The Sims 4: Seasons – Dyamic weather change and new activities from June 22.

EA and the developer Maxis will announce an expansion to The Sims 4 on June 22. The Seasons will not only introduce unpredictable weather conditions to The Sims 4 game but also events that are tied to specific periods, like refreshing in a paddling pond and creating snowmen, aswell like honey harvesting and making crafts in the lead up to holiday season. In addition, a few new features will add to the former, and there will also be an additional description of the job with the name of botanists.

The press release contains a quote from Producer Grant Rodiek: “The many different weather conditions provide new opportunities in the game of Destiny. With The Sims 4 Seasons, players can tell real-life stories through their Sims. The constantly changing weather affects the world in different ways, affecting the gameplay, Sims’ relationships, and Sims their daily lives and presenting players with ever-changing problems. ”

Sims 4: Seasons will soon be available for download. Sims 4: Seasons will be accessible for Windows and Mac computers and is required to play the primary game to play.

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