The Sims 4 World of Magic play set review

Access to early access for the game offered through Electronic Arts

The Sims 4 World of Magic new game offers your characters the chance to be part of the mystery of magic, go to the Magic World and grow into a master of the potter, or a master wizard! Be careful, however – any the misuse of magic will not be beneficial. Beware of curses!

Glimmerbrook as well as its residents

The city of Glimmerbrook is rather small, with just five lots. The developers have positioned them in the hills in the woods, and runs through a flowing river. Overall, the image is tranquil. A stunning river, and especially the rapids it has – the splashing waters over the rocks looks cool. Also, the waterfall is gorgeous. The distant background that is worked out isn’t quite as gorgeous and it’s best not to gaze down from the precipice. The image is blurred. In general there’s nothing extraordinary about the place, aside from perhaps the mysterious portal that is above the waterfall. Beyond that, there’s no hint of magic…well aside from the massive pink mushroom.

If you’ve installed the Seasons add-on The town will be able to enjoy each of the seasons. Its climate is comparable with Granite Falls and Windenburg.

As stated that there are just five lots within the township. One is 40×30 while the rest are 20×30. Three of them are residential, the third is vacant, and the third is a bar that has the promise of “Elixirs and Potions” but it’s difficult to imagine a duller interior.

Magical Families

There are two wizard families that reside in Glimmerbrook.It is a

FriendsHTML0 Friends Grace and Tomax resided in the same place at the time they were first wizards. They work in the most routine jobs but what is most crucial they do in their lives is the magic. They also bet on whom would emerge as the most skilled magician first!

The Charm Family The Charm FamilyThe Charm family is full of generations of spellcasters who are outstanding like Minerva often tells her children. Gemma isn’t a fan of her family’s opinions however she is determined to earn their respect. Aspired duelist Darrel recently got engaged to Emilia an newly born Enchanter with a lot of potential to offer.It’s a great time to be a

Magic World of HTML0 Magic World

Through the portal you will enter into the Magical World. After being ravaged by magical conflict and wars, it’s now an ailment and the three guardians of the sages are attempting to protect the traces of it, while maintaining an unstable equilibrium. The creators of the world claimed that the world would be totally distinct and that they would not be fooled. It is located on four islands, amidst in a swirl of empty space This world is impressive immediately upon seeing. The setting is in line with into the story and is a location where magic is the rule. There isn’t any seasonal change and even the night and day here shift in a distinctive manner.

WoW’s The Burning Crusade’s Outland The same color sky lights there is no sun, big moon, high-flying islands, and trash…

The fantastical world is comprised from four separate islands. The largest is home to”the “academy” as well as the sole thing within this area. Smaller islands feature a duel ground as well as Spellcaster’s Alley and Garden. In the academy, your character will be able to become a wizard , learn the magic arts and alchemy as well as interact with other wizards, and learn from Wizards. There’s nothing extraordinary in Duel Island, except that it’s a great place to hold fantastical duels. In the Garden it is possible to gather the ingredients required to make alchemy, however it’s impossible to enter the destroyed greenhouse, it’s just an ornament. The wild plants that grow in the Garden aren’t connected to the seasons However, if you decide to grow something by yourself you will see it grow and bear fruit only during the right season.

The most exciting place within the Magic World is Spellcaster’s Alley. Three stores are located here offering magic items including spell books, familiars as well as ingredients for potions. Don’t worry if you don’t locate what you’re seeking initially, since the range of products is constantly updated. The static images can’t show how amazing! Parts of destroyed houses, sections of buildings and stairs floating in the air… Everything serves as a powerful depiction of the tragedy that occurred. The owners of the shops with magic are ghosts. In the end it is important to observe it for yourself.

Buy/build mode and CAS

In making this set the designers tried to make the appearance of a modern wizard, while a bit different from the traditional canon. Say goodbye to the lame witches wearing sharp hats! Here comes an entirely new Generation of Wizards! It’s true that at first the choices of attire can be a little confusing in CAS. However, you can actually create an entirely unique style for your wizard, at the very least, in a gothic fashion at a minimum, using steampunk elements. It is also possible to choose an alternative that is more modern.

