Ecology Sulani in The Sims 4: Life on an Island

In the new add The Sims 4: Living on an Island characters can alter the condition of the environment, thereby improving the ecosystem that the land has. The most significant issues of the Sulani archipelago is in the region that is Mua Pel’am. It is here that you need to complete all the work to transform it into an enchanted oasis.

The environment in Sulani

At the start phase of game play, this region appears to be in not the most favorable light. There are piles of garbage on the shoreline and in the ocean with no bright colors discolored green vegetation coral reefs are dead, and green areas of algae that are blooming along the shoreline. In addition, swimming in these waters will grant the player the “Slime” muzzlelet of discomfort (discomfort plus 3 hours). The trace of sulfur emissions as well as an enormous green stain in the water around the volcano. This is sulfur that was released in the sea.

Cleansing up all the pollution eventually improves the ecological condition of the island. In the process , gives the Sims many mulets. For teens and children this can increase Empathy (requires playing the “Parents” Game Set). Scavenging, for instance, can result in “Oops dangerous garbage! (discomfort +2 for 2 days) or “Stinky pile” (discomfort 2 for the duration of 4 hours) as well as cleaning off sulfur emissions may result in an “Taming the Volcano” mulet (confident +2 for 4 hours).).

Pests and environmentalists in Sulani

In Sulani, you will meet two kinds of NPCs that are special.

The first group are ecologists. They’re involved in studying local ecosystems and clearing the island of rubbish. It has been discovered that they remove wild fruit-bearing plants that are in bloom The game apparently considers them to be invasive. Environmentalists are easily identifiable through their distinctive uniforms. It is an excellent chance, they’ll be located near the volcanic crater within Mua Pel’am.

The third category of characters are the known as insects. There are three types of them:

  • Pests cause pollution on the islands by throwing rubbish on it and turning garbage cans upside down.
  • Environmentalists are able to get in a heated debate with characters who are environmentalists, along playing with your sims when they’re cleaning up the island.
  • Smugglers of fish are engaged in catching endangered and rare fish. It is an interesting fact is that when a smuggler is fishing and captures seaweed or even an oversized log, he is unaware of the cleaning on the islands.

The characters of the pest are evident through their actions as well as the tooltip that pops up. They’ll have the red exclamation mark over their heads and icons that represent their roles within the bubble of thought.

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The people who are a nuisance can be evicted off the island through specific interactions. Try to convince into them leaving in a pleasant manner (“Politely request for them for their departure”) or by threatening them (“Ask about the offence”). You’ll require a high level of charm to succeed If you manage to persuade the pest to go away, the player will receive a muzzlelet with the words “Change to make a difference” as well as a few tenths of similleons. If your efforts fail the person will be given the sour “Ignore” muzzlelet and their connection with the pest may be damaged.

Improvements in the environment in Sulani

The most straightforward and evident way to make the island better is to remove rubbish on the shoreline as well as on the sea. But your characters could take on other duties apart from that, like doing:

  • fishing for invasive species of fish (not available to characters who have Ocean Child character traits).
  • goldfish
  • carp
  • wingsnake
  • Perch
  • Amazing bass
  • fishing for logs, trunks or bundles of alga when fishing
  • Explore the cave in Mua Pel’am (more about exploring the cave, read );
  • Clean up sulfur piles close to the volcano;
  • Pick up and dispose of normal trash into the trash cans
  • Find trash in the sand on the beach.
  • Seagulls hunt in flocks;
  • Get rid of environmentally harmful characters from the island.



If the Sim does something to benefit the environment of the island There will be an animation of a heart-shaped green leaf on his chest. It is extremely symbolic.

In addition, we suggest that you join in conserving the environment and the ecology of Mua Pel’am with passing the new regulations, which will enhance the whole process. When you finish the activities that are restricted to ecologists only and jobs that are related to your career, you can get rid of the island more quickly.

The improvement in the environment on the island takes place in two phases, and you’ll receive in-game notifications for each one.The island is undergoing a process of environmental improvement.

Mua Pel’am gets betterEnvironmental measures have improved the conditions on Mua Pel’am Island! The flowers are in bloom and the coral reefs are thriving and the fish are returning!

However, we must keep striving… The seagulls have a habit of abuse wildlife in the area and there are numerous more.

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Keep at it, Mua Pe’am Island still is in need of your assistance!

At the moment, new plants and flowers begin to appear in certain locations, coral reefs are brought alive, and a plethora of fish appear in the vicinity. The sulfur-rich stain of volcanic eruptions on the ocean has been reduced significantly. There are also a lot of gulls in the area that is why is a must to “hunt” as they are also damaging the ecosystem on Island (gulls are among the biggest enemies of babies turtles).

Mua Pel’am is thriving

The island’s ecology has improved while the animal population is doing fantastic here!”

At the moment the island’s ecology can be being regarded as to be fully restored. The island is now dotted with greenery and flowers, as well as tropical butterflies have been seen. Beautiful corals have appeared on shores. The sea turtles can be seen swimming in the ocean while volcanic sulfur has no longer present in the ocean. Algae that live in the coastal zone have been replaced by bioluminescent species which glow brilliantly in the night.

As a reward, players will be able to summon an exclusive albino dolphin (unfortunately it is only possible to get it within the Mua Pel’am region). Don’t be shocked as they’re actually pink.

A further benefit is that you’ll be able to watch the hatching of the baby turtles as an event that is unique and will be informed of it.

The turtle season is held in Mua Pel’am near the site together with the ship. The turtles will have flags, as well as special fences along the shore, near where the hatching of turtles.

The participant is able to “Watch Turtles” or “Enjoy watching the turtles” during the event (the person will be presented with the happy “Cute turtle” muzzlelet) The choices are on the fencing around the traps. Another option for the ecologist who is on their fences is “Inspect. While interacting with other participants at the event, you can choose a new option for interaction with other participants is “Admire Turtles.”

Best of luck on your journey to protect your beloved Mua Pel’am ecosystem. We hope our article can help you in this.

Have fun playing!

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