A new way of the old kind of death in The Sims 4 At University

In the extension The Sims The Sims: In the add-on The Sims: University characters with developed capabilities in research and debate are able to download information into the electronic archive storage and receive a tiny amount of money in exchange. It’s a good idea – it’s a good source of cash, provided that the skills are learned. However, it’s not as easy. Once you download the information, your character could be hit with a sluggish mulet “Moral exhaustion” (very dizzy +40 for four hours).

If, during this time, you attempt to download the information despite any warnings, the character is likely to die due to the overloader (and it is possible that dying is mentioned explicitly when you read the information about the store). But this kind of death isn’t entirely new. In the game’s base game, older Sims, characters can die due to overloading in games or WooHoo. This is only the case now that this kind of death could also be experienced by younger Sims.

If you decide to add a ghost from the character that died like this into your home, you’ll notice that the “death” feature is the same as the older Sims”Death by Overzealousness. The ghost appears normal without any additional effects…and it’s a shame.

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