However, there are several clothes that, according to the creators themselves, are suitable for an older-style mage, such as who lives in the woodlands, in harmony with the natural world. Many kinds of shoes, various accessories and even makeup complement the gorgeous closet. The only issue is that there’s no new stuff for children or toddlers in the CAS.

Contrary to CAS, every new object is identical in style and are great for building or decorating the Wizard’s dream home. Fences, windows, doors furniture, fixtures, furniture and even decors will all make an amazing, magical space. Unfortunately, there are little decorative items that are associated with magical elements in the catalog for the purchase, however this is likely the sole negative.

Goals for life and character characteristics

The set includes two brand-new objectives for living, and obviously, they’re related to magic:

    • Within the Knowledge category, there is a goal related to witchcraft was added. It’s to help the character develop their skills in witchcraft. Within the Nature category, there is a new goal in relation to alchemy

Potion Maker

In line with the goals of life following the life goals, the character will get the appropriate bonus traits, namely Spellmaker as well as Pellmaker.

New traits for characters also came out: Ancient Kin, Bloodline and Fading Kin. But you cannot pick them up through CAS. Only wizards’ children can be granted these characteristics. The more skilled that a wizard has, the higher chances of the kid to develop magic abilities. The characteristic that is known as the Fading clan is granted to children who have wizards as their parents. They will receive an additional talent points for each level of enchantment. They also get a faster gain in levels, and lessening the possibility of accruing excessive charge by 10 10%. The ability Bloodline gives children who have parents are not so lucky, but at the very least, one or more of them was a sorcerer. They also get bonuses to their talent points as well as accelerated pumping, however the chance of accruing excessive charges is decreased by 20 percent. If the child is born within the 4th generation of wizards (at minimum, one parent must possess the trait Purebred) the child will be granted the trait of ancestral blood which makes him a wizard. will earn an additional level of points for each degree of enchantment. This means that increase the effect of an enchantment. The chance of collecting excessive charge is up to 50 percent. (More on talent points and excessive charges discussed below).

Collectibles from the new collection

In the collections from the past there’s no major update There are two plants have been added: Valerian Root as well as Mandragora Root.

They can, naturally be located within the Magic World however should you not want to spend time searching for them, you can purchase a bag of magical seeds from your computer. The creators continue developing new designs for plants, which will surely delight.

There’s also a new collection called the Magical Artifacts. The collection is huge and includes magical wands, broomsticks and magical pets (48 items total however that’s mostly due to the massive number of repaints of the model broomsticks). The collection is assembled in the Magic World and the quickest method to accomplish this is by using an enchanting wizard. Search for items in bookshelves, magic shops (option “Search for books that contain magic”) and collect these as trophies during the magic duel. But normal Sims may also attempt to win, but the process is much longer.

Magicians Magicians

The World of Magic has a brand new type of occult characters within the game – the Charcer.

How do you become an expert

Create in the CAS – when in the character creation mode, select “Add Occult Character” from the “Add Sorcerer” menu. This is all there is to it . There aren’t any particular presets or second appearances for wizards.

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Contact for one of three Sages of the Magic World -Go through the portal that leads to The Magic World, find one of the three Sages, and ask him to grant you Ascension. He will assign you the task of a lifetime (collect seven magic spheres within the close vicinity that are within the school) After completing the task, your Sim will receive magic powers immediately without delay. Only regular Sims are able to become Wizards and only magickal practitioners will be able to do this.

born to Sorcerer’s family (HTML0)A baby born into a Sorcerer could be born with a unique characteristic that is Ancient Pureblood or Fading Clan. This means that when he is older, he’ll be able to begin learning without an entire Rite of Ascension, and additionally, he will succeed in studying than normal wizards who are not hereditary.

Children who are gifted with magic through inheritance can’t use it until they turn teens. The situation is similar to that for the children of the mermaids and vampires. The only option for them is an imaginary pet that they can summon, however there is no interaction with it. It’s also in the same way that the adult character. They aren’t allowed to drink or give potions to others This is a bit odd.

