The Sims 4 Fashion Street Set Review

The Sims 4 Fashion Street set was designed to be inspired by the street with the same name located in the central part of the city of Mumbai, the coastal metropolis in Mumbai, India, which is an old-fashioned street that houses more than 150 shops where you’ll find everything that you’re looking for such as vintage goods, handcrafted clothing, designer clothes and more. The Sims 4 team collaborated with designer Shruti S. Singh to design the set. This resulted in a beautiful and authentic closet, with dresses in vibrant colors, contrasting designs, classic cuts, and trendy clothes.

A similar amount of novelties are available to both genders. However, there’s none for infants and children.

So. The males received three full-length dresses with three different options in the outerwear category with two trouser styles and shorts that are styled to look like lungis.

Three full-length clothes are that women can choose from, including a stunning new evening dress that is styled like a Sari. The women also received two separate outfits from the outerwear category, two kinds of pants, and the skirt that is a sari that has been draped in a specific fashion.

Every closet item matches and perfectly and so do the clothes included to the free update .

Accessories of Indian style have been added to the attire. Jumki earrings, nose piercings, and necklaces (haara). Below are some of the most effective options “kits” that can be picked from the available colors. There are many colours for each product. However, they cannot all be combined into one collection.

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Also, there is a new bracelet. Or, more accurately, several bracelets to fit one hand. Only one hand is required, as with many of these bracelets.

Also, there are new sunglasses for both genders. They’re unique and attractive.

Of course, the new tattoo, which is stylized as a henna-inspired design for both the right and left hand in 3 designs, and 4 shades, is not free of. The only drawback is color choices for the tattoo aren’t the same as the colors of tattoos made with henna that was added to the game before the version update.

To complete your look, you’ll require the correct footwear, as the designers added two varieties of sandals, both for women and men.

Let us know your thoughts on the latest set from The Sims 4 Fashion Street . Have fun playing!

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