The Sims 4: Get Famous – Expansion with acting career, VIP parties and “Del Sol Valley”

Electronic Arts and Maxis have launched The expansion of The Sims 4: Get Famous available for PC and Mac through Origin. This expansion pack lets Sims become top-of-the-line famous, experience the glamour of virtual fame in their new acting profession, or earn recognition as a musician or chef. In the sparkling scene in “Del Sol Valley,” there will be fashion-forward attire and VIP parties and luxurious mansions with gold-plated toilets.

“With the new acting profession, Sims can rise to fame when they reach the big screen through commercials or TV shows or even a lead part in a pirate blockbuster. With the new abilities, Sims can stream as an influencer on the new video station or gain an international reputation in any other field they decide to pursue. As a result, they gain Fame Points, enjoy various new perks and quirks, and enhance their profile by utilizing a brand-new reputation system. Sims get special treatment, meet world-renowned stars, and even receive paparazzi photos while enduring the respect of their fervent fans. Sims will also get to meet the Sim model of the famous social media personality, and pop star Baby Ariel in The Sims 4 Be Famous, performing an original song in Simlish at public locations or walking along Starlight Boulevard.”

“The Sims 4 Get Famous allows players to explore all the drama and excitement of the unpredictable and wild path toward success,” “Thanks to an acting profession, Sims can get their break in show business or make a splash in any other discipline There are no limits to what you can do! Our team has been working hard on this expansion, which numerous players requested, and we’re eager to discover what thrilling stories Sims will experience along their journey to stardom within Del Sol Valley. ”

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“The modern world” that is Del Sol Valley is a city with plenty to offer the players who dream of becoming Sims. From the humble beginnings of a house located in Mirage Park to the magnificent mansion situated in the mountains that make up The Pinnacles, dreams can be realized. The Sims can be outfitted with newly purchased houses with luxurious or modern silver-gilded furniture or even an investment safe to protect their wealth. Sims also become famous by becoming fashionable or trend-setting with chic, trendy fashions or designer clothes. The most well-known Sims may even go on to become immortal by wearing a famous Diamond that is set on Starlight Boulevard. The life of fame and fortune isn’t always predictable, and if Sims have their bank accounts fall from the sky or even burn, they’ll not ever want to go back to ordinary life after living the life of a celebrity.”

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