The feelings of the characters in The Sims 4 and add-ons

In the patch, our characters feel emotions.

Your character’s feelings are their views of other Sims based on recent events. For instance, events like an adoption, a fight, an affair, or a death, can trigger distinct and powerful feelings between the two Sims involved. The feelings are a result of the events.

Both positive and negative emotions influence your character’s mood and behavior when other Sims are present for them. Positive feelings are represented by a green icon with a background, while a red background represents negative emotions.

Feelings fade and pass with time. The amount of time the feeling’s intensity diminishes depends on whether the sensation lasts for a long time or is short-lived. Most long-term emotions last for seven days, while short-term emotions last four days. The emergence of similar feelings to the ones already present will prolong their duration. Positive feelings that last for a long time are displayed with a vibrant green background, while short-term feelings are shown against a lighter hue. Similar to negative short- and long-term feelings, their icon backgrounds are red. The screenshot below shows it is clear that the “Rally Rising” feeling lasts for a long time, as is “Rallying in Hogo” is only a few minutes in duration (both feelings are derived from the add-on )

The rate at which emotions alter can be affected by a person’s actions. Negative events can easily destroy positive feelings, and apology letters help eliminate any negative feelings. The icon’s background color that shows feelings illustrates how the emotion is diminishing as the new sensation is fully painted when the feeling begins to fade; the background will be only partially painted. The less the color, the more time it takes to complete the disappearance of the sensation. The feeling is

A person can experience up to four emotions about an individual character at any time. If the sim has a different emotion for the character in question, it will replace the less significant feeling already present. For instance, a fleeting feeling that ought to have disappeared quickly enough.

Feelings may be one-sided or reciprocal. It is primarily based on the event that caused the surface or the person who started the sequence of interactions that led to the emotion. For example, when two characters are close friends, then the feeling of “Strong bonds” is shared by both. If all the positive actions of the interaction originate from one person, the positive feelings toward the other person are most likely to be derived from that individual only.

You can observe the change in your feelings right away when you communicate with another character on the panel for relationships displayed on the right-hand side of the screen when you are in an interaction. It will also be where brand new Feeling icons will appear, and you can view them when you click on the tiny book icon at the left-hand part of the screen.

Additionally, a thorough description of the affections the characters share in common can be located in the character profile.The profile also explains the feelings that characters have for each other.

The influence of emotions on the emotions of characters and relationships

The emotion system is an added feature to character relationships, which opens the door to many possibilities. They significantly impact your character’s emotional state, dependent on the characters that are in the vicinity. For instance, a hike in the mountains with”Snowy Plains,” for example, “Snowy Plains,” and a friendly interaction at a social occasion can create positive emotions. As the two sims are active, the characters will feel positive feelings in the form of muzzles as they interact with each other. Similarly, a sim with strong positive feelings towards a sim will be sad when that sim is feeling negative, while the sims with rage will be annoyed in the presence of the person who is inflicting the offense.

For instance, if they feel this way towards one another and are in love, they may get a euphoric “special bond” muzzle when they’re close to each other.

In other words, if you send the child off for creating an accident, it could upset him, and he’ll develop an unfavorable impression of the adult character. The toddler will not only feel a negative smirk when interacting with you and will not be able to stay away from it until they have improved the relationship or until the resentment is gone. In this situation, the adult will not be able to feel negative feelings toward him.

The frequency of mulettes that are positive or negative depending on the character’s feelings is influenced by their level of relationship. In the case of unknown sims positive mulettes may occur less frequently, while those with enemies, friends family members, and lovers, it happens more frequently.

Factors that impact the development of feelings

How feelings are perceived can be influenced by the degree of the relationship, Sims character traits, and all sorts of bonuses and unique characteristics. For example, sims with the attributes of “Bully” and “Choleric” have a higher chance of being influenced by negative feelings. “Good” character traits are more likely not to come into their demons. Romantics are more likely to feel the sensation of being in love. Sims who are “Self-centered” focus on themself that they might overlook the world around them. People with traits like “Control of Emotions” will have a lower chance of experiencing negative emotions, and people with that trait – “Uncontrollable Emotions” will experience more frequently. Similar to Sims, who has the feature “Indifferent,” Most incidents will not trigger feelings. Vampires who have “Suppression of Emotions” will feel less frequently and have the same benefits, but the third stage, “Suppression of Emotions,” is essentially unable to experience emotions.

Furthermore there is the possibility that the emergence of feelings that are new for a character may affect the present. For instance, if an Sim has a feelings of affection or adoration towards another character, the likelihood of developing a negative emotion could be lessened in certain situations.

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Types of Sense

Every emotion, based on their emotional hue can be classified into a variety of categories:


  • feelings of connection
  • feelings of love
  • feeling of love
  • Feeling of motivation


  • Feeling of anger
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Feeling of bitterness
  • the feeling of anger

The emotions that are at this moment can be found below. This list can assist you in understanding the number of emotions are actually present and may assist you in identifying these feelings. It will update when new information is made available.

