The Secret Society “Order of the Enchanted” in The Sims 4 At University

In addition to The Sims 4 At University, Sims can join various organizations, including the enigmatic Order of the Enchanted, which is the topic in this piece. The article will provide information on the origins and mission of the Order, as well as how to join and much more!

The Order is incoming

A description for the statues at the university offers some interesting clues that are worth a look:

Folio of Knowledge of the University of Britchester. This ancient folio that is as old as world itself is a symbol for the University of Britchester and represents its place in the world of arts. The legend has it that the book will give a prize to any person who makes an offer.

Foxbury Institute Tree of Knowledge

It is the symbol for knowledge in the Foxbury Institute. It symbolizes the science of all its forms and also the fundamentals to which the institute is committed. The legend says that the tree has the power to give a reward to any person who makes an offering.

When you were looking into the urban legends surrounding Gibbs Hill using the archival repository, you might have come across a mythological tale called “Mysteries of statues”:

The legends circulate among people of the area about the famous statues that are located outside Branchester University and Foxbury Institute. University of Branchester and Foxbury Institute. It is believed that if students give gifts to the statues of their school they will improve their academic performance and improve their study overall. Pastries and sweets are said to be the best for this. However, there are some who believe that this is an untruth propagated by nearby sweet-tooth.

To verify the authenticity in the story, make an offer to the statue of the University in Britchester as well as Foxbury (option “Make your own offer for academic success”). …”). Metals and crystals that are of uncommon and exceptional quality can be used to be offered as an offering, along with delicious food items (you know that the most delicate spirits are fond of sweets, right? ).

Based on the offer, Sim will receive mindfulness mulettes , such as “Study Success” (mindfulness +1 for 4 hours) and “Focused Attention” (mindfulness +2 for 4 hours).But this isn’t all it’s important to grab the “Fantastic Attention” muletlet (mindfulness +3 for four hours).

When you’ve received it, be prepared for guests. typically in the late evening of the same day. strange people with masks and robes show up at the door of your bedroom. They will not be interacting with them, but don’t be worried that they will speak to the person they are talking to and invite the character a place in their ranks.

If you’re in agreement with the decision, the ceremony of initiation will be held on the spot, sprinkling your sim with sparkling sparks and allowing you to observe tiny glowing spirits that are multicolored floating in the statue of the University or beside other members of the order.

Once you have joined”Interest Groups” (“U”), once you have joined in the “Interest Groups” (“U”) panel After joining, the “Societies” Tab will show details about the Order, the current status, as well as the steps required to maintain and upgrade your membership. Unfortunately, only students are able to join and become part of this Order. Once you have graduated you will automatically exiled from the secret society.

The History of the Order of the Enchanted

Members can find out more regarding the order and its history through the archive repository

The source for the name

Being the spirit who make up the Order of the Enchanted was not widely known until the beginning of the century. However, a chance meeting with a lively researcher by the name of Esther Majith changed history once and for all. Esther was researching the nature of wild mushroom pollination Her research took her to Gibbs Hill. There she discovered the intriguing spiral arrangement of mushrooms beneath the castle’s ruin. The arrangement was very intriguing to her and she decided to dedicate all of her free moments to exploring. A few days ago, she took an apple cake to the area of the mushrooms that her neighbors had offered her. The cake was placed on top of a rock and began to work. She soon heard an peculiar whistling sound. Her intuition told her it wasn’t a whistle. She chose to tell a humorous story in the hope of calming the incident. Evidently, the spirits loved her tale. They also loved the fruitcake. In a state of complete shock The spirits came out of the shadows and let Esther look at their glowing shapes. They whispered jokes and the secrets of the universe into her the ear of her. They didn’t realise that it began the first phase of their long-lasting relationship, even though it came with bad consequences.

The final day of an time

The second time around of Order of the Enchanted, the director Esther Madgett spoke at a auction to raise money for charity on the importance of baking with natural ingredients in products. What inspired her to talk about the topic at the event in question is a mystery. While she was giving her famously famous speech Esther suddenly jumped out of her chair and fled in the wilderness, astonish everyone present. It wasn’t until a while later that the people realized that she went to far and had betrayed the spirit of the community by not responding to their demands for entertainment and sweets. While she was enjoying all the social and academic advantages they offered her. Insanity and greed led to her death. As per legends, she’s lost forever, yet she still chases the light. Her hair is now a large tangle, and she isn’t able to use a hair comb. Esther Madgett’s story is an example of how spirits should be cherished and respected until you are ready to face their fury.

The activity from the Order of the Enchanted
The purpose of the order

Chatting with fellow members from the Order you’ll be able to ask questions and find out regarding the order and its objectives It is

Have questions regarding this Order of the Enchanted

We represent people who thank you for your generous contributions. If your motives are sincere We invite you to join us and discover all the secrets we have to offer.

Discuss the motives to join to the Order of the Enchanted

The first human companion of the Enchanted was a liar, even though they believed in him more than any other. It took them a long time before they were able to trust us once again. The aim for The Order of the Enchanted is to protect spirits and keep them in good spirits.

Ask yourself what brings joy to your spirits

The spirits will love your efforts to tend their sacred plants, or make their most beloved offerings. They also like listening in on the hilarious, playful and romantic conversations of the characters around them.

The explanation of the Ordinance reads:

The mystery of spirits is guarded by a variety of generations. To be blessed by them is a blessing one can only imagine. Be kind to the spirits (and provide them with sweets) and they’ll return the favor with the same token. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t be the most impressive of luck.

