A career as a civil engineer in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle

Career Background

When you’re an engineer in civil engineering, you can get involved in designing and planning solutions to environmental issues and debate with other characters how you can make the world a better one.

The new job as a Engineering Engineer in Construction is linked to the primary concept of the supplement, as well as aspects of the game, such as the brand new . Furthermore, you’ll be required to meet your goal to become an the Economizer.

The job is currently semi-open, meaning that your character is able to work outside of offices, but can also work at working from home and completing various tasks This allows players to get even more into the game.

Your Sim must master many skills to advance within his profession:

  • Logic
  • The mechanics
  • Charm

If your loved one has into an office to do work he will be provided with a variety of working behaviours. There aren’t any specific options for behavior prior to or after selecting a specificization.

  • Engage with colleagues
  • Normal mode
  • Relax
  • Get up early
  • Work hard

In reality, the most recent time that a character made particular behavior preferences during work was in the add-on career . Evidently, the developers made the decision to end these features.

Like every other day, cards occasionally disappear due to diverse circumstances that can affect the efficiency of your business.

Daily tasks when you are inside the rabbit hole:

  • Ask the landlord questions regarding utilities prior to deciding on an option to specialize. There is an option is to “Inquire concerning utilities”. It is not available to children and family members.
  • Increase Influence Enhance Influence HTML0 City Builder specialization. You can perform any action that will earn your Sim influence points. For example, during the course of a conversation with a character, you could “Admire The city Builder” (the alternative is located in the friendly actions category).
  • Create a component to improve the eco-system Ecotechnologist specialty. Choose”Create” from the “Create …” option on the converter. The eco-improvement component is shown.

If you’re running an addon that allows you to drop objects when working in the office that can increase the popularity of your character, but can have a negative effect on productivity.

If you work remotely, there may be some additional daily tasks that are completed, and upon accomplishment, the worker is awarded a cash reward and the amount is, as always, contingent on the degree of advancement in the job.

    • Find recyclables Recycling things in the recycler, or separate garbage. This job, when accomplished by one Sim will be counted for all characters that have it.

Find Recycling

    • Find an eco-improvement product The eco-improvement product is created using the converter, with little chance of finding itself in the trash bin. It is not necessary to design the component to complete the task, simply place it in the luggage of your character.
    • Check out of the Opinion Board Any action taken by the board counts. It is possible to find the Opinion Board in any area of Evergreen Harbor or in an area of the Collective Space type.

Examine Opinion Board Opinion Board

  • Draw a city plan drawing This action is accessible from Career Level 2. Select the tablet that is in your character’s bag and choose”outline draft” from the “Outline draft of an urban project Blueprint” alternative. As you go through the process, your level of logic grows. As you increase your logic degree, the greater the quality of the final draft. It could be normal, bad Excellent, Excellent and perfect.
  • Current City Draft – Sketch Draft, then click another character and choose the “Present Draft” choice. Then, you can refine the draft by making improvements (or decreasing) its quality using by selecting on the electronic tablet “Edit Draft”. The person to whom the project was sent will be given an “Needed Feedback” muzzlelet (happiness +2 for 2 hours). It is possible to submit your project to any character, which includes relatives.
  • Submit City Project This is the option in the “Send Project to Innovative Solutions Corporation” mailbox. Within the menu that appears select the project that has the desired quality , and watch for the results. Within 24 hours of submitting your project, you will get an answer. Be aware that a poor project cannot be approved, while a flawless project is always an accomplishment. If the management is happy with this project simulator will improve their efficiency and will be awarded a financial reward (between 250-500 similleons, depending on quality).

The profession has standard 10 levels. The option of specialization is available in the very beginning from the fourth stage at which point your Sim is able to decide if he wants to become the Gradobuilder or an ecotechnologist. Each specialty will provide the doors to unique opportunities, which are explained below. In addition an sim who has an academic degree in Physics could immediately opt to concentrate on becoming an Ecotechnologist and a degree in Communications could lead to the position of urban planner. The career options available in this instance will be contingent on the grade of the final exam and the importance of the degree.

Specialization Urban Planner

The city planners in the United States are skilled in their planning skills and are able to motivate, engage and enthuse residents in any way possible to improve environmental conditions.

It will be the city’s planner who will make and announce city projects as well as concerns about utilitiesbut additionally, a variety of new duties pertaining to the involvement of citizens in deciding on plans for improving and changing the look and appearance of their city are expected to be introduced. You’ll need lots of charisma to convince the residents to take your advice.

