The Batuu Card Collection in The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

Batuu Map Library Batuu Map Library is the second addition to the The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu game set. It isn’t your typical collection and is a source of information on the world of Batuu. To get all the data for your file cabinet, you’ll need to find objects around the globe that have you can use the “Scan” choice is accessible. The scan results in 19 items total, found in various areas of Batuu. They can all be located in their particular location, but some can be found in multiple locations. After you scan an object, you’ll get an email notification from the game containing its information. In addition, a datapad (datapad) will be displayed in the Sim’s bag with the appropriate entry, which you can read by moving with your cursor over the pad when you’d like. In the logbook, the collection is presented with the same icons for datapads:

The objects included in the collection are of good quality and can’t be put in the world. They can be placed in chests, in luggage and transferred to a different sim, or even sold off from the baggage for one galactic credit (for 1 simoleon in the real world).

It’s probably time to get an official commemorative plaque to mark the collection, however at present, it’s not working in that it doesn’t arrive in the mail or show up in luggage belonging to the family like it does. It could be fixed with the next patch.

It is possible to read

About the other collection in the same set “Lightsaber Parts”.

How to create”Batuu” Cartography “Batuu Cartography” collection.

To make it easier for you to navigate quickly while building the collection you want, we’ve compiled images of the parts of the collection and their precise location within every one of three areas of Batuu.

Collection items available at Black Spire Outpost

Transport ship converted that is located on the roof on dock 7.The ship is located on the roof of dock #7.

The famous Millennium Falcon

It is also situated adjacent to Dock #7.

Landspeeder The X34 You’ll see numerous landspeeders beneath the canopy that runs across from Savi’s workshop for lightsabers. There are also various locations in The First Order area.<

Two Dok-Ondar objects Antiquities Lair can be found in the same location Two objects from the Dok-Ondar Antiquities Lair are located at once Ithorian Tombstone along with a statue from The Jedi Temple

GonkThe droid is on the left and right of the Stands, just behind the doors of the houses with ornaments. There are also several of these droids inside the Resistance camp, too.It is

Black Spire Water Pipes situated on the tower’s wall that is to right of the stands. While you are looking around, you might be the subject of an investigation by the curious dianoga creature that has made an outpost’s water pipes.

Trilon wishes tree-grows in the front of Savi’s workshop for lightsabers.

Collection objects within First Order District

Arsenal of the First Order (FWMB-10 Automatic Blaster) is in the First Order warehouse under the surveillance of Lieutenant Agnon.

LED-Echelon Fighter can be found in the land right of first Order’s Warehouse.

Scrap metal carhidden within the garden that runs across from the Droid factory.

In the courtyard behind the factory, on an unassuming “podium” is three different objects simultaneously Three objects are at the same time: Droid Factory Warehouse, Droid Gonk on Charge and a third one – the Imperial Secret Droid

Collection objects that are in lamp resistance

1.4 The FD P-Tower As you enter the area, it’s the very first thing you’ll notice before you. In addition, there’s an additional Gonk droid in front of it, in the event that there wasn’t one in the outpost.

Turel DF.12-Com you will find near the waterfall, near the Resistance camp.

The T-70 Type-X fighter is positioned on the platform in front of the camp, and is the entry point into the Resistance bunker.

Two other objects are located at the bottom inside the Bunker of Resistance. The entrance to the bunker is within the cliff around midway through the camp. As you descend the stairs, you will find a Tactical Environment Screen, and going down the corridor until the other room, you will discover the lockers of ShResistance. However, there is one thing to note. To enter the bunker legally, you have to be a part or the Resistance at minimum level 2. If you don’t, the entrance to the bunker has to be smashed. If your character is at the maximum level, you can simply transfer inside (well, or you can use the teleporter that comes with the developer code, though it’s not a sporty option).The bunker is a great place to teleport.

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The Complete Batuu Cardboard Collection

The table below lists every object that is part of the collection, its description and its location.The table below lists all the objects in the collection and their description and location.


World View

Title and Description

Which location is

1.4 P-Tower FD
1.4 FD P-Tower is a portable, lightweight anti-vehicle system that can stop any light vehicle. The robust unit won’t fail you even in the toughest of natural conditions. It’s a blessing that there’s no AT M6…
Resistance Camp
Automatic blaster for FWMB-10

This FWMB-10 automatic weapon was made through Sonn Blas Corporation. Sonn Blas Corporation and is the main weapon used by the First Order’s heavy-armed attack. It comes with a tripod that allows for a more secure position and is able to be used when firing in suppressive conditions. The model comes by the dual-power Exoan Type 5B1.