Conditional symbols:

  • Sim # 1 Sim who is feeling
  • Sim # 2 Sim who feels

Positive emotions
Experiences of base games

A feeling of intimacy

  • Feeling of intimacy following time spent together: Sim #1 is grateful that Sim #2 gives him time. The time they spent together has brought them closer.
  • Intimacy is feeling after the holiday season – The holidays bring characters closer physically and emotionally. The holiday has ended; however, Sim #1 is still feeling warm after conversing with Sim #2. Sim #2.
  • Friendship after danger: Having miraculously survived dying, Sim #2 is now completely captivated by a person called Sim #1. I only barely made it!
  • Happi memories make them feel closer. Sim #1 is close to a character called Sim #2 following a day that was well-spent
  • From the heart, Sim #1 is like a family member, a character called Sim #2. Hello!
  • Strong bond Tight bond Sim 1 and Sim #2 share an emotional bond and gain the strength of it. (long-lasting feeling)

The feeling of adoration

  • Impressed – Sim #2 is confident about his actions, while Sim #1 believes that it is worthy of the respect it deserves.
  • Adoration Love Sim #1 believes that Sim #2 is deserving of all the best since he’s just so amazing!
  • Appreciation for Sim #2, the hero who saved lives – Sim #2 saved a character whose name is Sim #1 from the grasps of death. Sim #1 is full of admiration and gratitude! (lasting feeling)

Love is in the air

  • A passionate crush, Sim #1 doesn’t know why he’s in love with a person called Sim #2 and the reason his heart is pounding at the sight of Sim #2!
  • A romantic moment or two make a lasting impression; for example, Sim 1 will not forget the moment he was even more in love with a person called Sim #2. (lasting feeling)

Feelings are a part of the Snowy Expanse add-on
A feeling of intimacy

  • Unity on a walk – Sim 1 and Sim #2 walkthrough water and fire together on a walk and remember the hike with warmth for years to follow.
  • Friendship over hogo Hogo – Sim one and Sim #2 make friends as they share a meal. There’s nothing better than warming food in your stomach and a great companion at your close by!
  • A soulful friendship A soulful friend is a wonderful thing. Sim 1 Sim #1 and Sim 2 became soulful pals; Their bond only strengthened. It was a truly intimate friendship! (from Lifestyle Cohesive)
  • A relaxing and peaceful experience: Sim 1 and Sim #2 shared a heartfelt conversation while relaxing in the pool. The warm water calms the body and clears the heart.
  • Winter fun – winter fun is a powerful recall of life’s simple pleasures. Sim #1 would be delighted to go back If Sim #2 agrees.
  • Gathering in The Snow Festival: Sim #1 enjoyed a wonderful time enjoying Sim #1’s Snow Festival with a character called Sim #2! So much snow, so much fun!
  • We played together during Sim #2’s Snow Festival -Sim #1 fondly recalls Sim #2 and his fun at the chilly Snow Festival. Sim One will welcome a person named Sim #2 for the time to be!
  • Together they made a wish at The Festival of Light -Sim #1 and Sim #2 talked about their hopes and desires and made a wish during the Festival of Light.
  • The memories of a winter holiday Sim #1 remember a winter vacation Sim #1 smiles fondly of Sim #2 and having fun on the snow. The memorable trip made them even close!
  • The fun during The Youth Festival -Sim #1 celebrated the Youth Festival beautifully and will often remember the Sim #2 character fondly. Sim #2.
  • An impressive ascent Sim 1 and Sim #2 have returned from an unforgettable experience at Mount Komorebi that bonded them for a very long time. Let’s go, team! (lasting sensation of an expedition to the summit of gold)

Motivational sense

  • Sim #1 is the role model. admires the skills Sim #2 exhibits in the mountains! By having a role model like this, Sim #1 feels he is able to master the skills quicker.

Love is in the air

  • Sim #1 has realized that the life he and Sim #2 have in common makes them even more kin… (from the same style of living)
  • A romantic time in the mountains. The love that Sim #1 feels for Sim #2, a character Sim #2, glowed with fresh colors. When they had a romantic time at Mount Komorebi.
  • Sim #1 is attracted by opposites – Sim #1 is romantically attached to Sim #2, a character who is named Sim #2 even though they’re totally different characters.
  • A first-time kiss during the Festival of Light – Sim #1 and Sim #2 was the first to kiss each other at the Festival of Light, and the sparks of romance are still dazzling throughout the night. (long-lasting feeling)
  • Mountains moved to show love Sim #1 is now aware that he ought to be more cautious when climbing Mount Komorebi, and he is soaring into the depths of love! Anywhere Sim 2 goes, Sim 1 wants to be with Sim #2, and no mountain can hinder their path. (lasting feeling)
  • A strong connection to winter wonderland Sim #1 was even deeper in love the character Sim #2 while he was riding the snowy slopes of the incredible Mount Komorebi. (long-lasting feeling)

