Factions and Reputation in The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

In Batuu, you will learn that things aren’t always quiet in Baghdad in the course. There are factions in Baghdad – the First Order and the Resistance are at odds, and you need to pick one side or the other in their war. For those familiar with the story of the “Star Wars” universe, the story is tight and straightforward. However, those who don’t know who they are in the First Order are evil people, space nazis, looking to take over the world. The Resistance and the Resistance, as well as the Resistance, is the better side who will stop the First Order and save all. Additionally, there is another force called the Scoundrels that, in complete conformity with their name, are looking to profit from other people’s issues.

When you play Batuu the game, your Sim can earn a good reputation among factions by fulfilling their duties and moving up the ranks of the faction system. The classes include five with the first rank, which is zero. With every level, Sim will be awarded a new position along with various bonus features including galactic credits, new outfits according to the fashion of the faction chosen, unique encounters with the other characters such as lightsaber crystals, crystals for lightsabers as well as decorative objects.

You can monitor your progress across all factions of the new Menu of the Simology “Reputation on Batuuu.”

If a person’s reputation rises in the Resistance, but it decreases when it is with that of First Order and vice versa. Once the system attains his first rank within or in the First Order, Resistance, or First Order, he becomes an official faction member. This signifies that the Sim has an apparent dislike for the other faction and will be able to fulfill its duties. As for the representatives of its section, there are new negative interactions. This is not only the case for the Resistance or The First Order members. The scum is an unrestricted third party, and their goals are executed without regard to your “political opinions.” You can leave the group at any point, at which point your relationship with them will be completely ruined. If you quit any of the factions that oppose you, the reputation of your previous one is consumed with each of them. You can switch sides at any point.

How can you immediately alter the reputation of any faction

In the picture below, you will be able to get to know the top leaders from the various factions in Batuu. In the case of Resistance, there’s Vee Moradi and Rey for the First Order. It’s Lieutenant Agnon and Kylo Ren, while for those who belong to the Scoundrels, it’s Hondo Onaka.

Members of the faction are identified through the tooltip displayed when you hover over the characters. You should have no trouble distinguishing Resistance and scum members from regular Batuu residents. You will not be confused about the representatives belonging to The First Order due to their distinctive uniforms.

Below is a brief explanation of every faction in the following.•

First Inst.

Representatives Stormtroopers, officers. The top two leaders consist of Lieutenant Agnon and Kylo Ren

Where can I find First Order District First Order District

Opponents – Resistance

How do I join? and talk with Lieutenant Agnon in the First Order warehouse – “Ask about the First Order” and complete an order of work that starts with “At your available”

Within the ranks of First Order, your Sim must promote its activities and thwart the conspiracy theories that are part of the Resistance. To boost your standing, you must carry out missions that safeguard those interests that belong to your fellow members of the First Order – strengthen the communication system, scrutinize identity cards on the streets, monitor your Black Spire outpost, and arrest criminals. Lieutenant Agnon and Kylo Ren count on your success. If you succeed within the Order will grant you the opportunity to become a TIE-Echelon soldier. Be sure not to fail to disappoint Kylo Ren. He has…some problems with his anger management. The saga continues.

Rewards and levels of reputation

1 level 1 level : Supporter for the First Order. Awards:

  • galactic credits
  • The form that of First Order in CAS
  • Action “Verify documents
  • In the holotransmitter, you can purchase an electronic lockpick

level 2 The Rookies in the First Order. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • Form to be used for SID shuttle to CAS
  • The banners and flags are from the First Order
  • Wrap up the action
  • access to the safe door to the First Order

Level 3 3 level : Soldiers in the First Order. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • Stormtrooper forms in CAS
  • telling stories of galactic battles
  • Holotransmitter can be bought as an F-11D blaster

4. Operative from the First Order. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • The uniform of the SID pilot in the CAS
  • Red cayber crystal
  • Lightsaber arm with power and control
  • Action “Delight in taking on the Resistance
  • The holo transmitter is available for purchase as a Comlink

5. Sergeant* from the First Order. Awards:

  • galactic credits
  • Stormtrooper uniforms with shoulder pads from the CAS
  • replica LED echelon
  • black kaiber crystal
  • Investigate the possibility of LED-echelon


Representatives -rebels. Leaders – Ray, Vi Moradi

Where to Look Resistance Camp Resistance Camp

Opponents – First Order

To join by talking to an official Resistance member “Ask for information about Resistance” after which inform him the phrase “Light the fire” and then complete a series of activities beginning by “Blind Faith”