Special capabilities of wizards

After becoming a Sorcerer Sim receives a new interface for magical interactions and communications “Magic”. The number of interactions available is contingent on the degree of skill as well as the amazing bonuses.

Furthermore, his luggage will also contain in it a Stone of Light, which you can click to access The Magic World from anywhere. Children are not able to utilize this Stone of Light for teleportation even though they are given it in a way.

If you’ve got an add-on called the Fun Together add-on, you can form a true coven as the Enchanter (in the form of a character trait) is included in the entry requirements as well as the club’s activity utilizes an enchanter and cauldron.

Levels and bonus points for players who enchant.

In the practice of alchemy and magic The wizard will gradually increase the level of his skills. You can track their development in the Needs tab and it has been updated to reflect their updated status.

The ranks of the wizard are like the vampire ranks found in the Vampires game set. There are six total:

  • Apprentice
  • Rookie
  • Apprentice
  • Expert
  • Expert
  • Virtuoso

Based on their level, wizards can master new spells, stronger spells, and recipes, increase their magic skills as well as make less mistakes while casting spells, and make better potion and acquire Talent Points that can be used to purchase Wizards’ Bonuses. Certain bonuses are linked to the wizard’s skill level and can be purchased in a series. They are classified into three categories:

  • The first step will help you learn the magic of art quicker and more safely.
  • The second is to aid in the making of potions, and will improve the quality of their preparation.
  • The third one will boost the power and effectiveness of your spells and improve your odds of winning magical duel.

Additionally, there are other rewards which can be accessed in any order, however obviously, only when you are at the right stage. For instance improving the effectiveness of a specific magic school’s spells, helping you collect items, receiving discounts on magic items and other items.

For more details about wizards levels and bonuses, check out .

Each perk is worth one talent point. And unlike vampire perks Sim is able to obtain everything, but will need to play around with. If you get to level Virtuoso stage, Sim will get a total of 10 points however, he will continue to get better and with each fill on the progress bar, he’ll earn only one point of talent.

In addition, at the level of wizardincreases, altering the animation of certain specific magic actions, like Sim can read books using spells, without having them in his hands and stirring the potion into the pot with elegant strokes with a magic wand. In the most advanced level the eyes of Sim will be lit up with a magical glow when he is performing magic.

Wizard’s Charge

Every spellcaster now has the new sphere-shaped indicator that is available in the Needs tab, Spellcaster Charge. When they practice magic, it increases gradually and the excess could result in unpleasant consequences that can last that can lead to death. But, it can be quite spectacular.

There are four levels of charges The four levels of charge are:

  • State of the art
  • Charged
  • Overcharged
  • Overcharged and dangerously high.

Every level has pros and pros and (you have a memory of death you know, right? ) If you’re cautious, you’ll be safe from difficulties. Additionally, there are extra bonuses that allow you to perform magic without having to monitor your charge every minute. However, these bonuses are only available to extremely skilled magicians.

The Magic Duels

Magic duels are a great method to improve your skill level. There are a variety of duels:

  • Friendship
  • The most ferocious
  • For artifacts
  • For information
  • For ingredients

Duels of all kinds are readily available for novice wizards as well. There’s only one limitation that only friendly and tough duels are offered only to family members. In addition to the other characters, you can engage in any kind of magical duels. To be able to show up under the Magic tab the characters have to be acquainted with one another. Dueling can be played anyplace, but it will appear more appealing on a specific platform called Duel Island.


Wizards are not weak as vampires, however there is an element of curse that is similar to the unique traits found in the companion Path to Glory.

Magic and Alchemy

The directions in Magic

The Realm of Magic game set includes three different schools of magic which are being represented by an Sage. By interacting with him, wizards are able to improve their skills as well as learn new recipes and spells, and, in the event that they get bored of being a magician, they can undergo a rite of disbandment. You can interact with sages just as normal characters. They are also included in the roster of NPC families. If you’d like to, you could easily include the name of a Sage to his family and the game will create a new Sage (you can add an Sage only by editing an editor for families).

