A career as an ecologist in The Sims 4: Island Living

The conservation theme in Sulani within The Sims 4 “Living on an Island” is in perfect harmony with the new profession of environmentalists that was created in the same fashion.

Your character can affect the environment on the islands , not just as a normal citizen as well as professionally. As you advance up the ladder you could become an Oceanologist studying the subject on the ground or as an Environmental Manager who manages conservation efforts across the globe and continents!

Career Background

The way to be an environmentalist is exactly the same as other careers through calling or selecting jobs using computers.The same is true for environmentalists.

The profession of an ecologist is open, similar to stylists and stylist in the original game, or the gardener in the “Seasons” expansion. This means that your character is able to work in his own time or stay at home and perform different tasks for work.

As you start your job you will be assigned the first assignment – investigate environmental issues.

In the beginning in your professional career you will require a lot of logic as well as computers to complete his or her homework on environmental issues . They will also write about environmental issues.

Inform the population of the island about environmental concerns (the “Spread information about issues related to the environment” option is to do it in positive interactions).

If you are working in offices, the employee along with the usual behavior options for any profession, has the option of choosing two distinct options for the Ecologist profession only:

  • The field log is a good study – it can increase productivity, but the subject may be bored. The most useful scientific information are available.
  • Control samples are collected – this boosts productivity and improves the degree of logic. The character could be required to perform work under difficult conditions.

These are the options that are the most expensive in strength, yet they are they also have the highest efficiency. <

Additionally the profession of Ecologist comes with specific assignments, which a person could increase or decrease their productivity through doing. For instance, like this:

If your character is at home, they won’t need to lie at the table! Environmental issues are waiting for his immediate intervention! The most pressing issue is the ecological condition in Mua Pel’am Island. There are beaches littered with trash, species of animals and plants, as well as an active volcano that emits sulfur! It is necessary to investigate everything, document it as well as take samples, treat the area with a protection sprays, and yet again, educate the people These and other unique interactions relating to the quarry are identified by a badge.The badge is a

We must dig in the sand to find trash, and then those seagulls! You will encounter many unpleasant moments.

Furthermore, you’ll need to keep collecting samples to study both on land as well as at sea.

The specimen can be examined and the findings sent to a research institute or it can be sold an environmental channel earning profit from the sale. Be aware that if you’ve got the lowest amount of logical ability it is possible that the sample will be destroyed when it is examined.

In the fifth year of his career, he’s given his own canoe for sailing and is now able to sail the islands nearby.

After completing the sixth stage He is awarded a brand new uniform that neither wind, nor rain or waves will be a problem!

If your character is at the seventh level of career and reaches seventh career level, they have the option to select a specialty. He can choose to become an environmental Manager or an Oceanologist.

In addition, an intriguing aspect is that it is the first time that the character doesn’t receive an award of cash when they’re promoted. There are only the new interaction or reward material.

Particularities of the Environmental Manager


Make use of your knowledge to offer advice on the latest environmental policies, apply for grants, and distribute information to the general public.

It’s time to extend your reach!

The behaviors of the workplace are similar to this particularization but it’s quite strange that both have negative effects on productivity at work.

  • Connect with environmentalists to reduce the productivity of your work and reduces the necessity for communications.
  • Learn about the environment – enhances your charm and lowers productivity. The character could be awarded an additional bonus (quite small).

In general, an Environmental Manager is able to enjoy some pretty fascinating aspects when they begin your career. One is the capability to submit a grant application and to apply for grants.

Subsidy is performed by computer, and goes into the baggage of the character which is able to be requested as a grant application which can pay quite a bit starting at $800 in the beginning stages, and up to $1,000 or more at the peak of your career.

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The third, and possibly most fascinating aspect of this particular area (and perhaps the profession in general) is the global political system. Your character will definitely be required to consult on any of the global environmental policies. For each policy, you’ll be required to make five phone consultations in order to get it in place You can also make calls each day for 12 hours but not more frequently than that. After the policy has been put into effect, it will be efficient in all aspects of conservation in the present.It is

You can track the status of the global policy’s implementation any time via telephone, it’s displayed in percentage. In addition, it is possible to check on the policy that you’re unhappy with.

Eight different types of policies.


Title and Description

Green Energy

Alternative energy sources should be utilized to protect the earth! Stop the production of pollutants and switch to solar and wind energy sources. Clean energy has no downside! It’s just that the energy generated isn’t enough to satisfy all people…Check with the guidelines for selecting the right energy source for your family. What’s the probability that everyone has electricity simultaneously?”

Costs are less in all households, however there are power outages at night during when the power is at its highest.
Controlling the spread of invasive species

Invasive species force fish from their natural habitats! There must be a method to reward anglers who catch invasive species of fish. No matter where they go after sale, the key aspect is that they do not breed within the ocean…Adjust the policy to limit the number of species that are invasive by increasing their value. This includes carp, sky bass perch, goldfish, and winged fish.

Invasive species are sold for twice the cost but they are much more difficult to find.
Monitoring the depletion of stocks of fish

The recreational fishing industry is responsible for the complete extinction of species of fish. To boost the population of fish fishing is prohibited between 12:00 and 20:00. Fishing can only be done early in the morning and late at the night! Professional anglers can fish during their working hours. Fishing is permitted during separate agreed upon events. There is no reason to rebel.Check on the policy to determine your fishing hours and give fish the chance to grow their numbers. There is no reason to doubt the policy. This is for certain.

