earn additional sources to earn income by teaching online and their Research and Debate skills.

Teacher Career Awards

As you progress in your profession, sims will earn career-related rewards just like everyone else. When you choose a specialization you’ll be presented with a beautiful iphone clock, desk you wouldn’t be embarrassed to place in your office, as well as an illustration of a geographic Map.

At the sixth career stage the character who selects the Professor branch is given an old-fashioned professor’s jacket, complete with bow tie. It’s old-fashioned but is extremely nice.

Administrators don’t get new clothes, and so they are given a special photo at the ceremony of graduation.

Then at the top of the ladder, both the Administrator and Professor receive a sign similar to this (it comes with a second repaint choice using a different image).

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Levels of the Teaching Career



Promotional requirements

Work schedule


Reward on joining

Daily homework: Take a copy of the homework in the teacher’s folder Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 8:00 – 16:00 22

The Assistant to the Teacher
Level two of Research and Debate skill

Daily Assignment: Make sure you check homework assignments in the teacher’s folder

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

8:00 – 16:00

32 425. 32 “I am Apple”

Acquire 3 levels of Research and Debate skills

Daily Assignment: Make sure you check homework assignments in the teacher’s file

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

8:00 – 16:00

38 475 SS

The Teacher’s Desk

Attain 4 levels of Research and Debate capability

Complete 2 levels of the logic skill

Daily Assignment: Make sure you check homework assignments with the instructor’s folder

Frn., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri.

8:00 – 16:00

44 525 SS

Imagine “The Whole World at Your Feet!

Level 5 in Science and Debate skills

Accomplish 2 skill level Charms

Daily Assignment: Review your assignments from the instructor’s folder

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 8:00 – 16:00 56 595 SS


Director of Student Affairs
Reach level 6 of Research and Debate skill

Reach a level 3 skill in Charm

Daily Task: Look into Budget Proposals

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 17:00 100 1000 SS

Examine budgetary suggestions

Ask for donations

Make a plan for the departmental meeting.

Distribute scholarships

Chair Admissions Committee
Attain the level 7 of Research and Debate skill

Attain 4 levels of Charm ability

Daily Task: Examine Budget Proposals

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 17:00 125 3500 SS

The Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs
Reach level 8 of Research and Debate skill

Attain the level 5 skill of Charm

Daily Task: Examine Budget Proposals

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 17:00 170 2500. The memories of the ceremony of graduation

First Vice-Chancellor
Reach the 9th level in the Research and Debate skill

Attain level 6 of the Charms ability

Daily Task: Examine Budget Proposals

Wednesday, Wed, Thu, Fri

10:00 – 17:00

255 3200

Senior Rector
Daily assignment: Examining budget proposals Wednesday, Wed, Thurs. 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 325 3150. Awards for Improved Learning


Advanced Lecturer
Attain level 6 of the Research and Debate skill

Achieve a level 3 proficiency in Logic

Daily Assignment to write an Science Report

Frn, Tues, Wed, Fri

9:00 – 16:00

72 975 SS

New Clothes for Sale at CAS

Chief Lecturer
Attain Level 7 of the Research and Debate skill

Reach the 4th level of the Logic ability

Daily Assignment Write an Science Report

Frn, Tues, Thurs, Fri

9:00 – 16:00

110 1250 SS

Faculty member invited to join
Achieve Level 8 skills in Debate and Research

Learn a level 5 skill in Logic

Daily Assignment Writing an Science Report

Frn,Tues,Wed,Thurs. 9:00 – 16:00 135 2250 SS

State Professor
Complete Level 9 in the Research and Debate skill

Reach level 6 of the ability to think

Daily Assignment Write an Science Report

Wednesday, Wed, Thurs. 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 175 2850 SS

Prof. Senior
Daily task The assignment is to write a research essay. text-align: center;”>Wednesday, Wed, Thurs. 10:00 – 16:00 265 3150. 3,150 SS

Student Achievement Award

The daily tasks are only shown in the event that the sim is able to work alone.The sim is not working alone.


The Teaching profession isn’t the most difficult one to get through and you shouldn’t face any specific difficulties in the course. In addition it lets you make a decent income even at the beginning of your career. If you work from home, you will enjoy plenty of free time to spend with family, hobbies , and fun.

Tell us your thoughts and questions about Teaching.

Have fun playing!

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