The Sims celebrate the 20th birthday

With “Ooboo vroose, Baa Dooo! ” According to EA signifies as much like “Happy anniversary, The Sims! ” The life-simulation that is The Sims is celebrating its birthday today . The publisher is extending its congratulations by quoting the following words and figures: “Since The Sims was launched in 2000, players worldwide have created amazing homes, designed unique Sims, and shared the stories of their characters. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the game, the team at Maxis has created an informative infographic featuring interesting statistics that show the experiences that players have endured over the last 20 years. For instance, more than 1.6 billion Sims have been made in the past 20 years, 575 million families have been built, and more than 1.3 billion technology games have been played. ”

In celebration, the celebration of its 20th birthday celebrations, simmers on all platforms can take part in the celebrations by taking a dip in the birthday whirlpoolthat will be released today with the update. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get free access to The Sims 4 during February. Additionally, there are available matching products to celebrate the anniversary.

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