The Juicing skill in The Sims 4: Green Living

Additionally the sims will be able to learn the art of Juicing and make different drinks from the fruits and vegetables from their orchards and gardens. This skill is ideal for characters very active in gardening. This skill is also connected to the latest freelance career of the Producer. So you could earn money by taking orders for different drinks and beverages.

Equipment for making juice

In the beginning, you must purchase the gasification juicer. You can find it in the category of Hobbies and Skills in the category Creature, and it’s priced at 735 simoleons. It’s quite heavy therefore, in the event that you don’t have enough space in your yard it is possible to make use of the juicer for the space of the collective with the Vernissage model.It’s a

If you’ve got an Sim with advanced mechanics capabilities Here’s a list of helpful upgrades you can put in to the Sim.



Mech skill level

Required information

Add self-cleaning systems
It automatically cleanses the juicer up after each usage. 3 parts to enhance ordinary devices. One part is for improving electronic devices.

Enhance the infusion
Improve its quality Three parts to improve the performance of traditional devices. 2 parts to improve electronic devices.

Strengthen strength
The juicer will stop breaking. Three parts to improve the functionality of the functionality of ordinary devices. 2 parts to improve electronic devices

Skill Levels of Juicing

Once you have the instructions, you are able to begin studying the new skill Juicing. The process itself is only five levels, meaning it won’t take long to learn it. By increasing the level is the possibility of using new ingredients to make the other kinds of drinks. At the beginning, you can make use of vegetables and fruits to make fizzy drinks. At a second level, you’ll have the chance to make tea beverages using flowers and herbs in the third stage, and you’ll learn create seltzer waters. It is also important to be in an alert attitude while making drinks.

At the fourth level of skill at the fourth skill level, you can make drinks available at the Juicers Association for analysis. The sending process is accomplished via the mailbox. Select the option “Send fizz for analysis” …” and then in the box that appears, select the drink to send comes from the sim’s inventory. After you send the drink, it will be removed from your inventory. Now you must wait for an answer from the association. This is expected to arrive within the next 24 hours.

Once you have mastered the Juicing skill The sim will acquire the new characteristic “Gator” and become alert while using the juicer and will be able to move quicker following “souring”.


Level 1
Sim decides to learn how to Juicing! Keep working to increase your skill in juicing with the help of the juicer, and then experimenting with the ingredients.

Level 2
Sim learns the fundamentals of making juice! He is now experimenting with flowers, herbs and soybeans.

Level 3
Sim is skilled in gassing. With his improved skills in this area, he now can make seltzer in the juicer.
Level 4
Sim is an experienced juicer! He now has the ability to give tips on how to juice, and when he’s confident in his skills, he could forward carbonated drinks into the Juicers Association for analysis.

Level 5
Sim has learned the art of juicing, and can now be called the gator! Sim is now able to make the most mysterious tea drink made from the dying flowers.
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The process of juicing

In order to begin the process of juicing it is necessary to add the ingredients to the juicer. The window that appears you can choose one of the ingredients from list however, you can only select one type it is not possible to mix different herbs and fruits, unfortunately. If you select one item will result in one bottle or the jar of drink. The number of ingredients, ranging from two to five will result in a pack. The differences in the quantity of ingredients will affect only the price of the fizz or drink. This means that you’ll spend higher similleons for making it drinks with just two ingredients than five, however you will consume lesser on food but you’ll get the same quantity.

After you have loaded the ingredients, it is time to begin the process of juicing – press the machine once more and choose”Make Beverage” and then the “Make Beverage” option. When you reach the third level of skill with fruit, you are able to choose between seltzer water and fizz (the choice “Gasify seltzer waters” is added). Seltzer water’s price is lower than that of fizz, while the quantity that you get is higher. Fizzy water is sold in 6 bottles, while seltzer comes in a box that contains 12 cans. After putting the ingredients in then start the process and then get on with your work. The process of juicing can take 2 hours, and the process can be monitored through the monitor that is on top of the machine. Once the drink is finished simply select the machine, then choose “Get”. Sim can pour his drink in a glass and the finished product will be displayed in his inventory.

Views of drinks and fizz

As previously mentioned, three kinds of drinks can be created out of herbs, fruits, and flowers: fizz tea drink and seltzer waters. Seltzer water is basically similar to fizz in that both are made from fruits and produce the same effects on the taste. Seltzer water is only poured into a tin, not bottles and you will receive more. Also, there are several other types that are available to drink. Tea drink is generally available in just three kinds and is served in beautiful glass containers. Children are only allowed to drink the tea.

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The drinks mentioned above influence your mood and the Sim. The force of the effects is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed. If the first bottle can alter your mood just a bit however, the next and subsequent bottles can greatly increase the effect. The resultant muzzle will be contingent on the components included in the drink. Here’s an example the muadlets that result created by seltzer water and fizz that create a cheerful and relaxed mood.

The fourth section of the sim’s body will be unneeded, and he will begin to lose consciousness (vampires do have an euphoric muzzle however they do not become unconscious). Following a brief lapse of consciousness the sim may appear somewhat drunk for a while. It doesn’t affect their general behavior however.

There are several different kinds of special fizz. Soybeans in a serving will create Sizzle that has no extra effects, other than the typical happiness muzzle. Honey makes Fizzy Honey. The bloody fruit makes Fizzy Blood, which will make vampires thirsty a little. A fruit that is unusual will make Unusual Juice that will confer your character with the trait of “Infected” and unusual behavior. It is possible to get rid of this curse by drinking .

From other foods and vegetables There is no way to avoid Weird Fizzle, which will cause discomfort and strange behavior, similar to when you’re the sim is possessed, but not becoming infected. In certain instances, the sim will be happy, with similar consequences.

It is the tea drink (tea Kvass) that is made of flowers and herbs. When it is cooked, the flowers can create a relaxed mood, and from the herbs and herbs, it creates a joyful mood. Additionally when you reach the 5th stage on the juice skill, you can make a tea beverage made from the remains of flowers, which can make your Sim sad.

The shelf life for all drinks is 48 hours.

It is a fact that process of juicing process can’t extract juice out of vegetable juices like tomato or carrot juice is what has caused certain players to be confused. Explanation. In the original language, the skill is referred to as “juice fizzing” in the literal sense of “fizzing juice” and the correct translation for the word “skill” is “carbonation”. Thus, the skill is not very different from regular juices. Localizers simply translated it in a way that it was simpler and more readable. But it’s far from the reality. This isn’t the first time, however.

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