Sims 4 for Android – our review

Highlights on the device are the compact 6.1 inch FHD AMOLED display and the triple camera with a 48 megapixel sensor. 4 / 64GB memory is available as standard and Samsung uses a Mediatek Helio P65 processor for performance. The device was allowed to accompany me in practice for two weeks and the test showed that the Samsung Galaxy A41 was quite beautiful. In the following we have compiled a selection of the current free titles for you.

The Sims Mobile from Maxis, the subsidiary of Electronic Arts, can be downloaded free of charge for mobile devices with Apple iOS and Google Android. A new launch trailer was also released for the release, showing the numerous possibilities for Sims players. Samsung is always good for a surprise and apparently the manufacturer ran out of Exynos chips. Or the Mediatek Helio P65 (MT6768) was on sale. In any case, the Samsung Galaxy A41 has the said processor and so far we only tested another device with the Vivo S1 with this chipset.

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Our team member playing Sims 4 for Android.

Stickers can be used to express what you are feeling. Since the game is free, it is funded through in-app purchases and advertising.

What devices support Sims 4 for Android

The device not only looks modern, but can also be operated with modern gestures if desired. Classic Android onscreen buttons are also available.

Compared to its predecessor, you can see the current trend in the Camera category. More cameras are simply better and so the Samsung A4 uses a triple camera.

However, there is no date for the start of Germany. “The Sims Mobile” will be available for Android and iOS. The developer does not ask for money for the app – you can probably buy game advantages later in the app. Unfortunately, what is possible in the PC version in the form of Sims 4 is currently not yet possible with Sims Mobile.

The main camera is an unspecified 48 megapixel sensor with an f / 2.0 aperture. There is also an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera with F / 2.2 aperture and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. The 5 megapixel sensor has only one task with the separation of foreground and background in bokeh / portrait shots. With this sensor, portrait shots are quite solid and the bokeh effect is well implemented.

EA have announced a first The Sims game for mobile devices. The title is simply called The Sims Mobile and should appear for iOS and Android. The Sims Mobile will be playable free-to-play and incorporate social channels as we design characters, families and our own home. The experience should not be limited to a single Sim, but should make an entire bloodline approachable, similar to the main game. Management of genetic inheritance, family ties and the furnishing of your own living room are among the many play stations.

The 4GB RAM is adequate, but multitasking is already pushing the processor to its limits. The RAM achieves solid transfer rates of 11GB / s and the 64GB eMMC memory is above average with a read / write rate of 298 / 196MB / s. The Samsung Galaxy A41 costs around € 250 and completes the A series alongside the A51 and A71, which we both had already tested. The A-series from Samsung, like the Redmi Note series from Xiaomi, is one of the most successful smartphone series in the world. As the name suggests, the Samsung A41 inherits the Galaxy A40.

Yes, the game was released for Android and it’s gorgeous

From now on you can also browse the gallery of The Sims 4 with your smartphone. Electronic Arts released an app for iOS and Android devices today.

The life simulation is currently only available as a free download in Brazil. When the game will appear on the German market is not known. It is still unclear which financing model is being pursued by “The Sims Mobile” from EA. The game is already available for download in Brazil.

It should also be possible to organize your own parties, where other players’ Sims can participate in real time. The Sims Mobile is unfortunately only available in Brazil for the time being, but will soon conquer the rest of the world. In daylight, the 48 megapixel sensor ensures detailed and sharp shots. The colors are very strong, which we also know from Xiaomi in particular.

The loudspeaker is quite loud, but also free of depths of all kinds. Absolutely appropriate for the price range and quite suitable for one or the other video. A wrong decision is the fingerprint sensor in the display. Samsung already has its problems with high-end devices and in this case the fingerprint sensor is neither fast nor accurate. Unlocking takes 1-1.5 seconds and accuracy is just not good with 6/10 attempts.

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Interesting facts regarding the history of this game

Vodafone is at least discussing how far Apple’s smartwatch can be supported. Together with “The Sims” inventor Maxis, EA is working on the simulation, in which the player can create a character and shape his virtual life. The goal of the game is to build new characters (Sims) and to be a successful family for decades. The gallery, in which users can share their self-created content with others, is one of the most important new features of The Sims 4. After the web version of the gallery was launched a few weeks ago, the platform for user-generated content is now also available as an app available for Android and iOS.

With the help of the app you can search the gallery, like, share and comment on creations. You also have the option to save creations within the app. The created content will then be loaded into your game the next time you start the game. There are many stories of different characters and secrets to discover in the city. At parties or in the city, players can meet and communicate with other Sims in multiplayer mode.

Once you are logged in via your EA account, you can search the entire gallery with search options such as keywords and like and comment on favorites. Each creation has a unique link that you can use to share it with your friends. You don’t even need to own Sims 4 for Android to look around the gallery.

As is typical for Samsung, there are regular updates, although the security patch was still in April with the latest update. But this is also completely normal and such patches are available from all manufacturers with a little delay. If you are already used to Samsung’s OneUI, you will find your way around the Galaxy A41 very well. Newcomers have to dig through the options a bit, but the translation and explanation of the individual options is quite good and easy to understand. Widevine L1 for Amazon and Netflix in HD resolution is ready.