First District of Order

Black Spire water pipes
These pipes have been pumping water to every corner within the Black Spire outpost, but unfortunately an osprey has entered these pipes, and is refusing to go away. If you pay attention you can observe its eye stem peeking off from the water time time.
Black Spire outpost. Black Spire outpost

Droid Gonk
Gonk power Droids are nothing but walking batteries. They’re always in close proximity charging vehicles and other mechanisms in accordance with the owner. There are a variety of power droids, however they are all very alike in appearance. Power droids can be found all over the universe, yet they are not given much attention, despite their vital role in both civilian and military
Black Spire Outpost, Resistance Camp

Droid Gonk with charge
Gonk Droids are mobile power packs that must be charged regularly. Mubo offers charging services for droids for Batuuans. At a cost of a small amount and of course.
First Order District

Imperial scout droid
Spy droids were designed to investigate deep space and reconnaissance. They are always hunting and searching. Reconnaissance droids are equipped with numerous sensors in them. They are armed by the Empire using blasters and, occasionally, shields. The purpose of their arrival at a particular place is to gather the most information they can. If you try to catch a droid that has completed its mission, it will self-destruct.
First Order district
Type X T-70 fighter

The most sought-after warships of the Resistance fleet. It is able to compete against the LED fighter, while also posing substantial firepower. Because the Resistance is primarily funded by donations, the majority of fighters come as donations from Senators and local security agencies.

Resistance Camp

Itorian tombstone
There is a rumor that it is not just an old sacred relic that was found on Itor Dok-Ondar’s planet it is actually the tombstone was placed on the grave of his parents. They Ithorians naturally are peace-loving people who believe in the connection between spiritual and plants. If you look closer, you will see an inscription reading: “We wither to bloom.
Black Spire outpost. Black Spire outpost

Landspeeder X-34
Its X-34 Landspeeder is equipped with an efficient repulsor motor which allows it to hover one meter above the ground. The speedy car is powered by three air-cooled turbo turbines and can be a reliable and efficient orb on any planet that has difficult conditions, including Batuu or Tatooine.
Black Spire Outpost, First Order District

Transformed transport vessel
Strono Taggs, also known as “Cookie,” is considered one of the top chefs in the world. He travels on his converted ship of transport known as the Sinar Chol, which is complete with all the amenities he requires and also serves as the field kitchen as well as a restaurant. Through his numerous trips, the chef has accumulated a stash of exotic ingredients to create unique and innovative recipes. The ship is equipped with an open cargo area that can accommodate a variety of detached modules, with an integrated life support system for storing fresh ingredients.
It is the Black Spire Outpost

This LED Echelon is made for Cynar-Jamus Systems’ fleet and is mostly used as a vessel for transport. It can accommodate 12 crew members as well as cargo. Although it’s a vessel for transport it’s equipped with weapons of war. This shield generator powerful laser cannons, and sophisticated sensors, which are programmed to block enemy signals, are able to be upgraded if needed.

First Order District

Droid Factory Warehouse
The scrap metal storage facility where Mubo keeps droid parts of all kinds for sale or repair.
First District of Order
Millennium Falcon Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon, a converted Corellian cargo ship, was the source of legends among smugglers. being described as “the most efficient pile of scrap in the universe.” Despite its humble beginnings, this ship was able to overtake its way through Kessel Arc within less than 12 seconds and played an important part in the most significant victory that was the result of both the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. The owners of the ship included Lando Calrissian, Han Solo as well as a few other villains. Its name is Falcon. Falcon is currently located on Batuu in the Caribbean, where it has been taken over by Chewbacca, who gave the ship to the pirate Hondo Onake to help the Resistance.

Black Spire outpost. Black Spire outpost

Statue from the Jedi Temple Jedi Temple
The Jedi Temple, the abode of the Jedi Order on Coruscant, is easily identified by its distinctive crown with five spires. The Jedi Temple was used as a monastery and school and was the central point of the entire Jedi activities throughout the Galactic Republic.
It is the Black Spire outpost

Scrap metal cart
Mubo who is the owner of the factory for droids, makes use of a cart like this to take scrap metal off Batuu, which he then utilizes to build and repair Droids for his customers. The cart, which is made of steel tubes and leather straps may not appear as impressive but it will do the job well.
First Order District

Trilonian Wish Tree
The residents from Black Spire’s outpost Black Spire post tie bits of ribbons, cloths and thread onto the branches of the tree and make wishes. They are of the belief that God will make wishes when the thread or cloth gets worn out or is completely worn out.
Black Spire Outpost Black Spire Outpost
Tourelle DF.12-Com

Its DF.12-Com ground-based turret forms the defense first that is part of the Resistance. If it isn’t able to stop the assault and I’m not sure what else can.

Resistance Camp
Storage lockers for resistance

Resistance fighters require have a break in between missions to keep their spirits. They are the members of Batuuu’s Resistance in Batuu have created a small relaxation space in the back of the bunker, to help take their minds off of fighting for a few minutes.

Resistance Camp
Screening Tactical Screen

The Resistance established a bunker within the forest on Batuu just outside of the Black Spire Outpost, and it was more secure from the all-encompassing First Order. These screens for tactical situations are employed to plan strategic strikes and track movements both inside and outside of the bunker. Because of modern technology of mapping, there is no way to avoid the notice of the Resistance when they are using these screens.

Resistance Camp

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