Lightsabers in The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

The first thing you’ll think of when you hear “Star Star Wars” is obviously the lightsabers. In the game the theme of The Sims 4 Star Wars: Voyage to Batuu your Sims will have the chance to acquire an actual sword, constructing it you from the hilt, as well as the special kyber-crystal, and then build a complete collection. Additionally, the sword can serve as a weapon in many assignments, and also permitting you to engage in light-saber battles or aid in improving your fitness in a unique and spectacular manner.

How do you obtain the lightsaber

The easiest and fastest way to get your first lightsaber is simply to buy the hilt and kyber crystal for galactic credits at local shops – Savi Lightsaber Workshop or Dok-Ondar Antiques Lair. Crystals are priced at 250 credits, while hiltings are 450 which means that a lightsaber would cost 700 credits. This can be quite costly at first. Credits can be earned by performing tasks for different factions of Batuu or playing sabakk, even digging through scrap piles.

Purchase galactic credits

The Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop –Savi’s Workshop is located in the Black Spire outpost across from the Hospitality Court. You’ll find a vast selection of lightsaber handle and a variety of kaiber-crystals, including red, blue, and green. There are also special hilt holders there, which allow you to show off your collection to you are the envy of all your fellows and neighbours.

Dok-Ondar Antiquities LairThe Dok-Ondar Antiquities Lair is located just next to Sanvi’s workshop just across the dock #7 as well as it’s the Ronto Roastery Diner. Dok-Ondar’s collection includes a variety of unique treasures, like a lightsaber’s hilt, as well as Kyber crystals (blue and green). The exact crystals and hilts are accessible in the workshop of Savi.

Earn when you improve your popularity with factions

If you are a member of one of the three factions on Batuu which include that is the First Order, the Resistance or the Scoundrels You can be awarded with a variety of sword hiltings and kyber-crystals, some of which are rare ones as your status rises within the ranks of their. In particular, for the First Order you will receive an black kyber crystal, while in the Resistance one in yellow while in Scoundrels the white and purple one. The kind of handle you receive will depend on the faction you are in. Additional information on handle types will be forthcoming.

Other methods

The you get after you have won the challenge with lightsabers The lightsaber challenge To participate in the contest visit Savi’s workshop and choose”Duel with Lightsabers” or the “Duel with Lightsabers” option on the building. If you win, you’ll receive an hilt for the lightsaber and/or an Kyber crystal (there’s no information about obtaining the crystal or the hilt within the winning notification due to reasons). Further information on the challenge is available below.

Find the hilt or kaiber crystal when you go on factional quests with Starships. In the course of missions, you’ll receive quest cards that offer a variety of options which are the reason which you can acquire important items, such as pieces of the lightsaber. In addition, if you own a droid equipped with added pilot features such as the “Interstellar Navigation System” which is available, you’ll be able to utilize starships for this mission regardless of your faction’s popularity level.

Discover while searching in the Batuan Caves –The entrance to the Batuan Caves is opposite the waterfall that is located in the Resistance Camp. Select the “Explore Batuu Caves” option and Sim will disappear for a couple of hours and you’ll get the results by the card which will be handed on Sim. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and discover an unusual kyber-crystal inside an underground cave, however chances of getting the card isn’t very significant.

Find scrap heapsSometimes crystals of kyber can be discovered while taking scrap metal. Scrap metal is scattered across the three regions and have a small recovery time. However, the probability of finding anything of value in the area is obviously very low.

Word assembly

If you purchase the hilt and the crystal and you are able to build an original lightsaber. To get started you need to select the hilt from the luggage of your sim and choose a crystal in the color you want. The reverse is also true. Click on a crystal, and then select the hilt in which you wish to place it. Its color will be determined by the crystal. your finished sword will be determined by what color crystal you choose (exception of black crystals is the case in which the sword’s beam will appear red). When you collect the sword, it will give an euphoric muzzle “Noble Weapon” (Happiness +2 for 4 hours).).

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Utilizing the lightsaber

If your Sim owns a lightsaber within his possession, you could train using it, or challenge another person to an alight-saber duel. In contrast to the other characters it, you can utilize the sword on both the Batuu as well as at home. But, this is only applicable for characters with an lightsaber. When they are training or engaged in duels it is the ability to train that the character improves, the more advanced it is more proficient the sim will become and the greater the chance of winning during sparring. It is quite entertaining to watch the sims who are only getting into the art of using lightsabers – unsteady motion and faces of their hilariously-focused expressions changing from time to time into complete scared. The training with a lightsaber can be performed using the equivalent of”Rifleman-H,” the training robot “Rifleman-H” and was designed to train the sims during the “Star Wars” universe.

And, in the area of angry interactions, there’s an alternative – right now your Sims can learn about their connection in a far more exciting way than the standard street fight.

If Sim is carrying several lightsabers around in his backpack, whether during training or duel, Sim will choose one from the list randomly, however, you can choose the sword to use at all times. You are able to change the sword at any point. The colour of crystal or the style of hilt affects the capabilities of the sim in trials or duels, and does not confer any advantages. In addition, kyber-crystal that is inserted into the hilt the sword is able to be replaced anytime, but this is just a cosmetic alteration. The crystal doesn’t disappear however, it is placed in the baggage of the character.