  • Ask Questions About Measures Complexes The option is accessible by clicking on a symbol in the menu for friendly interactions. It will let you know which measure complexes or types of collective space that residents are looking for. You can also ask another character twice every 2 hours.
  • Join voters to favor to the EcoProgram or Modernization measure complex the “Enlist the voters” option is on the opinion boards starting from to the career level 5. There could be a range of issues with it. First, the task is only possible by going to Evergreen Harbor (fortunately you don’t need to be a resident there). The second reason is that you are only able to complete the task on days that are voting from Friday to Monday. Let’s say that you have received your assignment on the right date. On the opinion board at Evergreen Harbor, you need to select the “Attract Voters” option. On the next page of measures currently being considered it is necessary to choose one of the options: either Ecoprogram or the Modernization set of measures. This is where you could encounter a new issue. The right programs might just not be listed on the ballot for one among the three Evergreen Harbor districts. So there you are. If you’re lucky enough and the appropriate set of measures are in place and your character is able to start an assembly at the opinion board. It could be successful or not and in that case, your sim will receive an “Ineffective rally” Muzzlelet (embarrassment+2 for two hours). Try to get voters to vote can be repeated per two hours.
  • Bring in voters to support the project of a collective space The process is slightly easier with the concept of a collective space. First, you can make it as your home city Furthermore any of the collective spaces will be open to vote in any case. In this scenario there is no problem. The only problem could be if you are given the ballot on the incorrect time of day. It is possible to ask people to vote per two hours.
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When you have reached the tenth degree of the City Builder specialization The sim will be granted the character trait bonus Protector of the People The Protectors of the People always get additional influence points, plus satisfaction points, if you raise the influence level and also receive more presents from the characters.

Ecotechnologist specialization

Ecotechnologists utilize their expertise and creativity to develop new technologies and gadgets to improve and green their lives.

An environmental engineer as city planners, will need be required to sketch, send and submit sketches but only for urban-related projects, but instead for environmentally friendly tools however, other than changes to the names, nothing will change during the process. However, If you submit a top-quality project along with the cash award an environmental scientist will be granted access to three innovative eco-inventions.

At the moment an urban planner may be granted access to every invention by submitting flawless drawings of their urban designs. This could be a glitch that will be addressed in the near future.

In addition to the tasks related to projects You may also be required to complete some early job tasks, such as procuring recyclable raw material or creating a plan for environmental improvement. The following tasks can be added as follows:

  • Utilize the converter to create any item using the converter.
  • Set up Eco Enhancement Sometimes, you’ll receive tasks to install different eco-friendly improvements, such as shower water recyclers or composting toilet. Select any item from the plumbing or electronics categories and then in the “Enhance …” menu, select the enhancement you want to make that needs eco-friendly components.

Ecotechnologist Career Improvements

When a character is transformed into an ecotechnologist, the choice on your tablet’s menu options will be changed to it will be “Sketch rough draft for an ecological design”. However, the principle of actions is the same: following the draft, show it to another person in the event that the design needs to be improved. If it’s already in top condition then you are able to safely submit the project the project to Innovative Solutions Corporation. It is because it is for flawless projects, you’ll have access to three innovative innovations on the converter: the hydroponic gardening system, the Flowers and Flora mat, and the eco-friendly smog eliminator. These inventions were made at the earliest level of the Fabrication expertise and require just a few pieces and spare parts.

Flowers along with Flora rug-just an attractive grass rug that looks great in your home’s eco-style. It’ll require between 20 to 55 pieces of equipment and other components to construct it. This is a strange number for an object of this nature in particular, considering that other inventions need far fewer resources.

Hydroponic Garden is a sophisticated plant bed that lets the user to completely forget about watering and weeds all day long. However, you must manage fertilization of your plants and pest control. It will require 14 or 14 pieces as well as spare parts to construct it.

Environmental Smog Pump is a very important item for the home. The first thing it does is does what it says is able to absorb the smog within itself, improving the environmental footprint. After that, you are able to eliminate the contents of it in an garbage container and recycle it. You can also release it to the environment. Sim will laugh hysterically at this, in fact. Another option that is useful is the possibility of restoring burned items, however for this to work, you’ll need sufficient spare parts and parts, or at least those that are that are marked with a banana skin. For instance, you’ll require 64 parts to fix the stove that has been burned and 24 parts to repair an appliance in the kitchen and 135 components for the disposal. The smogosopher is able to be given to a different person (family member) and only as a present, simply from suitcase to suitcase is not a good idea. The person who received the pollution pump as a gift can also make use of it. In order to create an environmentally-friendly pollution pump, you’ll require only 15 or 10 parts, and spares.