The controls are easy and the gameplay is awesome

The power button and the volume control are located on the outside right in the plastic frame and have a good pressure point. To the left is the SIM card slot with space for two nano SIMs and a micro SD for memory expansion (up to 2TB). There is only a second microphone on the top. The bottom houses the USB-C connector, the 3.5mm headphone jack and the mono speaker.

The octa-core processor has two clusters, both clocked at 2GHz. Two Cortex A-75 cores are available for demanding tasks and economical A55 cores for the rest. A Mali-G52 GPU is available for graphically demanding tasks. The Samsung Galaxy A41 is noticeably less powerful than the competition and the benchmarks show this.

As an alternative, facial recognition is available, which leads to success much faster. It also keeps you up to date on all the latest news, so you always know exactly what’s going on in the world of The Sims 4. The touchscreen of the Samsung Galaxy A41 reacts quickly and precisely to up to 5 inputs at the same time. However, the Samsung keyboard is not very useful for accuracy and should be replaced immediately by an alternative. After switching to the Google Gboard keyboard, I had no problems typing quickly and the device implemented the inputs promptly.

The images also have a good contrast, although the HDR mode does not make the difference here. All pictures always look as if they were taken with the HDR mode. As soon as less light is available, Samsung begins to rework contours with a soft focus. This actually works quite well and the results in poor light are still useful.

How long the games are offered for free is not always known, which is why you should strike quickly if you are interested. There is also an overview of the titles that you can try out for free this week (including The Sims 4 and Tropico 6). In addition, not all providers are supported abroad, which considerably limits the much-touted vendor neutrality.

Don’t hesitate and try it out today for free!

The front is completely characterized by the 6.1 inch AMOLED display. The “Infinity-U” notch is located above the display. With 2.5 millimeters left, right and above the display, we also attest the device to very narrow edges. There is also only a 4 mm black border under the display.

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As usual, the ultra wide-angle camera offers images with a larger image area. When sent via social media, such recordings can work well at the right moment. However, the lack of detail and poor color rendering are evident on large screens. The 25 megapixel selfie camera offers a slightly larger angle of view and ensures sharp and beautifully colored images. The Samsung One UI is not only an optical cover of Android 10, but like every manufacturer system also comes with a lot of functions.

The Sims Mobile is based on the Legacy Challenge. That means you start out as a penniless Sim and play across generations.

For your Sims, you choose life and career goals that need to be achieved, let them celebrate parties, fall in love or start a family. A Sim’s career and decisions affect the options and résumés of children and grandchildren. The goal is to build a successful life across the Sims generations. The life simulation The Sims has now also found its way onto smartphones and tablets.

However, the game is required for some functions. If you are not logged in with your EA account, you can only see content managed by Maxis. The multiplayer mode in “The Sims Mobile” is intended to enable players to communicate with friends. For example, friends’ Sims can attend a grill party or birthday party for each player.

Additional features and settings include a dark mode (black / white reversal) and a configurable blue light filter (read mode). The font size and style can also be set. The always-on display, like the color rendering, can be configured in minute detail. You can edit your Sims at any time, not only for the look and outfit, but also for the Sim name and gender. Has there been a function in the meantime with which you can delete a Sim in Sims Mobile and have it moved out of the household?

Sims 4 for Android gives you more room for creativity. There is a community where you can find many downloadable creations from your Sims colleagues. You can find everything from houses to rooms to real avatars in the Community tab. One of the things I really appreciate about this update is that navigating the gallery is very easy. You can view the creations by their category, popularity and customization.

There is no device that wouldn’t support Sims 4 that was released for Android

The A41 is only conditionally suitable for graphically demanding games. If you screw down the graphics, most games are playable. If you want to play more than simple 2D games, this is of course wrong. There are tests on the net that speak of a “solid” middle class and that is simply not appropriate. The performance is on a low budget level and you can already notice this when navigating through the system and when starting or switching between apps.

The position of the back button can of course be swapped (left or right). Unfortunately, there is no notification LED, but a configurable AOD (Always On Display) is available.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can also click the hashtags. It will filter and narrow down your search results. The highlight is the case dimensions, because fans of small smartphones get their money’s worth with 150 x 70 x 8 millimeters. At 152 grams on the scales, the Samsung Galaxy A41 is a real lightweight for 2020.

So far, we have not been able to find an option to remove a Sim directly, let alone delete a Sim directly from a household. Only later in the game can you send a Sim into retirement and then remove it from the household. Tap on the picture frame and here you can select the Sim and “let it pull out”. Apparently this doesn’t only work for retired Sims but also for children. You can also receive heirlooms by sending them into retirement.

Samsung has developed well here in recent years and you can find a lot of very practical features in the system. However, the manufacturer loads the One UI with a lot of bloatware (additional apps). Facebook and Netflix are unfortunately not easy to uninstall. With this guide, however, you can get rid of all apps.

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