Quests in the cave in The Sims 4: Island Living

The cave of Mua Pel’am is located next to the Admiral Shipwreck site. It in reality, it’s just a rabbit hole . It does not conceal any secret places. But, nonetheless it holds its own secrets. It is likely that you have noticed the incomplete painting just to the right at the entry point. While you explore the cave it will be completed. The process is typically divided into four phases.

At first the mural is only drawn out, and only Explore is accessible within the cave. After you have passed through the cave, there are three additional options:

  • Explore wild fauna and flora Second stage
  • Explore the wonders of nature at the third stage
  • The waterways of the cave, fourth stage.

In actual each option permits you to complete related quests. This is useful for tasks in an environmentalist profession or a part-time position or even when looking for the same mermaid alga. If you select”Explore” or “Explore” alternative, you are guaranteed all quests are up upon you.

Two other options are offered for characters with environmental characteristics:

  • View (the character will be provided with scientific data, and the action will have a timer for recovery)
  • Image

Every time you go through a stage the painting gradually gets being filled in with new pieces and, at the end, you’ll be able to see the complete painting, even though there are some areas that remain empty. To get each fragment open, you must go through the cave approximately 6 to 7 times.

Quests within the Cave

The quest and its results can be generated at random, which means that you aren’t able to select a behavioral optionlike you can in quests for career advancement. You only get information about the event and how it was handed on your character. Unfortunately, there’s no information about what the character got The item found will be put in the inventory, or the mulet associated with it will appear.

This table summarizes the possible outcomes that could occur when exploring the cave.

Discover wild fauna and flora


Playful dolphins
Sim detects other sounds apart from the echo of the footsteps, the sound of dolphins. In search of dolphins in their natural environment, Sim follows the sound. Dolphins are frolicking in the lake’s underground, playing with seaweed, and jumping fancy. Sim notices them quickly. Instead of running away and letting him go, they invited him into the game by giving him an ocean skein and waiting to see his reaction. Anxious, Sim threw the skein of seaweed backand began getting involved to the game of ball. After a short time the dolphins began to move away however, they offered the man their catch for a final word.

The result: Sim gets a random tropical fish

Sim also echos the footsteps of his feet, Sim also hears different sounds such as dolphins singing. In search of dolphins in their natural habitat, Sim follows the sound. Dolphins are playing in the underwater lake playing with seaweed and doing fancy leaps. The dolphins saw the person and quickly swam to the cave’s entrance. The algae ball is left alone. ball Sim is able to decide to go forward, angry at the fact that the dolphins swam away.

Results: Sim receives the “Interrupted Games” mulet (Sad +4 hours)

Shell Collection
While exploring an island cave, Sim notices a huge collection of shells and trash. In a flash of thought and without thinking, he sifts through the pile and discovers the perfect souvenir to mark his trip. With his prize in hands, Sim continues his journey.
The total: Sim receives a random seashell or Mermaid Seaweed
While exploring in the cavern on the island Sim is struck by a massive collection of trash and shells. He quickly explores the heap of rubbish and comes across the perfect item to remember his trip and then he experiences the sharp pain. His hand is tightly held by a crab that thought the garbage heap could be his own home. After many tears, Sim finally gets rid of the crab, and then retreats before the crab can find another object to hold onto.
The result: Sim gets a mulet “Unsuccessful Robbery” (Discomfort +4 hours)

Bat Colony
The head of the character is hanging over it The bats were hanging over the head of the character. lay asleep, huddled close together. To avoid waking them awake, Sim observes the colony in awe, and realizes that bats can be very cute creatures when they’re not in large numbers.
All: Sim will receive a “Natural Habitat” muzzlelet (Happy +4 hours)
Over the head of the character the bats were asleep, snuggled together. To avoid disturbing them up, Sim moved cautiously over them before falling onto the floor. A stone swung from under his feet, and hit the wall with the force of a crash. The sound of echo woke bats and there was no space inside the cave to accommodate the night-time creatures that were flying around. The cave was emptied and driven by bats Sim was adamant about his luck for as long as possible.and hard: Sim will receive the Bat Bites mulet (Discomfort +1 for 4 hours)

The worms are luminous
While exploring the elusive portion of the cave Sim finds something gorgeous even though some may be disgusted thousands of flittering maggots have invaded within the undiscovered cave. Moving with care, Sim enjoys the unusual phenomenon before exploring the cave.The total: Sim will receive the m information “Strange Glow” (Playful +4 for 4 hours)

In the secluded area of the cave Sim finds something gorgeous even though some might be disgusted by the thousands of maggots flickering on the wall of an innocuous cave. Sim was debating whether to stay longer or go on to another cave when a huge swarm of maggots struck his head. If anyone was there, they could have seen the following image: Sim running, only his heels shining and bug larvae dropping off his head.