The sensations that come from the Dream Interior Play Set
The Sense of Adoration

  • The satisfaction with the renovation of the home Sim #1 is aware of what he’s doing when is about interior design! The home renovation Sim #1 did for a character called Sim #2 turned out fantastic.
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Negative feelings
Experiences of base games

Offended by HTML0

  • Sadness – how sad to witness the division within a once-strong relationship. Sim #1 wants to go back to the good old days. However, he doesn’t know what Sim #2 feels.
  • Heartbreak is a sin. Heartbreak love is evil, and Sim #1 thinks about this whenever Sim #2 is in the vicinity.
  • Rejection following rejection Sim #1 is aware that Sim #2 isn’t to blame for what has happened. However, he remains uncomfortable whenever Sim #2 is near.
  • The hurt is so severe that Sim #1 realizes that Sim #2 was wrong, and when Sim #2 is in the vicinity, Sim #1 relives all the hurt.
  • The wound of the depth – some injuries take a extremely long duration to heal. If Sim #2 is present, Sim #1 relives all the pain he felt. (long-lasting feeling)


  • Sim #1 is irritated over an unpleasant incident Sim #2 has seen and does not know how to solve the issue.
  • Anguish after a terrible party, Sim #1 cannot imagine the holiday season could be this awful. He is concerned that Sim #2 will never wish to have the same boring person for the next time…
  • Afraid after a disastrous date. The day was terrible. This was not the best time in the life…Sim #1 will be shivering in the midst of unpleasant memories for the rest of his life. arrive while Sim #2 appears in the vicinity.

A sense of bitterness

  • The sadness of breaking up The sadness of parting Sim #1 can’t be able to forgive the character Sim #2 for how their relationship ended. Sim #1 knows that he’ll be unhappy even if Sim #2 is.
  • A dismal divorce Sim #1 is grieving over the divorce. Sim #1 will not be pleased to meet Sim #2. Sim #2.
  • Anger after a dispute The hurt is caused by a disagreement. Sim 1 and Sim #2 don’t have anything in common. Sim #1 is convinced that their dispute has grown to no return.
  • deep resentment Sim #1 is feeling profound displeasure towards a person named Sim #2. It’s hard to forget about the past, and Sim #1 knows that he’ll be extremely discontent if Sim #2 is in the vicinity. (long-term feeling)
  • Truth and Betrayal Sim #1 is angry because Sim #2 has cheated on Sim #1. Sim #1 knows that bad memories could be resurfaced to Sim #1 if Sim #2 is in the vicinity. (long-term feeling)

A sense of rage

  • Rage Sim #1 is furious at the glimpse of a Sim #2. Sim #2. What’s the matter with letting Sim #2 display his face? !
  • In a state of anger over the decision to cancel the wedding, Sim 1 is furious. How can Sim #2 make him feel humiliated by insulting him so often at their wedding? Sim #1 isn’t going to be able to behave calmly while Sim #2 is present.
  • In a state of anger over cheating, Sim #1 is shocked that Sim #2 would betray their love in this way! If Sim #2 is in the room, Sim #1 is reminded of the betrayal as well as the loss of his love.

Feelings are a part of the Snowy Expanse add-on
I’m feeling offended

  • Separation of a Relationship A Split in the Relationship Sim #1 lives a “wide-open” life, and the loss of his relationship with a person named Sim #2 is especially hurtful for his heart! It’s hard not to feel a sense of resentment (from an aspect of the Wide Circle lifestyle)
  • The Youth Festival was not blessed. Youth Festival – Sim #1 does not receive a blessing on the Youth Festival, and it is still biting Sim #1. Everyone else was blessed! In any case, Sim #1 thinks so


  • Failed Friendship Sim #1 is a fan of strong relationships, however his relationship with Sim #2, a character Sim #2 has totally disintegrated (from living cohesion? ).
  • Afraid of a disastrous climb, Sim #1 commanded an excursion to Mount Komorebi, which Sim #2 was a part of. The trip failed because Sim #1 was not aware of his abilities as an expedition leader. It was close to the summit but too far from it. (lasting feeling)

A sense of bitterness

  • Sadness about the walk: After this awful walk, Sim #2 could lose the title of an expert hiker.
  • The workaholic is not respected – Sim #1 believes Sim #2 is always putting work first and thus causing harm to the relationship.
  • The disappointment of a failed ascent: Sim #1 had high expectations for the climb up Mount Komorebi, directed by Sim #2. His expectations were not fulfilled, and, sadly, the summit could not be attained!
  • We’re sorry for the horrible ascent. Sim #1 has lost faith in the expedition leader, who is Sim #2. He blames him for the risky expedition, which ended in total failure. (lasting feeling)

The rage of the crowd

  • Disrespect during The Festival of Light – Sim #1 is furious because Sim #2 was able to have a flirt with other characters during the Festival of Light. The entire world is watching!”

The sensations that come from the Dream Interior Play Set
Sense of Fury

  • Fury at a badly executed interior design Sim #1 makes the home of a person named Sim #2 into an unintentional trashcan! Sim #2 will not be able to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude when Sim #1 is in the vicinity.

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