The Tasks and Order

The Order’s information panels will list tasks you must complete every couple of days to rise up the Order’s hierarchy and stay an active part of the Order. The tasks are fairly easy:

  • Maintain the spirit garden
  • Set a crystal on the altar for the ritual
  • Set the metal on the ritual altar
  • Set the harvested harvests on the ritual altar
  • Place food items on the ritual altar
  • Be friendly by using five characters

Most tasks are completed in the ceremonial glade at Gibbs Hill, which is situated near the remains of the castle that was once in use. It’s a stunning location however, it’s a shame that you are unable to go into the castle’s ruins because they’re just a decorative elements. You can certainly meet the five characters from anywhere. The quest list will be updated every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.

In the middle of the clearing, there’s an altar where you’ll have to place your offerings. You will find a garden of the spirit within the clearing, as well as several wild plants along the edges of the clearing. The plants need to be watered and weeded, then taken care of. It is evident that the process is easy.

Communication using spirits

Little spirits are demanding and require continuous focus. You’ll need to keep them smiling and when you approach them to express gratitude then you’ll be rewarded with an extremely helpful 12-hour muzzlelet to assist you to learn and improve your abilities, reduce your daily needs and can even assist in your own life.

By clicking on the altar at the middle of the ritual, the person will be given the option to “Communicate with spirits”. Be cautious and talk to spirits only when they’re in a good mood. Know what the mood of spirits may be in the lights that fly across the clear. If they’re tranquil blue, purple and green and everything seems right. If they’re yellow red and orange – be wary. But, a nice gesture can calm them. Like I said spirits can be finicky and you should not offer the same thing for them every time. They prefer different things (and cookies! ).

If they’re in good mood you’re likely to be attracted to your attention, and you’ll be rewarded using one of the following muzzles:

    • Moodlet “Happy Spirits” (happiness + 2 hours of happiness)
    • Happy Spirits and a Happy Sim!”
  • Moodlet “Happy Spirits”
  • Moodlet “Satisfied Spirits” (excitement +2 for 12 hours)

    The spirits are like the dedication Sim exhibits that for a short time, Sim won’t need to meet the requirement for hygiene. This will allow him time to study and study, wouldn’t you think? BONUS!

  • Spirits’ Favourite Moodlet (Inspiration 3 in 12 hours)

    The spirits are thrilled that Sim is attentive to them. They provide him with a short-term energy boost. In the short time the artist will be able to create more appealing artwork and music, as well as develop his artistic abilities more quickly.

  • Moodlet “Spirit’s Favourite” (Flirtatiousness +3 for 12 hours)

    Sim is a joy to the spirits of so much that they offer Sim a brief romance boost. This is the ideal moment to talk to the friend he loves so very much.

  • Moodlet “Spirits’ Favourite”(Attention +3 for 12 hours)

    All spirits are in love with him. They help him to be more productive when it comes to his studies and work and relieve him of the feeling of fatigue and hunger.

If the muzzle is activated Three to four spirits will fly over the Sim, and their color will be determined by the blessing your Sim received.

If you’ve tried to communicate with spirits when they’re unhappy or simply ignored their presence for too long, they’ll get annoyed and be a nuisance to your sim for hours and you’ll be given an “Pesky spirits” mulet (+3 stress for 4 hours).

Spirits can be very frustrating, keeping you from being focused on anything.

Bored Spirits

Every now and then an occasional bored spirit might appear on your nighttime routine. Engage him with funny, fun, or flirtatious actions of communication. If the spirit is able to entertain you and you’re awarded with one or more of the muzzles listed previously. In the event that you fail to do so you’ll be guilty of not paying attention to your spirit.

Being able to complete tasks and maintaining good relationships with spirits will slowly raise the progress bar that appears on the panel of the Order and over time will rise to new levels. Of which, is the Order of the Charmed, as with other student organizations, has just three levels.

A new member

The person who is chosen receives an official mask and robe, as well as abilities to talk with spirit as well as make offerings to them at the altar.

Member with many years of history of

The character receives a brand different kind of mantle and also the capability to summon spirits onto other characters. For instance the neighbor who strews his notes that are passive aggressive everywhere. Then, a few hours with unfriendly spirits await him. A beautiful revenge.

Honorable Member

The person gains another kind of mantle, and also an ability to call upon spirits whenever they want. This is an amazing ability to summon the spirits you desire. You can actually forever have a muzzle which enhances your ability to learn and also meets your needs. The ability does have an interval for recovery however it is true that even spirits require to rest every occasionally.

All robes will be accessible in CAS under the full-length category, however masks will not be unlocked. They will appear to the player only when it is necessary to do so during certain events in the Order which could be an issue. Particularly because when your character wears glasses or other accessories that is compatible with this slot, the mask won’t appear on him (fixed by patch ).

Spirit Feast

C Honor the blessings from the spirit world by gifting them gifts and hosting an enjoyable celebration. Find out if the spirits love you.

The sole event for The Order’s calendar is Spirit Celebration, held at the Ritual Glade at Gibbs Hill on Wednesdays, Fridays and Mondays, from 22:00 until 02:02. It is a great chance to improve your standing within the Order by speaking with other members about spirits and the purposes of the Order offering offerings to spirits and tending their gardens.

You can have a great time communicating with spirits! You can ask questions or discuss your experiences.

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