Another intriguing option that’s available to you at the career level five is the opportunity to grow Ethic Meat. For this, you’ll need buy an Vertical Blossom Garden in which you as an Ecotechnologist has an option to grow Ethical Meat. In order for the meat to develop well and not dry out, you’ll need to massage it and then keep it hydrated. Massage enhances its quality, and simultaneously improves the fitness skills of the person. If you take care about your animal, you will be able to take meat blocks and can consume or use to create some meat dishes (taco casserole or rack of lamb grilling steak). Be aware that vegetarians and overeaters will be irritated by this Meat Wall – Sims with these traits in close proximity to meat will be given an “Is there life in it?” muzzlelet. (discomfort +) The massage option won’t be available. However, they’ll be able water the meat.

In the event that you do not water the garden then it will get dry and become sloppy. It is possible to improve the appearance of an plant that is upright by using an automatic watering feature. If the fire starts it will result in a piece of meat that is perfect in quality.

Another interesting aspect about the specialization of environmental engineers. Being a Mechanical Engineer Sim can feed his cravings without ever leaving the conversion. There are only four recipes that will be available to make: Muesli, Protein Meal, Vegetable Cakes, and Garden Salad.

Achieving the tenth level of the Ecotechnologist specialization will grant the sim the bonus characteristic Ecoengineer Ecoengineers make eco-friendly improvements more quickly and are able to locate the right parts for eco-friendly improvements in the process of disposing of garbage.

Building Engineer Career Awards

Each career stage is a source of new features, interactions, or lets you unlock new items in the CAS. However, generally speaking the benefits of the specializations appear to be different and the Ecotechnologist specialization is, in a way, more intriguing in this respect. We’ve already written a comprehensive explanation of each feature for each specialty and here we’ll give them a brief description here.

Once you’ve gotten in that Construction Engineer career, you’ll be provided with a helmet for construction that has eco-symbols. The helmet is available only in yellow.

In the second stage in your career the sim will get an electronic drawing tablet which he is able to create sketches of urban developments and eco-devices.

In the 3rd stage you’ll learn to create an additional improvement to the shower enclosure “Aerosol Sprayer” (with eco components). In contrast to this improvement, which is called the “Water Disposal Unit” enhancement, you can install it in the same manner in it is the “Water Siphon”. Furthermore the CAS allows you to access the extremely cute “Succulent” earrings.

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At the fourth stage in the career the Ecotechnologist can invent and develop the Hydroponic Garden as well as it’s the Flowers and Flora mat, and the Smogosopher (we discussed the subject in depth when we discussed specializations like the Ecotechnologist specialization) as well as the City Planner is now able to talk to other characters about complicated measures. Additionally to this, both specializations receive the The No Debris Converter and CAS uniforms. The green engineer suit comes in many colors, however they are similar for women and men. The city planner outfit comes in only one color, and is only available for males. To make it available to women, take off it from the “women’s clothes” tag.

At 5th level the city planner can appeal to voters by offering a brand new feature for the opinion panel, while an environmental technology expert will learn how to raise ethically-sourced meat in an indoor garden.

At level six the Ecotechnologist gains the recipe for gardening salad, granola protein food, protein drinks and veggie pies for the converter, while urban planners have access to Succulent necklace that could create a stunning set with the earrings of career stage three, if there was a “but” it is available only in one recolor at the moment (this is a glitch and the developers are aware and working to fix the issue).

When you reach the seventh level of career urban planners will be provided with an solar panel, and the ecotechnologist receives a fighter dew collector purchased from the purchase mode.

On the 8th level the urban planner wears the Solar Energy jumpsuit, and the ecotechnologist is given the Blueprint suit. It’s not a problem with these colors even though the ecotechnologist wears more of them. Both female and male variants of each suit appear alike.

On the 9th the ninth, both specializations gain access to the rooms they have built in construction mode “City Abode” and “City Abode” as well as “Ecomaster,” respectively.

Finally, at the best of the professions

both specializations have added characteristics of the character.
The Protectors for People People as well as the environmental engineer will receive the trait Eco-Engineer.


