The Finchwick Fair in The Sims 4 Country Life

The addition introduces a new town festival called Finchwick Fair! It is a brand new event that takes place every week during which your sims and the town’s residents will showcase their achievements in the areas of animal and agricultural management, meet and make money selling their goods purchase rare ingredients, and the chance to get prizes from contests!

General Information

The fair is held in the Finchwick Township Central Square in Hanfod-onBagley Township on a Saturday, between 3:30 and 9 p.m. The fair takes place in the inter-lot zone. However, you can go towards The In the Arms of the Dwarf pub that is just opposite the correct location.

Additionally, you’ll be notified of the start of the game as soon as the fair opens, and you can use it to get there on your own.

Fair themes are different every year, and there are five fairs in total – fairs for chickens, gardening, the cow fair, the large crop fair, and the llama fair. A family calendar can show the kind of fair to be held on each of the four coming Saturdays. You will also find a short description of the fair there.The fair is open to all ages.

There are two contests held during every fair. The fair for chickens has eggs and chickens, and the cow fair features the cow and milk contest. The llama fair also has wool and llama competitions, and the fair for large crops includes large pies and produce, as well as the gardening fair, includes fruits and vegetables, and flowers and pie. The most important thing is to ensure that you put everything you’ll need to participate in your character’s baggage before heading for the event. For cows, chickens, and llamas, there’s an additional option, “Put in your luggage” You will see it under the category “Actions” after you select the animal. Eggs, milk, and other vegetables Wool, baked goods, and baked goods are all you need to put in the luggage of your character as usual. The most important thing is to watch the freshness of your food items – the fair runs for 6 hours, and food items shouldn’t get rotten by the end. This can make it difficult to win.

To be eligible, you’ll need to make use of any of these stands (for cows and llamas or stables) and then select”Put up for competition” and then select the “Put on the market for the contest” option. You can participate in the contest you want to enter or both simultaneously. Additionally, every family member can join in the game, including children, which can significantly increase the chance of winning.

Participants may experience a range of reactions to entering and may even become anxious if they aren’t sure that their work is acceptable.•

Visitors, as well as your sims, will examine”all the “contestants” and provide their thoughts, which may not be particularly flattering, and sometimes even point to the winner. Your sims can also assess the entries and know their odds of winning.

Of course they’ll get mulets to show their opinions of the competition.

The judges of the competitions are the city’s mayor. To improve your chances of winning, consider offering the mayor a bribe of up to 250 SS; however, if she declines, the result will reverse. Be cautious, and if you do not have a high enough degree of skill in trickery, it is safer to avoid. In addition, according to the mayor’s reaction to the evaluation of the bid, You can also predict the winner with a certain amount of probability. There will be a thumbs-down if the request is not a success and you think it. If the bid is liked, then you will get a thumbs up. Sometimes, even the heart may be a little twitchy, but as experience indicates, this may be the case for an inappropriate bid.

How can you increase your odds of winning

Based on the competition the contest is held, various factors can be evaluated, including size, rarity, quality as well as the purity and satisfaction level of the work that you display. Below, you will find general guidelines that will aid you in winning an award.

Qualitative Ingredients and Products

Only milk, eggs, and wool of exceptional quality originating from the most content animals must be included in the contest. This is also true for the pie contest. Only use the highest quality and freshest ingredients when making these delicious treats. To increase the quality of sugar and flour, request assistance from gold-bearing chickens (or feed your golden pet egg scrambled eggs or drink golden milk) that can enhance even the most expensive ingredients and create a delicious. Be sure to keep an eye on the shelf life of milk, eggs, and baked goods. They must be fresh by the beginning of the fair and, ideally, throughout the event. Keep them in the fridge and only take them out when you leave for the festival.

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Quality and rarity of fruit and vegetable

It’s quite simple here. A rare or exotic flower that is of the highest quality can be your selection in the contest of gardening. For instance the perfect pomegranates, pitayas, strelicias , or orchids are perfect for this kind of task.

Size large crops

In addition to being of the highest quality and high-value, The size of the crop will be evaluated in the fair. Don’t rush to collect huge fruits from your beds, even in the early stages of ripening and still growing in weight! The flocks of birds within your yard and inspire plants to expand with their songs can be beneficial. If you are planning to participate at this Large Crop Fair, don’t overlook that it takes an entire week to increase the size of your crops and a bit more time to add an extra pound; however, it’s not an easy process. You’ll add some excess weight every day, depending on the weighted base. For instance, pumpkins and watermelon may gain two additional pounds in just a few days. However, lettuce is initially light and contributes little. For the produce price, select the one with the most weight out of the handful of heaviest options.

Level of animal happiness

Only the most content animals, including llamas, hens, and cows, can win the prize. The more well-groomed and happy your pet, the greater your odds of winning the best level of happiness is “Very High.”Keep your pet clean and fed at regular intervals, engage with them to improve your pet’s level of relationship and happiness. It’s not inappropriate here.

