Details about the reservoir tool in patch 1.77.131 of 20.07.2021

Resource was the first to read and share with players detailed information, which will be integrated into the base game as an update prior to the launch for the new add-on .

Pond Tool

The Sims 4 game has a new pond tool. In Sims 4, creating a pond differs slightly from earlier versions. To build the pond, you need to use the tool for the landscape to make an area of the desired size. Then, fill it up with water using the new tool to create a pond.

The Landscape Tools section has added an additional category for the water tool in which you can find brushes in various dimensions, a depth map option, as well as four other tools of a special kind:

  • Lift Level of Water increases the level of water up to the level of the surface you have selected
  • Lower the level of water – reduces the level of water to the surface level you chooseFill up to a specific height
  • Adjust the desired level of water more precise using Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + (raise levels and decrease them, respectively)
  • Eliminate any water – eliminates all water from the pond

A unique feature is that you can put multiple ponds on your property with different water levels within these ponds. This is an excellent chance for landscapers! The key thing to remember is that ponds of this kind should remain separated with an “divider” of the landscape.

In construction mode, you’ll view an image of the depth of the reservoir that can be used to determine which parts of water will interact with. The green-blue color signifies areas where Sims can enter and splash along the shoreline. Blue and blue colors signify the depths of the ocean, which aren’t accessible to characters.

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Pool design

The category that is marked with a log icon has been added to the section on construction. There are three categories of equipment for ponds, as well as two for pools and fountains that include:

  • Water Types
  • Facilities for water pools
  • Fountain designs
  • Object from the pool
  • Pool effects

The types of water

Six different types of water will be available in the reservoir:

  • Common pool water that has chlorine
  • Water dreams
  • Water that is contaminated (translation of approximate)
  • The water is overgrown by mud (translation approximative)
  • Water that is leafy (translation of approximate)
  • The normal water of a lake (translation approximative)

In addition, two of them are in the base game. these include “Normal Chlorine Pool Water” and “Water Dreams” (first two images).

Pool objects from the water

This category comprises a range of decorative objects that can beautify the pond, such as logs, flowers, grass sculptures, fountains, and even a fishing ad. There are other options for objects like the possibility of allowing frogs to jump onto leaves of lily plants or letting a turtle swim out of the water and relax on the log.

When it comes to fishing marks, two types allow you to release fish you’ve caught into the pond. The variation is based on the amount of open fish in your family’s collection. Clicking on the fishing icon, you can choose which fish can be caught in the pond. it is available to both your sims and any visitors to your region. The second option on this sign is to fill it up with the standard available species of fish.

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Unfortunately (or perhaps but maybe not) it’s impossible to observe the fish swimming in the pond.

Effects from the Pond

Another section contains a wide range of effects that can give realism and beauty to your aquarium. They arein actual specific generator objects, and, in build mode, you’ll only view their markers. However, the effects themselves will be accessible to view during live-view mode. In the below screenshots, you can see what the effect will look like.

Ten different visual effects available:

  • Dragonflies
  • Tadpoles
  • Rustic fish
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fireflies
  • Mr. Ducksworth (judging by the picture, it’s actually an unidentified white duck
  • Ducks
  • A pair of Swans
  • Unidentified submerged object
  • Alligator Benjamincollis

Finally, a fascinating aspect about water bodies. Rooms can be placed directly above the ponds to make them appear to float above the water. You can, however, “sink” the ponds more.

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