To join the Resistance, Your Sim must first show that he’s willing to be a force for good to defeat the First Order. To gain enough fame to undertake higher-level missions, you’ll have to begin by securing supplies, conducting surveillance, and monitoring members of the First Order. In the future, you’ll be tasked with more challenging tasks, for example, sabotage at the headquarters of the Order. Once you’ve earned the confidence from Vi Moradi, Sim can fly an X-wing aircraft is a particularly crucial mission! Perhaps they’ll gain Rey’s trust if they climb to the top of the ladder. It’s a good thing to have a

Rewards and levels of reputation

1. – A comrade Resistance. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • the park resistance in CAS
  • Action “Come and devise a clever strategy
  • In the holotransmitter, you can purchase an electronic lockpick, as well as TD2.3 electronic binoculars

Stage 2 A rookie in the Resistance. Rewards:

    • galactic credits
    • type of fighter pilot X form of X-type fighter pilot CAS
    • Banners of resistance
    • Action wraps up
    • access to the Resistance’s secure access to the Resistance’s protective
    • A thermal detonator

is available through the Holotransmitter.

3 levels Resistance Lieutenant. Awards:

  • galactic credits
  • sharing stories of galactic adventures
  • with the holotransmitter buy a blaster DL-44 and fake documents

level 4“Resistance Specialist. Awards:

  • galactic credits
  • caiber crystals of standard high-end
  • the arm of the lightsaber
  • resistance jackets in CAS
  • resistance vests in CAS
  • Headgear for resistance at CAS
  • take a moment to marvel at this victory against the First Order
  • Holotransmitter users can purchase the Comlink

level 5 Sergent* from the Resistance. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • A replica of the model of an X-type fighter
  • Yellow Kyber crystal
  • Explore the possibilities of the possibilities of a Type X fighter

For some reasons, the sergeant is ranked over the lieutenant in the system of rank. When we look at Star Wars, the Star Wars universe, their rank system is a copy of the rank system we are accustomed to. This could be an error in translation.


Reps represent scum. The head of the group is Hondo Onaka

Where can I find the Black Spire Outpost (Ogi Cantina)

Opponents Out of Conflict.

How do I join? Contact Hondo Onaka at Ogi’s Cantina and complete a series of activities that begins at “Hello, Hondo”

The smugglers must keep the conflict in check between the two factions while remaining free of the political arena. They can be found in Ogi’s Cantina. Their chief, Hondo Onaka, always has a variety of tasks for those who wish to earn extra cash in a non-legal method. The more you complete quests for Hondo, The higher your standing with the Scoundrels. Your Sim must get into structures steal files and galactic credits. They will also set traps, find new partners, and even participate in a critical theft! In the end, you’ll be able to access The Millennium Falcon for missions and become one of the most infamous characters in Batuu. In addition, of course, you’ll earn many credits from the galactic system!

Rewards and levels of reputation

1-level Beginning. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • Perform the act “Cheat to earn credits
  • Hondo Onaka can purchase an electronic lockpick

2. — Courier. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • Scum is a type of scum that can be found form of scum CAS
  • Banner of bearers
  • Act “Bribe
  • Hondo Onaka has a thermal detonator

3. Outcast. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • Action “Unlawfully obtain credit” on control and holoprojector panels
  • The fascinating tales of the smugglers
  • Hondo Onaka can buy a comlink, DL-44 blaster, TD2.3 electric binoculars

4 levels Bandit. Awards:

  • galactic credits
  • Bastard form in CAS
  • Purple cayber crystal
  • Shield of the lightsaber
  • Pay attention to thieves of Galactic Credits
  • Hondo Onaka can purchase fake documents

5. Outlaw. Rewards:

  • galactic credits
  • White Kyber Crystal
  • A model from the Millennium Falcon
  • Explore the Millennium Falcon

Faction Rewards Objets and CAS

The table below shows all the rewards your character will receive as you build your standing with the factions. Take a closer glance at these in the images below. All CAS clothing is fully-length clothes (including footwear). Hats can be worn separately, except those wearing the SID pilot uniform required for level 5 of the First Order. The uniforms are all unisex, which means they are the same for males and females. However, the two of them have slight differences, as seen in the photos.

Words of the First Order

Resistance Awards

Mercenary Award

Life goals relating to factions

If you choose to build an image in any of the factions, the new goals for life, Galactic Privatizer and Hope or Order, which are available in the brand new Star Wars category, will assist you in a big way. They are mini-guides that will teach you the fundamentals game of Batuu and will introduce you to the unique features of each of the factions. Additionally, the “Experienced Traveler” bonus feature that you receive when you choose your character can simplify the process for you to become less distracted by your character’s requirements.