Sometimes, lightsabers can be helpful for factional missions that involve operating a starship. During the execution, they can be a quest cards, which can provide an appearance of Sim lightsaber. However, it doesn’t mean necessary to fight the Sim.

Lightsaber playing with lightsabers

Dueling with Lightsabers can be considered as tasks which can be completed independently from the main missions. There aren’t any additional conditions like being a member of any faction to take part in them. All you require is a lightsaber and high level of fitness that will allow you to more effectively handle the sword, and improve your chances of winning. The appearance and the quality of the hilt as well as cayber crystal doesn’t matter. It’s all about your character’s ability.

To take part in the duel, go to Savi’s workshop, and choose the option in the structure “Challenge to a duel with a lightsaber”. The title and the text of the challenge may differ little bit, but the gist is the same: to beat another player in duel. It is only possible to complete only one duel at each time. In addition, if you play more than one character only one will be able to take part in the task. Other characters will need stay until your initial game is completed for them to join in too.

If you accept the challenge, head looking for your opponent. He will be waiting in the Outpost “Black Spire” practicing with the lightsaber. You can easily identify him using the icon that is positioned above your head. In order to participate in the battle, you have select “Fight using lightsabers” identified by the double icon for faction (if you select “Fight by using light sabers” the duel does not be counted). In the event of winning, you’ll get 200 credits and the chance to win the hilt of a lightsaber, but it’s not a very good chance and you’ll certainly get the random Kaiber Crystal. The notification of winning will only display the amount of bonus and you should look through your luggage to see if there’s anything new.

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Kids and lightabers

Children may also play with lightsabers. But, they are only given the chance to play as they develop their motor abilities. They are not able to fight with other kids or take part in games.

The Lightsaber Details Collection

The whole collection comprises 19 pieces, including 12 handles and seven Kaiber crystals. The handles are available from four styles with each one of, there are three different design options. Kyber-crystals differ in hue. Like every piece in the collection come with varying degrees of rarity.

There are four types of hilts: Peace and Justice, Elemental protection and Defense as well as Control and Strength. If an Sim receives a lightsaber’s hilt in exchange for an increase in reputation it’s type is dependent on the faction of which he belongs. In the Resistance ranks, you will be able to get the hilts in the style of Protection and Defense, Peace and Justice and Elemental. In the First Order, First Order will give you three Power and Control style handles along with Scoundrels typically, you will obtain one of the Elemental design handle.

To complete your collection of crystals and handles the recipient will get a commemorative plaque that will be delivered to you however they didn’t include a description, and therefore it doesn’t have a name as of yet. Perhaps this issue will be addressed in the future patches.

You can keep the collection just in your bag or chest, which you can purchase from the catalog, or showcase sword hiltings using special stands, which can be bought from Savi Lightsaber Workshop for 100 credits. Stands come in seven colors which correspond to the hues of Kyber-crystals.

The methods for obtaining handles and crystals has been explained in detail previously and only the 100 percent or very high probability of finding specific items within the collection are included within the tables. The other alternatives are labeled as “other methods”. One thing to be aware of is that, once you purchase and receive all collectible items from the factions the only effective method of acquiring the items you’ve missed is to engage in lightsaber battles.





How do I get

White Kaiber Crystal
Unusual 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_nn9lbo3olj.png /450SS Get a reputation upgrade to level 5 by playing Scoundrels and other methods

Blue Kaiber Crystal
Unusual 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_ryis79i0i4b.png /450SS Earn 5 reputation at level 5 by participating in Resistance and other methods

Green Kaiber Crystal
Common 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_fqxsdu2puaf.png /450SS Purchase at Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop, Dok-Ondar’s Lair of Antiquities, as well as other methods

Red Kaiber Crystal
Ordinary 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_f5f457lgnp.png /450SS Purchase Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop, Achieve 4 levels of reputability through the First Order, and other methods

Blue Kaiber Crystal
Common 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_fwj9ahp1dbx.png /450SS Purchase at Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop, Dok-Ondar’s Lair of Antiquities, and many other methods

Purple Kaiber Crystal
Rare 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_ko5abq1szj3.png /450SS Get 4 levels of reputability by using Scoundrels and other methods

Black Kaiber Crystal
Rare 450 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_sb0ozk41q9.png /450SS Acquire level 5 status through the First Order and other ways

“Protection and Defence” Power
Unusual 250 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_ebxwu08k5ba.png /250SS Chance to gain at Reputation Level 4 in Resistance and other methods

“Protection as well as Defense” – Strength
Ordinary 250 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_veu4gb1sz16.png /250SS Buy it from Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop, chance to gain when you get to the level 4 of reputation in Resistance and many other ways to earn it.

“Defense as well as Defense” Superiority
Rare 250 PLACEHOLDER_FOR_j83s3esjl5j.png /250SS Chance to gain at Reputation Level 4 in Resistance and other methods

“Peace as well as Justice” – noble
Unusual 250


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