Careers as an Engineer in The Sims 4: Discover University

General information on the Engineer career

There are many issues around the globe which require a new and innovative approach. Make the most of your enthusiasm for technology and make a profession as an engineer, tackling the world’s issues using mechanical and computer technology!

The Engineer’s Career is among three new professions available to players within the added-on . A Sim who decides to pursue the career of an engineer has to play around with, learn about robotics, and create report on computer. Most importantly, design and develop special innovations that are exclusive to Sim engineers. These range from behaviour-motivators as well as an exomechanical costume that creates the Sim feel like Iron Man.

It is possible to explore the world of ingenuity like you would normally – via phone or by choosing an option on the computer.

The Engineer job is semi-open like career paths and . In other words, you is able to either work for yourself or stay at home, completing different work tasks. However, whichever you decide to go with you’ll need computers as well as “Dr. F.’s official Robotics Desk”, which can be purchased in the purchase mode to operate efficiently.

If your child is required for work, he will be offered a selection of normal work habits. There are no specific behaviors to choose from prior to or following selecting a specificization.

  • Engage with colleagues
  • Normal mode
  • Relax
  • Start early
  • Work hard

There are also occasions when you will receive cards that address different situations which affect the efficiency of your work.

The day-to-day tasks of you are working as a rabbit can be rather monotonous.

  • Play around with robotics prior to deciding on an area of specificization. The table is equipped with robotics.
    The Sim is awarded”Robotics Proficient” muzzlelet “Robotics Proficient” muzzlelet (Inspiration +2 for 2 hour).
  • Make Mechanism Engineering Specialization in Mechanical. It is available on Robotics Desk.
  • Design Mechanism Mechanical Engineer.
  • Solder Chip specialization computer engineer. Available in Robotics
  • Solder Chips – Computer Engineer.

If you’re running an addon it is possible to lose your place and be famous and rich… However, there’s a chance of being relegated, or losing your job entirely.

As of when I am writing this review at the time of writing, the card decks for Engineers are likely to be unreliable and do not drop but they are present stored in the game files. No issues were reported for the cards used in the lawyer and teacher careers.

However, to truly succeed in this profession, it is best to opt to work at your home. But, the equipment for an inventor of workshops is possible on a public parking lot. If you have installed the add-on The Sims 4: Fun together, you can build an organization robotics team and be in the company of people who are like-minded.

Furthermore, when working remotely the list of everyday tasks is much more extensive. Some of them are carried out by computer using an additional menu “Career Engineer / Career” …”.

  • Create Product Review The option is that is available on computers. It takes two hours and forty minutes. Once the sim is completed, it will be given a modest monetary bonus (on the job alone).
  • Create a report on the product.
  • Optimize design of equipment The option is from the PC. It takes 3 hours and 20 mins. After completion, the sim will be awarded a small cash reward (only due to the work task). This action will increase the skill of programming.
  • Review diagnostic data This option is accessible on your computer. It takes about 3 hours and 20 mins.
  • Learn The Engineering Express Course – The option is accessible anytime you go to any of the University of Brittchester or Foxbury Institute academic buildings. The course is three hours long. After completion, Sim will receive the Excited Engineer muzzlelet (Inspiration +1 for 3 hours).
  • The product is surveyed accessible by clicking on a character within the friendly Actions category. After you have completed the survey the sim will get an unspecified amount of 150-250 Simuleons (only through work tasks) as well as the “Focus on Group” muzzlelet (Attention +3 hours).
  • practice programming This option is accessible on your PC (“Programming… *Practice Programing”). This requires approximately 4 hours. It improves the programming skills. When the assignment is completed Sim will be awarded a cash reward.
  • Repair any item Repair any damaged item.

Whatever job (in the workplace or at your home) your sim ultimately selects, you’ll have to master a range of abilities to succeed at your job:

  • Level 10
  • Mechanical Engineering level 7 (Mechanical Engineer specialization)
  • Programming – Level 7 (Computer Engineer specialization)

The ten stages are included within the Engineer career. The option to specialize is offered at stage seven. Sim can decide between becoming an Engineer in the Mechanical field or a Computer Engineer. Each specialty will have the doors to unique opportunities which will be discussed below. In addition an sim who has an education in Physics is able to choose to become Mechanical Engineer straight away, while an education from Computer Science will open him to a job as an Computer Engineer. The career path available is based on the grade at the end and the quality of the degree.

Inventions accessible prior to deciding the major

At the beginning of an Engineer’s career there are new inventions available for you to test – motivational devices that are activated by the actions of all characters within range, prompting them to enjoy themselves or learn, clean or recharge their energy. If the test fails, it will will have numerous negative consequences for the Sims including cutting down certain needs to an absolute minimum.