Faction Quest

You’ll generally get assignments from those who have an icon for the faction on your head. They are usually leaders of the section; However, occasionally, quests can be provided by regular members of the coalition or even special quest characters that aren’t distinguished by a badge. Kylo Rey and Rey will only be available in the game when the surface has achieved a good standing within their respective factions.

When you click on an individual, you can select the “Ask to view tasks” option. Select the task you would like to do or what is currently available. In the beginning, you’ll receive one assignment per group, but when you rise in rank, the list of tasks will grow. In any case, you will not be able to complete more than one task at one time. You can, however, select what you want to do, such as simple tasks like purchasing equipment or spying, as well as more complicated ones such as piloting spaceships. The faction icon for such missions is marked with an especial frame. See below for a screenshot for the “Battlefield Advantage” mission is a narrative one.

The missions can be divided into various types – investigate the crates of supplies or hack into bins to obtain their contents or access control systems to hack, sneak in the area, meet a specific NPC, speak to other characters, embark on an adventure in a spaceship and recruit others to join the mission, persuade them to do something through various methods such as playing back, etc. on. The details of tasks can differ dependent on the faction that assigns it and the type of the mission.

If you accept a job when you accept a job, all information regarding the job is displayed on your career bar. It is located under “Batuu.” Hovering over each step of the job will give you suggestions on how to complete the task. You can reschedule the assignment at any time by clicking the trashcan.

The most challenging task ahead of you is locating the characters or objects required for the mission. The best part is that missions are essentially tales, which give those who aren’t familiar with the subject some insight into the world and the happenings that happen within it. Furthermore, in specific missions, Sim can encounter some exciting situations that can make you smile and make sure to check the messages while you’re on a mission. Even if the first mission might seem boring and monotonous, The story missions in the higher level are much more exciting and don’t just consist of moving from one place to B. The story missions will come to an end. However, you can still complete regular missions to enjoy the experience.

The tasks for every faction are discussed in greater detail by way of separate posts.

Usable skills

Some of these skills are helpful to you in your quests for various factions:

  • Programming assists in breaking into control panels as well as supply crates
  • Fitness can affect how the sim is able to manage the lightsaber, and how it will make arrests
  • Rocketbuilding can affect the outcome of space missions as well as the amount of options available on the quest cards
  • Mechanical Engineering to enhance the performance of droids
  • Logic allows you to play the game of sabakk more effectively
  • Charm – allows you to recruit more supporters for your preferred faction
  • Health allows you to travel faster in the zone and also get into the rooms that are locked in the Order and Resistance

Possible objects

The most popular and sought-after tools for the job include the electronic lockpick, forged documents, and, of course, the android.

It is a digital lockpick tool to open control panels and Holoprojectors. Picklocks can be purchased through Dok-Ondar’s Lair of Antiquities or The leader of The Scourge of Hondo Onaka or from the Holoprojectors of the Order and Resistance currently at level 1 of fame as well as within the storage crates of materials.

Fake documents can save you from a lot of hassle if a cautious patrol decides to confirm your identity or if members of a faction that is hostile to you are caught entering their headquarters or supply crates or even a holoprojector. The documents are available as a reward for completing a quest or a reputation boost and purchased by the Resistance Holo-transmitter when you reach the level of reputation 3. Or through Hondo Onaki at the level of reputation 4, or discovered while searching in the Batuan caves (located in the vicinity of the waterfall close to the Resistance Camp) or inside supply crates.

The advantages of Droids can be read about them in detail, but the bottom line is to buy a droid, and you’ll never regret it. The droid you have with you can be extremely useful in jobs, including spaceflight to hacking. However, you must improve your droid to the maximum extent you can.


Although we’re familiar with the notion of reputation within The Sims (Path to Glory supplement), Factions are totally new and utterly foreign to the pixel world. However, in the theme of adventure within the game, they appear fascinating. The conflict between the Resistance with The First Order in the course of the story missions can be easy to see as the result of a battle between good and bad guys and doesn’t require players to know the happenings of”Star Wars. “Star The Force Awakens” universe. The problem is that, unlike the”Strangerville” story, we don’t have a definitive ending. “Strangerville,” we have no final goal in this conflict. Whatever feats we achieve, we will not be able to either win or lose. From a visual perspective, we’ll only be able to observe the change in flags in The Black Spire post. However, it will be possible to go back to Batuu anytime without beginning all over again from scratch and going back to the same way we left the last time.

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