The image below illustrates the two status boards for animals. The brown cow won second place in the contest. The white and black cows had no chance of winning the prize.

Another factor to consider when evaluating animals could be the color of their skin, like the gold-bearing hen, rainbow cow, or the llama. But, clothes do not have a particular significance in this case.

That’s likely all there is to learn about variables that determine victory. However, keep in mind that even following all of the guidelines with care doesn’t guarantee 100% assurance. However, it’s more exciting. In the end, you have to admit that attending the fair each time you’re sure your entry will be the first to take home the prize isn’t exactly exciting. However, the system can work almost without any issues for the larger animals and crops.

Types of contests offered at Finchwick Fair. Finchwick Fair

Chicken Fair

Chickens Competition – both roosters and hens can take part. The most important thing is that the relation between the sim that applied them was the best and the satisfaction of birds was extremely high. Colors that are unique can improve the odds of winning.
Egg Contest The colour and rarity of the egg doesn’t really matter. It could be golden or white, but the most important thing is that the quality must be top-quality.

Gardening Fair

Gardening contest Rare flowers or fruits of the highest quality have the best chances of winning.
Pie Contest The pie must be of the highest quality and made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Pies can be entered on the menu regular and pie contests from the baked goods menu (The Sims 4 at Work Add-on).

Cow Fair

Competition The type of milk doesn’t matter in the least.

Cow Contest — in order for a cow to be eligible for first prize, her satisfaction level has to be extremely good and her connection with the sim who submitted her entry must be as warm as it can. A specific color could increase chances of winning.
Competition for milk The type of milk doesn’t have a significant impact. Even the cheapest milk could be a top contender in the event that it is high-quality.

Big Crop Fair

Large Crop Contest – size quality, weight, and cost are all considered in judging large crops. Pick large, ripe fruits that are of the highest quality, with the highest quality and weight to submit. The pumpkin is the best choice for this , and at the very least, they appear to be winning the most frequently.
Pie Contest Pies must be of top quality and made with the finest and freshest ingredients. The contest can be entered by using pies from the regular menu as well as from the baked products (The Sims 4 add-on).
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Lama Fair

Lama contest If a llama is to be eligible for the top spot, her happiness level has to be extremely large and her connection with the sim submitting the contest must be as amiable as it is possible. The use of a specific color may enhance the odds of winning.
Wool competition A stunning coat of fresh and happy llamas will surely win first prize, so be sure your llama has an extremely high satisfaction level prior to shearing, and that her stable is well-maintained. You could even wash her prior to shearing to be safe even if she’s not filthy but.

Rare as well as fair prices

Even if you’re not participating in the event, you can make money from it by offering your goods with a markup of 25% to local storekeepers. You’ll have to negotiate with them initially; however, a calm and positive disposition and an impressive level of charisma will make you more attractive.

Another advantage of fair days is buying unusual ingredients from the local grocery or at the garden store. They are available under”Specialties” in the “Specials” section, which is not readily available during normal hours.

Fair finalization, awards, and prizes

After the fair is finished, the family members who entered an entry will be notified of their position, prizes, and prizes. It could be fertilizer animals’ clothing, ingredients, or even food items prepared. Fair participants can learn new ways of caring for animals. Of course, the prize winners and participants will be awarded special ribbons in the brand new “Ribbons of the Fair” collection. If a sym is applied to two contests simultaneously, it could win (or not be able to win) within both of the categories.It is possible to win both types.

First place The ribbon for the first prize

Potential prizes include fruit or fertilizer, flowers, clothing for animals

Treat recipe (at contests for animals)

500 SS

2nd place:

Ribbon for second place

Potential prizes:

cooked dish

Recipe to treat yourself (at contests for animals)

250 SS

3rd place:

Ribbon for the third place

Potential prizes include flowers, fruit, or the final dish

Recipe to treat yourself (in contests with animals)

50 SS

Comfort Prize:

Ribbon to be worn for participation in the contest

Potential prizes include: ingredients and fertilizer or pet treats

Unpleasant issue:Sometimes, it’s possible that even if you’ve made perfectly-made entries, checked the entries, and have them evaluated, following the fair, the game will just disregard your participation in a specific contest. For instance, you participated in the wool and llamas contest; however, the results were announced only for the wool contest. It could happen you were a participant in just one contest. It is believed that the issue is linked to a second contest held during each fair. Cows, chickens, llamas, large crops, and other typical vegetables always results. However, for other products, it’s not so. It is to be hoped this very annoying issue will be addressed. If you notice it in your game, you can contact AHQ.

When the fair is finished, The llamas, cows, and chickens return to their homes safely in the luggage of the Sim’s family or the family’s. It is only necessary to place them back into the stable with the “Select animal for stable “Select animals for the stable” …” option,” and the chickens are removed from the suitcases the same way. There are also large crops, pies, eggs, wool as well as milk inside the luggage of the family.It is a

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