Practical Magic Practical Magic seeks to simplify life for your wizard to ensure that every day hassles don’t distract him from his primary goal that is the art of magic. The spells taught in this school can relieve your wizard from mundane tasks such as cooking or showering. You can also teleport yourself with the swipe of your magic wand.

Charming Magic suitable for people who enjoy comedy and Pranks… but they’re not always great. Transform another character into an inanimate object , or transform your space by using that cute chair you found at your buddies’ houses for free. Be careful not to be caught!

Unstoppable Magic manages powerful spells from diverse elements. Hit your enemies with lightning, or transform his body into a frozen statue an element to be taken seriously!

The wizard can take on all three schools at the same time or focus solely on one. There’s no end to the choices you can make.


They can also be learned through books Sages, or as a reward during the magic duel, however three spells namely Vidoismensis, Copiato, and Rite of Ascension – can only be learned by Sages (one in every school). If a wizard is at the Knowledgeable level, clicking the tab for Wizards in the Magic tab offers an additional option of “Ask to learn a new spell”.

There are 24 spells available There are 24 spells in play

  • 7 in mischievous magic
  • 8 in the indomitable power of magic
  • 9 in the realm of practical magic

Spells can be used to affect the player’s character, objects, sims and terrain. Many spells are able to be used for multiple purposes at the same time. For instance cleaning spells can be used to clean you, another person or, for instance, the sink is dirty. Fire spells can be applied to a person or object as well as begin a fire by pressing in the dirt. This is the same for the freeze spell that is not just able to stop enemies from freezing and enemies, but also set off flames. The repairing spell will not only repair a damaged object, but can also repair the object that was burned and enhance the quality of the work created from the person (sculptures flowers, bouquets, paintings and so on.). This is why there’s no difference between good and bad spells. It’s up to you to choose which you’d like to make use of them for. However, if you use an add-on called the Path to Glory add-on installed making use of spells that hurt other people in any way could reduce the reputation of the wizard.

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Magic has always been with alchemy, and this set of games is no different. There are 15 potions recipes. You can learn them through guides or books or by playing around with a cauldron. The first one is a standard cast-iron cauldron, which is under which an ordinary flame burns. The second is a more mysterious, and is decorated with crystals and the fire that is under it will be burning with real magically. Of course, you’ll require ingredients to make potions. In addition to valerian and mandrake roots, you’ll require a range of things – metals, crystals plants, frogs and plants fish and maybe even MySims dolls! In some cases, you may be lucky enough to obtain an ingredient kit for an ingredient in a potion.

Potions that you have prepared to consume yourself, or give another character a drink (alas you aren’t able to throw flasks as the ones in The Sims 3 Supernatural) You can also access your own alchemy shop, provided you’ve got added the “At Work” add-on. It is worth noting that you can have up to four characters make use of the cauldron in a single session while helping to make potions speeds up making them. If your alchemist is familiar with how to use the spell Circulation, it’ll be much more simple to refill potions.

The effects of potions can be diverse. They can mimic those effects that spells produce however, most offer a skilled potion maker with exciting possibilities. For instance the luck potion can enable you to locate valuable items simply by talking to another person or going about your normal routine. Additionally, there are potions that help you learn faster as well as restore the need, get rid of negative muzzles, protect from dying, and of course, create immortal characters.


All recipes for potion and spells are included within the Spellbook which is a brand new interface for the game that is accessible by clicking on the Magic tab when you click on a character, or via the Simology panel. When you browse through the tabs, or simply flicking through the pages, you’ll be able to view all the recipes, spells as well as their effects that you’ve learned and find out which ones remain to be learned.

Magical paraphernalia
Magic wands and brooms

When you’re a wizard, you’ll must acquire some accessories to show off the new power. That includes the magic wand as well as a Broom. In essence, a the magic wand isn’t required and the Sim is able to cast spells even without one, but you’ll have to agree that it creates a more ambiance. In the article about The Magic Artifact Collection, there are many magic wands. However, they do not differ in their power and only in their design.

Similar to broomsticks as it’s a simple means of transportationthat can be different in both design and color. In addition, the method of flying Broom is similar to the model of the bat from the Vampires game set . The Sim is seated on the broom, soaring upwards and … it teleports to the desired location. There isn’t a separate ability for flying the broom however, inexperienced wizards may first slide off the broom upon making their way to the ground and landing however, their abilities will develop.

