The Sims 4: Seasons – expansion with weather changes and seasonal activities for PC and Mac

Electronic Arts and Maxis have launched an expansion called the game The Sims 4: Seasons for PC and Mac priced at EUR39.99 . In Seasons, Sims can experience various weather conditions during the four seasons, participate in seasonal activities, decorate their houses for the holidays, and grow their gardening careers. Weather conditions impact the Sim’s decisions, relationships, daily activities, and relationships.

“The Sims 4 Seasons gives players more chances to tell exciting and fresh tales with The Sims 4,” the senior producer Grant Rodiek.”The changes in the weather and seasons impact Sim’s life in many ways. Sims can jump into puddles with raincoats in spring, blast an opponent with snow in the winter, or pick delicious honey during the autumn. There are plenty of new games and challenges and possibilities for stories to be told. My personal favorite and our team had a lot of having fun creating this fan-requested expansion. We’re looking forward to seeing how players incorporate weather elements in their games. ”

The publisher states: “In addition to weather adjustments, The Sims 4 Seasons has a new calendar of celebrations which the Sims can enjoy with their family and friends. During the Harvest Festival, they gather to eat a delicious meal. When it comes to The Winter Festival, Father Frost himself will be the one to set the festive atmosphere. After welcoming the New Year, the Sims are looking for a romantic night out during Love Day. The Sims 4 Seasons game lets The Sims 4 Seasons; players can also design their personal Sims holidays and decide the best way to celebrate them, keeping the Sims active all through the year. Every season is also a time for specific events. In the fall, a plethora of leaves encourages romping. Sims can pirouette around on the ice wearing warm clothing while sipping hot cocoa during the winter months. The Sims can slip into their swimsuits and relax in the refreshing pool in the scorching hot summer sun. Spring is the perfect time to take a trip into the wild and earn points. When the Sims aren’t running from the raging storms or splashing around during the rainy spring days, they could enhance their gardening career by creating beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets or even supplying people with floral arrangements through florists. Highly skilled Sims study plants, wrote scientific reports and became famous as a botanist. As players make their Sims’ talents grow and develop new skills, outfits and objects are made available. “