Fishing is not permitted during the hours of 12:00 p.m. until 8:15 p.m. except for separate negotiated events. Violators will be punished.
[ IMG]
Coconut Benefits

There’s many coconuts around the world! Local farmers must be encouraged to plant coconuts. Coconuts are loved by everyone! In the end, it’s way too much! Coconut industry won’t abandon coconuts!

Create a policy that regulates coconut production, and provide the coconut-growing families with benefits. Coconuts!

Families receive daily simoleons in exchange for coconut trees that grow on their property.
Limited Energy

It’s getting dirtier every day! Greenhouse gas emissions have to be cut down. Solution: switch off electrical power to all homes from at least 00:00 until 06:30. It is not advisable to use electricity in this time! Make sure to read the rules and regulations before deciding the amount of energy used by each character. It’s necessary to adapt to the new system but it’s an essential sacrifice for the sake of the planet!

Electricity is shut off each evening at midnight and switched on at 6 am.
Promotion of natural products

Organic products are healthier for the environment as well as healthier! This way of living is essential and vital. What better way to make it mandatory for all of us? Everyone would be thrilled! Make sure you are aware of the rules to ensure the organic production. Of course , the price of cooking will increase however everyone will be happier! There are plenty of simillons in the world.

All food items have been made organic. This means that food items are more expensive however, the people get a boost of energy after having it.
Purifier for water

Water pollution is a major cause of drinking water issues! A drinking water cleaner has been created, and its promotion is becoming popular through social media. Politicians are being encouraged to allow the product be added to water bodies. water.Check out the policies for regulating the quality of tap water. The videos of the cleanser’s actions aren’t flimsy are they?

The cleanser used in the study is in tap water. The effectiveness of the solution is not known in the long time.
[ IMG]
Trash fines

It can cause a variety of issues for the natural resources as well as the local fauna! It is essential to penalize people who don’t want to bring their trash to the trash can. Fines of a large amount should be imposed to discourage them from doing so. The money collected from fines can be utilized to improve the environmental condition! That’s the promise of politicians. The people who litter must realize that they’re acting improperly, so we’re likely to be able to impose an extremely large penalty. It’s quite reasonable.

The people who throw litter are fined.

Each policy has its own distinct influence in the life of the characters of the present world. For instance, if, for example, you decide to temporarily restrict fishing then you could be fined for fishing in the following hours.

If you’re dealing with trash issues, anyone who is in violation could also face an amount of $500 in fines, and friendship will not help! Even your housemate could be penalized.

The review in this article we’ll not discuss in detail the various policies, since you’ll likely be interested in studying the effect of all laws on life in townships all by yourself. However, since the subject is interesting, maybe we’ll devote one of our future reviews to this topic.

At the level of career 9 the character can make nature documentary films (the option is available by clicking on the character’s profile The cost of shooting will be 500 SS). This process isn’t visible to players as the character will leave the website and return with a completed video inside his luggage. It will also carry with a license that you are able to create the channel a nature-themed theme and get the fee for daily licensing (the royalty amount each day will rise somewhat).

In addition, if you’ve installed the add-on in your system, granting the license can boost the fame degree a little. Furthermore, you could enhance their quality films by using the ability – licensing fees for films of high quality will be several times greater. You can also publish them on the internet your self.

In the peak of his profession The Environmental Manager gets an enthralling character trait from nature, which will allow him to accomplish even more efficient environmental education to the public at large. Also, the latest tricked-out photo cameracalled “Can You See Me?” (though its purposes are typical, but it appears amazing)

Oceanologist specialization features

Share your admiration for the ocean and sea creatures from coral reefs and sea turtles. The ocean is in need of your assistance!

The Oceanologist department has fewer memorable moments, but it does have more tasks that directly relate to the research and study of natural phenomenon. What a pleasure to cruise in your own canoe on Moa Pel’am’s island! Moa Pel’am!

If your character is within an office environment, his specific options for behavior at work are:

  • Fishing with fish can reduce the efficiency of your work, however the fish’s personality enjoys working and is more fit.
  • Disassemble data files and increase productivity, however the character is likely to become bored. There are many valuable scientific data.

While at home The Oceanologist is required to keep an eye on the wildlife on the island along with the seafloor, and also collect samples of the ocean.

At the level of nine the oceanologist and the manager, can create a nature documentary and offer the licence to a television channel. Additionally, he will be given a fantastic work-wear wetsuit.

At the top of his profession at the top of his game, the Oceanologist is also awarded the prestigious quality of character trait The Master of the Seas that makes it simpler for him to win the trust of sea creatures.

ADVICE If your character is a mermaid, they might be unable to complete diving-related tasks. Mermaids don’t make use of breathing tubes or snorkels. Sometimes, the job can be substituted with the task “Distribute information about the environment” Sometimes, you may skip the task altogether this step, which may slow the progress of your career however, it won’t make it impossible.

With you’re efforts, ecosystem of the island is brought up to the proper level All you need to do is keep it correctly!

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