All of The Sims 4 from the previous year

By 2021 The Sims 4 turned an entire 7 year old. This year was much more successful than before; however, what amount? In celebration of the New Year 2022, it’s worthwhile to take an overview of everything The Sims Team has done in the year.

The First (and the only) catalog was launched on 12 January. The catalog was called Paranormal. It was not like its predecessor, Dressed Up Clothes, this was more detailed, and in certain 2016 editions, it may have gone for the cost of The Game Set. The catalog features a brand new career, a brand new lot feature and enhancement to ghosts, as well as the return of a well-known character, Skelehilde! It’s a cut above other catalogs! It’s an excellent start to the new year! Bravo, The Sims Team!

March 2, 2021, comes to a new content type – Kits! Kits consist of games with a specific theme, such as gameplay, building mode, or character creation mode. In the early days, there were three kits available for each article that included: Not a single speck of dust (gameplay), Rural Kitchen (construction mode) as well as outfits from The Past (character development mode). Of course, it was the very first set that captivated the hearts of gamers since, after seven years, they finally introduced vacuum cleaners! New goals for life, precious carpets, and cleaners are the reason why we love this set. Fans weren’t thrilled about the new material since they knew that it would be on the production line. And their intuition was, unfortunately, not able to fail them.

The fourth collection, Personal Oasis, which is specifically devoted to construction, was released on the 18th of May. The set was complemented by furniture and fountains. The subject matter is obvious – the East. However, the products are with such high-end materials and come in various colors so that those who had a reluctance to purchase the new type of content couldn’t resist and purchase it.

On the 31st of May, 2021, fans were just going crazy! A brand new, explosive game set is out in the form of Dream Interior! More than 150 furniture pieces! Modular sofas, shoes as decor, shelf construction! This and much more are in this set! In this way, it could appear as if it was just furniture; however, with this set, a brand new profession has been added: interior designer. In this profession, you can go to Sims homes and redesign rooms appropriate to their tastes. Some may even require you to remodel the entire floor! It’s not a long-term job. It’s not something you’ll return to them as often as you do with other quarries. This is since re-building houses of other people according to their taste and creating beautiful structures – you’ll eventually become bored. If you notice that your customer is a fan of piano, you’ll install the piano and not get caught up in a jumble. It’s a game that counts. For the sake of furniture, it is possible to buy!

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The thunder roars! The earth shakes! It’s the 22nd of July 2021. This is the day that turns the heads of all the fans! It’s the long-awaited, sought-after, and adored …. Rural Living! Chickens, cows, lams, foxes, eggs, vegetable gardens, Miss Crumplebottom, aka Drunken Rump! It’s only one tiny portion of the fantastic expansion. Popular YouTubers of The Sims sent out postcards days before the announcement. They included an address for the city Hanford-on-Begley. Also, the new video was posted on The Sims channel, where viewers could take a peek at the trailer for the add-on. However, spoilers were not revealed. This sparked the interest of the viewers. It was worth the effort! The challenges and the canned products, the vegetables in the garden, and the rabbits! Everything that the players needed! Yes, no horses. There is no outline of an actual farm. The addition is known as Cottage Living! It’s the most effective addition, given that it’s the most recent

On August 26, 2021, comes on the 26th of August 2021 comes the 2021 Loft set. Pipes and dark hues graffiti, dark colors and graffiti – Everything is available in this set. It’s ideal for furnishing bars or apartments! The only issue is that the promotional materials displayed an unintentional window, which has been added several months after the patch. How did they manage to create such chaos with this system? Maxis is aware…

The first upgrade to Spa Day Spa Day game set was launched on September 7th 2021. From the first trailer, it was the first to set the bar. This is not surprising since the trailer was created with the help of Luumia Modeller. Pedicures, manicures, life goals, and working as a yoga instructor. All of this and more were available for free for the game’s Spa Day. Sims Team Sims Team did their best as they did not miss the game, but they also succeeded in selling it, with the help of the player Luumia!

On the 5th of October, 2021, two models designed from India and South Korea were coming out: Fashion Street and Incheon Style. While the one is very vibrant, the latter features plenty of pastel and flesh tones. Both are intended for character-creation mode. Of course, many people have embraced the Incheon Style, as many have a distinct lack of the casual outfits of regular shades. They look stunning in the backdrop of Snowy Spaces! However, don’t forget to take Fashion Street out either, because the vibrant colors will make a difference to San Michuno!

Nov. 9th, 2021. the housing Plants set will be released. Tables, shelves, and racks of all kinds of it for plant material in the set. are perfect for plants! Certain plants aren’t compatible with others, but that’s just an issue of taste! The majority of this kit will be useful as a tool for home improvement. It will be a stunning green home if you add all the accessories!

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The 3rd of December in 2021 is an unlucky day in The Sims. It’s time to get ready for Men’s Fashion set that is coming out. It’s a good thing. not opposed to skirts as long as they are stylish with the dress. However, these miniskirts are much longer than underpants! A few blouses can be removed out of this set; however, not all of them. I wouldn’t buy this set.

We’ve got the paid content taken care of! What’s with the free items? It’s true… it’s lots to tell you about them briefly.

  • Included a few items designed by the creators to commemorate The 21st Anniversary of The Sims
  • A new emotion was added: “Scared”
  • The bunk beds were added to the mix
  • New eye templates added for Asians
  • Color, music, and hobbies preferences
  • New hair colors added to the mix
  • Time added a music festival, “Total Breakaway,” with artists such as Glass Animals, Joy Oladokun, and Bebe Rexha
  • Additional water features
  • Food delivery has been added to the service
  • The ability to cook and tend to the garden with kids
  • Calendar added to the base game
  • The manicure and pedicure were added to the base game
  • Over 1200 repaints were added to the base game
  • Injected express Sims Delivery Express
  • Added scenarios
  • Addition of “Neighbor Stories” The ability to influence neighbors by calling the player
  • Reworked and added new objects. Hairstyles. However, I don’t believe I have to talk about that.

2021 was a tough time in the world of The Sims 4. It was a struggle to erase its bad reputation following the disastrous Eco-Life and the dreadful Journey to Batuu, but due to the extensive catalog and add-ons and the fantastic Dream Interior set, The Sims Team was successful. We were not given another set of playsets and add-ons which should have been the intention. Instead, we received nine sets that are comparable in cost with one catalog, an add-on, and a game. Although The Sims Team assured us that the bundles would not impact the availability of additional products… the truth is that it appears to me they’ve been lying. It’s better to make money selling some items than get into the depths of a game or add-on

What do you think 2021 was a great year for The Sims 4?

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