You may choose to use one of the brooms as your primary mode of transport and the simulator will select it as a default option when traveling for long distances. If the character has a number of sticks or brooms in their bag, he’ll pick one from the options. But, you can choose one and make it your preferred broomstick. Sim will use it only.

It is possible to carry the entire collection in your bag. Broomsticks and the broom stick go into an additional slot so that they don’t clog up the character’s bag and are a great thing.


It’s unfortunate that the developers did not give you the chance to build your own sticks or broomsticks on the carpenter’s weaving loom. You can, however, sell them on your website with installed the “Get ready to go” extension installed.

Wizard pets (familiars)

The World of Magic game set where your wizards will be able to find purchase, or even duel take home special orbs that include magical pets, also known as familiars. Once a wizard has received the orb, may bind the pet belonging to the family to them or herself (the “Choose an Animal that is Magic” option) The orb vanishes from their luggage , and the wizard will be able to summon and release the selected pet. If you do not require the Familiar pet, you are able to “Release” it, and it will be returned to its sphere. It will be placed within the Sim’s baggage.

There are 11 different magical pets that are available in all:

  • Wild
  • Raven
  • Dragon
  • Puppet was enticed by
  • Bunny with wings
  • Turquoise-haired flying porc
  • The Siksim Owl
  • Phoenix
  • The Fairy
  • Skull
  • Bright Frog

The number of magical animals you can connect is endless. For instance, wizards can be able to have, for instance 4 skulls, 5 dragons as well as 10 owls that are siximic and many more. This isn’t very practical because you only have one familiar at one time.

A familiar is simply a critter with a unique appearance who follows your wizard wherever. But, it can have several useful characteristics. For instance, they’ll alert the wizard master to the dangers of a certain level of magic charge, and may even protect him from his death. But, be careful not to die too frequently, since this power has a chance of recovering .

Magical pets, in fact like to talk and are able to comment on nearly every thing you do to your pet. Different species of companions have distinct personalities, and their responses to the same situation might differ.

Cats and Dogs

If you’ve got an Cats and Dogs extension installed on your computer, then you are able to name your pet as your name. The pet you select for your family will glow with magical light around them, however they behave as normal dogs and cats and unlike the creatures of magic they will not be following their wizard masters as closely to them. They may even become sick from being a friend.It is a

In addition, the players were worried about whether celebrities could fly on brooms along with their master. Unfortunately, they don’t have joint flights, or other specific interaction with their master. The only difference between them and an ordinary pet included the “Send to look for foods” option. A dog or cat that is designated as a pet familiar will be absent from the area for a few hours before returning with a mysterious purple container and, as per the creators, could contain several ingredients.

In the course of testing this option the cat from the family came out with about 15 boxes, each of which contained the same thing the knotted broom. This could be an issue.


In the end, The Sims 4 World of Magic set leaves an excellent impression. The wizards as well as the magic system are well-designed and the game is quite engaging. New items are perfect for the overall theme and look appealing. The character creation mode obviously, proved to be a bit specific, but the creators deserve to be praised for the idea of going above and beyond the norm. Glimmerbrook is, in truth was not the most impressive (except for the rapids, river and the waterfall) however, its Magic World is really cool. The Magic World promised us something new and we can claim that the creators have not disappointed us in this area.

What did you not find appealing about the set? The odd thing is that they were magic pets. There’s already a drone in The Path to Glory add-on, in actual fact the familiars are his new models. Beautiful, mysterious, but almost useless if you do not consider your chance of being spared from dying.

The biggest issue was that the children weren’t offered an interesting experience whether it was with magic or familiars specifically. The problem isn’t that it’s a game and not a complete add-on. The children of mermaids included in The addition Life on the Island is in fact children. Perhaps if they’d less repainting of the broomsticks there’d have been enough resources to make something else?

However, if you love playing with the realm of magic, then you’ll definitely enjoy this set of games The Sims 4 World of Magic.

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