In the third stage that he is at in his profession, Sim can access two different motivators simultaneously Sim will be able to access two motivational sources at the same time:

  • Trial Party Motivationencourages players to join in until the end of time with dancing, telling jokes and playing jokes. All Sims in the area get the Atmosphere Moodlet (playful +3 for 3 hour).
  • testing Learning Motivationmakes people around you are eager to study… and at the very least, read books constantly. All Sims around will receive the “Need to achieve” muzzlelet. Achievement” Muzzlelet (attentive 3 hours of +1).
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On the level of the fourth, Sims will be able create an trial cleaning motivator that will cause all characters in the vicinity to wash. All Sims within the vicinity will receive Clean Moodlet (inspiration +3 hour period).

Finally, at the level 5 of your Engineer, you can access The Test Energy Motivator which is able to boost the energy of nearby characters and completely bring back their energy level (does not change the charge of Servos). All Sims in the area will receive “Full Delight” Moodlet (excitement +2 hour).

In addition, the effect that occurs during stimulation of motivators can be very attractive. Here’s how the cleaning motivator effect looks like for instance.It’s a nice effect.

Mechanical Engineer specialization

To make the world more able to face the 21st century challenges, much more than software is required. Mechanical engineers are on the rise!

If you choose to go down the Mechanical Engineer option requires you to master the Mechanical ability, along with the Robotics capability, but you’ll still need it to fix items while on the job. But, you’ll need to be without it to climb upwards in your career. You’d like to know how to make an exomechanical suit and helmet do you?

Additionally, when you choose one of the specializations, you’ll gain access to new ways that your engineer is required to accomplish tasks remotely:

    • Hire an employee to test products Available when you click another character from the Friendship Actions category. When the tester is employed the sim will be awarded an amount of cash equivalent to 1000 Simuleons (on job assignments only) as well as an Focus Group muzzlelet (Attention +1 for 3 hours).

Hire a tester

  • Review Product Specifications Option that is available on your computer.
  • Give an instructional session about Mechanical Engineering – the option is accessible at any time of day or night , by clicking on any of the University of Brittchester or Foxbury Institute academic buildings. The duration of the course is three hours. When the sim is completed, it will be awarded a bonus of monetary value (on assignments only) as well as an “Technology discussion” muzzlelet (Confidence + 3 hours).
  • Equipment errors in study is available on the robots table within the “Engineer …” menu. The Sim will be awarded an amount of cash equivalent to 1000 Simuleons (only during the course of their task).
  • Learn Welding Techniques Available at the Robotics table within the “Engineer …” menu. Sims will be awarded an amount of cash equivalent to 1000 Simulatones (only when assigned).

Patents Available

As an incentive, you’ll be taught how to construct an exomechanical suit in Level 8 along with an exomechanical head in level 9. Along with looking cool both the suit as well as the helmet offer sim’s attention muzzles, which remain for as long as used. The helmet speed up the process of learning robotics and logic, and the suit accelerates the process of learning fitness and mechanics (these skills are developed 20 percent faster than they do in the past ).

The suit could also have an option to activate a hover mode just like the servos. Hovering, naturally is only feasible over the ground.

A false illusion that suggests flight.

The good news is that both the costume and the helmet are able to be handed over to another character or used within the world as a mannequin from the beginning.

For more details on the prerequisites for these inventions, please read .

Specialistization in Computer Engineering

The future lies in the computers of computer engineers who create worlds within worlds that aid in the growth of our world certainly.

In his role as a computer scientist Sim will be involved in the field of cybernetics which requires his experience in Programming. This is required for remote job assignments.

In the same way as one of the branches, selecting an area of study will provide the Computer Engineer a variety of new ways to interact that can be used at home.•

  • Get an opinion from an authorized source is available by clicking on a different character within the category of friendly actions. Sims will receive the Focus Group muzzlelet (Attention +1 for 3 hours).
  • Create new design for hardware Option available in the laptop computer. It takes three hours. Sim receives a cash prize (on tasks only) as well as the Computer Designer muzzlelet (Attention +1 for 2 hours).
  • Give a talk on Cybernetics This option is accessible at any time of night or day when you click on any from the University of Brittchester or Foxbury Institute academic buildings. The duration of the course is three hours. When the sim is completed, it will be awarded a cash reward (on assignments only) as well as an “Technology discussion” muzzlelet (Confidence +3 hours).
  • Find out about system boards accessible in the robotics table of the “Engineer …” menu. Sims will get an additional cash reward of around 1000 Simuleons (only when the task is completed).
  • Try out experimental components accessible on the robotics tab in the “Engineer …” menu. Sims will get an amount of cash equivalent to 1000 simleons (on missions only).

Patents Available

At the 9th level of this particularization, Sim learns to create Smart Glasses, which can be used to browse the news feed on social networks, browse for diverse information on the web or simply chat with people. The animation for all of these actions is extremely modern. Additionally, the simulation is able to do this independently, without having to take time off from its main work. After some time, this honestly, can get irritating. Additionally, with Smart glasses Sim will scan characters and determine their personality and mood by clicking to another Sim and choose one of the “Check Mood” and “Search for Character Traits” options.