Construction Engineer


Promotional requirements

Work schedule


Reward for the day of taking office

Jr. Draftsman
Daily assignment: Talk to the landlord about the cost of utilities. Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 17:00 31 Construction Engineer’s helmet

Architect interne
Achieve 2 levels of logical ability Complete two levels of mechanics

Daily Task: Contact the landlord questions about the cost of utilities.

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 8:00 – 16:00 42 350. Electronic drawing tablet

Make a sketch of a city-related project (on an sketchpad)

Construction Technician
Achieve 3 levels of logical skill

Complete the 3 mechanic levels

Daily Task: Contact the landlord for information on utilities

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 10:00 – 19:00 57 475 SS

Sprayer for aerosol (improvement in shower area)

Beautiful earrings from the style of CAS

[ IMG]


Home Consultant
Attain 4 levels of logic skills

Attain two levels of charm

Daily Task to Increase Influence

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 18:00 68 585 SS

It’s the “No Debris” transformer

Find out about complexes of measures (another characteristic)

City Planner’s uniform from the CAS

City Surveyor
Level 5 of skills in logic

Achieve three levels of charm

Daily Task Improve Influence

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 18:00 76 750 SS

Engage with voters (option of to use the Public Opinion Board)

Establish internal policies
Level 6 of the ability to think Attain level 4 of the charm ability

Daily Task Improve Influence

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 10:00 – 18:00 112 900. A stunning necklace at CAS

Municipal Secretary
Attained level 7 in logic Accomplish level 5 charm skill

Daily Task Improve Influence

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs. 10:00 – 18:00 145 1200 SS

Solar Panel

Perform Specialist
Level 8 Logic skill

Insist on level 6 charm

Daily Task to Increase Influence

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 16:00 216 2100. The “Solar Energy” overalls of CAS

Municipal Engineer
Reach level 9 in the ability to think Complete Level 7 Charm skill

Daily Task Improve Influence

Frn, Tues, Thurs, Fri. 6:00 – 15:00 280 2550 2550

The city-planning home (room)

Chief City Planner
Attain level 10 in logic.

Complete eighth level charm. Daily Goal to increase Influence

Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 6:00 – 15:00 350 3075 SS

Defender of the People (character characteristic)

[ IMG]


Attain 4 levels of logic skills Complete two levels of manufacturing proficiency

Daily Task: Create an eco-friendly component

Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10:00 – 19:00 65 600. “No Debris” transformer “No Debris” transformer

Draw a sketch of your eco-friendly project (on the clipboard)

Once submitted projects are approved, the latest ideas will be made available to the converter

Ecotechnologist Work-Form in CAS

Attain level 5 of the skill in logic. Attain the 3 manufacturing levels skills

Daily Task: Create an element for improvement in the environment.

Frn, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10:00 – 19:00 70 650 SSS

Raise ethical meat

Mechanical Engineer
Level 6 of skills in logic

Attain level 4 manufacturing skills. Daily task: Make an eco-friendly component

Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 9:00 – 17:00 95 725. Ideas for salads in the garden as well as granola, protein food and veggie patties to convert

Eco-Technology Developer
Attained level 7 in logic

Attain level 5 in manufacturing

Daily Task: Create an element for improvement in the environment.

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 10:00 – 18:00 101 950 SS

The collector of Dew “Fighter”

Fantastic mechanic
Reaching level 8 in the ability to think Level 6 manufacturing skills

Daily Task: Create an eco-friendly component

Aprs, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9:00 – 16:00 149 1025. The Blueprint suit from CAS

Smart Maker
Reach level 9 in intelligence skill Reach level 7 in manufacturing

Daily Task: Make an element for improvement in the environment.

Frn, Tues, Wed, Thurs. 11:00 – 17:00 199 1450 SS

Ecomastery (room)

Fabricator with experience
Reach level 10 in skills in logic Attained level 8 in manufacturing

Daily Task: Create an eco-friendly component

Wednesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 10:00 – 16:00 237 1900 SS

Eco-engineer (character trait)


The career of a Construction Engineer is available in The Sims 4 Green Living is well integrated with the theme of ecology in the add-on, as well as its main gameplay features. The two specializations of the career that include ecotechnologist and urban planner are very interesting to explore, with the exception that the ecotechnologist is able to win through the creation of additional objects that offer new gameplay possibilities. There are of course some minor bugs that we have mentioned earlier however they don’t hinder the progression of the profession. In any event, let’s hope that they are removed in the near future.

If you have any questions regarding the career of a construction engineer You are free to inquire. We wish you a enjoyable time playing.

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