Food and Drink in The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu

In the “Journey through Batuu” games, your character can discover nine recipes for Batuuan dishes and learn how to mix 8 different drinks. If you’ve got an “In The Restaurant” game set, then all Batuuan food and beverages will be on hand as you design your menu for your restaurant. You can then easily create a Batuuan restaurant the likes of Oasis Springs. In addition, the names of sure cocktails and food items are all an allusion to characters or events in Star Wars. Star Wars universe.

Batuuan recipes

To discover recipes for the latest food items, visit Batuuu’s Black Spire outpost on Batuuu and pick up food from local restaurants Ronto’s Roastery and Doc #7. They’re both close, and you don’t need to travel far, and there’s also a place with tables that allow you to enjoy your meal with peace.

After the sim has eaten an unfamiliar dish and learns how to prepare it (just as with the kiosk food included in the “Life In the City” extension), the ability to cook is not necessary to cook this. The majority of the recipes can be taught in Doc #7. For example, only two kinds of shawarma require a try at Ronto’s Roastery. There’s also a 10th dish called Assorted Outpost Popcorn, but you do not have to make it since it’s available in the fridge section of the menu for quick snacks. On Batuu, you can find it by snack shops in the Outpost, at the food kiosk located across from First Order’s warehouse, First Order warehouse, and even at Ogi’s restaurant by clicking on the menu.

You can create a menu for restaurants in any normal city that includes Batuuan dishes, but you cannot fly to anyplace, and you can take a look at them directly at the restaurant in experimental food items (requires the game setting “In Restaurant”).

Knowing the recipes will allow you to cook these recipes at home. No cooking experience is required. The recipes are all made on the stove and do not require any ingredients. They’ll be served in the same black and stylish dishes and plates as Batuu. Sims will be given the “Taste of the galaxy far away” mulet (+2 happiness for the duration of 6 minutes) in addition to the Batuuan dishes of top quality.



Skills Level

Prices at Buy

Price of cooking

Additional Information
Batuuan Cake 5/15 6SS/17SS/24SS Learn more in Doc #7. Suitable for vegetarians.
Mustafar sweet bun 7/21 12SS/31SS/43SS Learn more at Dock #7 or in Ogi’s cantina. Suitable for vegetarians.
Phelusian Vegetable Delicacy 8/24
16SS/32SS/64SS Learn more in Doc #7. Suitable for vegetarians.
Lazy Oatmeal “Rising Moons” 9/27 18SS/36SS/72SS Learn more at Dock #7, or Ogi’s cantina. Suitable for vegetarians.
Shawarma without meat and ronto 12/36 20SS/52SS/72SS Learn more at Ronto’s Roastery. It is suitable for vegetarians.
Shawarma with the meat from ronto 12/36 20SS/52SS/72SS Learn more at the Ronto Roastery.
Fried endor-type-yip 30SS/65SS/85SS Learn more in Doc #7. Tip-Yip, a chicken from the Endor. Endor
Noodle along with Shrimp Salad 32SS/96SS/128SS It is possible to learn more about Doc #7.
Shaka roast 29SS/87SS/116SS Learn more in Doc #7.

Shaak, a huge herbivore herd animal found on Naboo on the planet. Naboo

Batuuan drinks

Similar to food, new drinks can be learned by experimenting with them. You can accomplish this by making a purchase from the bartender at Ogi’s Cantina. Then, mix the drinks that you’ve learned about at your home by clicking any of the bars. In the same manner, you can change the menu of drinks at your restaurant by including Batuuan drinks, and you can learn how to mix these drinks at home without leaving your city (the “In The Restaurant” game is required).It is

Some of the drinks are quite interesting, such as Mugan Tea. Certain drinks give the character intriguing mulettes. The Black Spire drink is said to raise the pep index a little. You’ll need to be aware of drinking the Jetpack drink, however. It’ll provide you with energy initially. However, your character will be afflicted with a discomfort mulet after it’s over.

Alongside the brand new cocktails, There are two brand new drinks you won’t make, but you can simply grab them from the fridge’s quick snack menu. They are blue and green milk. When you go to Batuu, you can find it at the food stand located in front of the Warehouse of First Order.The menu is available at the front of the warehouse.

We hope that you find our culinary journey helpful.

Have fun playing!

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