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Engineer Career Awards

As with most professions that engineers are not able to have access to any new items from CAS or in the catalog of purchases. There are only two exceptions: two wall decorations: that is the Framed Blueprint, which Sim is awarded at the career level 6 as well as the Framed Patent, which he will be awarded at the level 10 in any specialty. The benefits of the Engineer career are unique They aren’t just an object, but a right to exclusive inventions that are not accessible for other people. Because we’ve examined these in more detail in the past We’ll simply give them a rundown here.

So. before deciding which specialization to choose in the career level three to five, engineers get access to test motivations to help with studying, partying cleaning and energy. At level six, the engineer receives a beautiful sketch that is framed.

After deciding on a specificization for the seventh level In addition to the cash award, Sim will get several important parts for the household of an engineer five mechanisms, three microchips, and 10 robot components.

Mechanical engineers can develop an exomechanical suit in level eight, and an exomechanical headgear at level nine.

A computer engineer who is at the level of nine has access to the creation of smart glasses.The smart glasses are available for purchase.

At the level of 10 both specializations are granted an Patent in the Box.

Furthermore obviously as in any profession, Sim will get cash bonus for every promotion, or access to the latest interactions we have discussed in every area of specific area.

Engineer career levels



Promotional requirements

Work schedule


Reward on joining

Support Specialist
Daily task: Play with robotics Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 24

Engineering Intern
Develop two levels of robotics proficiency. Daily task: Explore robots Friday, Tuesdays, Weddays, Thursdays, Fridays 28 375 SS

Acceptance of algorithms
Reach three levels of robotics skills

Complete two levels of programming proficiency Each day, you will be required to experiment with robotics

Friday, Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 38 500 SS

Motivator for the trial party

Trial Study Motivator

The screw that is in the machine
Reach four levels of robotics proficiency

Complete two levels of mechanics skills

Daily task: Try out robotics

Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10:00 – 19:00 49 650 SSS

Trial Motivator Cleanup

Engineering Technician
Attain level 5 robotics skill Complete three levels of programming skills Everyday assignment: Play with robotics Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10:00 – 18:00 82 750 SS

Test Energy Motivator

Expert Engineer
Attain level 6 robotics skill Level 3 proficiency in mechanics Daily job Learn about robotics Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10:00 – 18:00 115 875 SS

Framed drawing

Mechanical Engineer

The Inventor of Mechanisms
Attain level 7 robotics skill.

Attain level 4 in Mechanics. Daily Task: Design an Mechanism

Month, Tuesdays, Weddays, Fridays, Sat

10:00 – 18:00

145 925 SS

Hire a product tester

Test the product features

Conduct a seminar on engineering mechanics.

5 mechanisms, 3 chips, 10 robot parts

Apparatus for Authors
Attain level 8 robotics skill Attain Level 5 Mechanics skill

Daily Assignment: Design an Mechanism

Month, Tuesdays, Weddays, Fridays, Sat

11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

220 2200 SS

Exomechanical Suit

Genius Mechanic
Attain level 9 robotics skill. Level 6 proficiency on mechanics. Daily task Develop an Mechanism Friday, Wed, Fri. 13:00 – 20:00 285 2725 SS

Exomechanical Slam

It is the engine for development
Attain level 10 robotics skill. Attain Level 7 Robotics skill. Daily task: Develop an Mechanism Month, Tuesdays, Weddays, Fridays, Sat

15:00 – 21:00

375 3125 SS

Framed patent

Computer Engineer

Computer engineer
Attain level 7 robotics skill. Accomplish level 4 programming skill. Daily task to: Solder an electronic chip Friday, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. 10:00 – 19:00 145 925. Seek an opinion from an authority,

Design new hardware

Present a lecture on cybernetics.

5 mechanisms, 3 chips, 10 robot parts

Processor Processors
Attain robotics skill level 8.

Attain level 5 programming skill

Daily Assignment Solder an electronic chip

Friday, Tuesdays, Saturdays. 10:00 – 18:00 220 2200. 10 components to enhance electronic devices

Computer Expert
Attain level 9 robotics skill.

Accomplish level 6 programming skill

Daily Assignment Solder an electronic chip

Wednesday, Wed, Fri, Sat. 12:00 – 19:00 285 2275 SS

Smart Glasses

The Computer Guy with the Talented
Attain level 10 robotics skill.

Have mastered level 7 programming Daily Assignment The task is to solder an electronic chip

Wednesday, Wed, Fri, Sat. 13:00 – 19:00 375 3125 SS

Framed patent

* Daily tasks are listed for the time the sim is to work alone.


The engineer career within The Sims 4: At University is according to the opinion of the reviewer as among the most fascinating careers. While it’s a semi-open-ended career it still gives you the possibility of feeling that your Sim is not simply doing mundane tasks, but producing something unique every level unlocking new possibilities. In addition, it allows you to dive deeper into a particular skill and discover the full potential of it.

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