All: Sim will receive the “Unexpected Larvae Appearance” mulet (Confused +4 hours)

exploring the marvels in nature


Figures found in the cave
In a cave at the shore, Sim comes across a wall that is splattered with graffiti from teens and tourists. Sim decides to bring the wall back to its original cleanness and then carefully removes the paint and ink so that other people can appreciate its natural splendor.
The result: Sim will receive the Good Deed mulet (Happy +4 for 4 hours) and will increase the Responsible score
While exploring a cave on the beach Sim comes across a wall filled with the writing of tourists and teens. Concluding that this isn’t the best way to proceed and leaving his signature in the same manner as previous explorators. His name will be etched in the history books for the future speleologists.
The result: Sim will receive an Urban Art (Playful +1 for 4 hours) mulet, and will reduce his Responsibility score

Darkness in the light
Nearly done investigating, Sim noticed a light in one of the tunnels. In the direction of the light Sim encounters a lake with an odd color, in which the sky mirrors. The blue color of the lake transformed into red and orange close to the shores. In awe of being able to pull his eyes from the beauty of the lake, Sim gazes deep into the lake for an extended period before heading back to the exit from the cave.
All: Sim receives the mulet “Secluded Bay” (Inspired by +1 during four hours)
Just about to finish exploring, Sim noticed a light in one of the tunnels. In a state of distraction and not noticing what he was doing onto, he slipped and plunged into the underground water. While soaking wet and not thinking about the odd lighting, Sim decides to cut his trip short in order to stay dry and avoid walking in wet clothing.
Results: Sim will receive the “Unexpected Trip” mulet (Discomfort +4 hours)

Freaky sound

The cave is a deep one. the cave Sim notices an odd sound emanating from the cave. In the wake of his ears, Sim comes across amazing stalactites and stalagmites sparkling with the various rainbow colors. In complete denial of the desire for exploring the cave Sim is captivated by the stunning view and then is back on his feet.

The result: Sim receives the muzzlelet “Splendor” (Attentive + for four hours)

While exploring the depths of the cave Sim discovers a strange sound that is coming from within. In the wake of the sound Sim walks through a narrow passageway, from which a different sound is heard. The character’s shoulder , causing an ominous screech. Afraid of the sudden assault, Sim is rushing towards the cave’s entrance and into the safe landscape.
The result: Sim receives the mulet “Deep in the Cave” (Confused +2 to the duration of 4 hours)

The Feeling Song

A chant echoed through the tunnels that wind through the cave, calling the person to locate the source. When he rounded the corner and discovered a mermaid, enthralled by her own tune. After the song was over, Sim thanked the mermaid and she waved to Sim before dispersing to the next lake. Sim continued to sing a new tune all the way.

All: Sim will receive one of the following mulettes “Siren Lullaby” (Inspired +2 for 4 hours) or “Siren Lullaby” (Flirty +2 for 4 hours)

The sweet song flitted through the tangled tunnels of the cave, encouraging the person to locate the source. When he rounded the corner to the right, he was able to see the mermaid with her beautiful beauty. In awe, Sim approached the mermaid and she retreated with a sly smile. When Sim stood over the lake where the mermaid was and drew the mermaid in a sharp direction towards her.
The result: Sim will receive one of the following mulettes “Siren’s Lullaby” (Tense +2 for 4 hours) or “Siren’s Lullaby” (Sad +2 for 4 hours)

Be sure to follow the cave’s waterways


Lava passages
Sim is in the cave, moving through the numerous lava passages left behind by the island after it was formed. In one passage, Sim finds a cluster of crystals that are rare and that are growing on the wall. In the hope of a try and break several and takes them along with the rest of his possessions.
The result: Sim gets a random crystal
Sim spends his time in the cave, floating in the numerous lava passageways that were left behind after the island was formed. In one passageway, Sim feels something hit his foot. A long tentacle, snaking through a different passageway is trying to grasp his leg. Fighting away from the offshoot, Sim moves in the fastest speed he can towards the entry point of the passageways. Doing not want to give the predator another shot, Sim aborts his journey and swims back on the water’s surface.
The total: Sim will receive the “Escape from Kraken” mulet (Tense +4 hours)

The location of the old shipwreck
While exploring the cave’s deepest part the cave Sim came across an underground beach with the remains of a ship that was once in use. After looking over the wrecked ship, Sim decides to grab an item to remember the discovery.
The Result: Sim will receive a random Buried Treasure
While exploring a cave in the depths of the cave Sim discovered an underwater beach that contained the remains of an old ship. When he began to explore this ship’s wreckage, decayed wood began to shake due to the current of water. Recognizing that this section of the cave would soon be submerged, Sim flees the tide and heads back to the caves leaving the cave’s treasure behind.
Results: Sim gets a random item to dig up when looking for trash along the beach

Inaccessible shine

Sim was able to illuminate the cave with his flashlight and saw something bright in the distant distance. He decided to go up the slippery rocks to determine the reason behind it. After carefully stepping over the rocks, and slowing down, Sim finally reached the mysterious object.

Results: Sim gets a random Metal or Buried Treasure and an increase of fitness skills

Sim illuminated the cave using his flashlight, and spotted something shining in the distant distance. He decided to go up the slippery rocks and figure out the reason behind it. He quickly made his way up the rocks but then stumbled upon the final rock, and fell. Fortunately, there was nothing broken and his ego wasn’t injured.
The total: Sim will get parts to enhance devices and little by little increase his fitness

Underground pool

While exploring the cave’s numerous tunnels under the water, Sim notices something in one of the cave’s smaller lakes. In search of the loot.Sim discovers an old-fashioned bag. Certain that the purse had been lost in the past, Sim takes the contents of the bag and continues his quest.

All: Sim will gain a small amount of simoleons . They also little increase the Fitness ability

While swimming through the cave’s numerous tunnels under the water, Sim notices something in one of the cave’s shallow lakes. When he gets closer to the lake, Sim sees that his discovery is just seaweed that was brought here by the tide. Sim is disappointed. Sim decides to put down his snorkel and preserve his finds.

The result: Sim gets Mermaid Algae and sees a slight improvement in his fitness skills

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