Robotics in The Sims 4 At University

Technology has been created to make life easier for Sims. With the latest robotics ability you can make robots to help with chores around the house instead of characters. The robots now have greater free time to work on… other things! The robotics skills are comprised of 10 levels. As your skill improves you will be able to design toys, helper robots, and various other fascinating gadgets. Additionally, the ability in robotics could be required by Sims who have decided to take on to pursue a new profession . It can provide them with access to various other devices, such as exomechanical suit and smart glasses.

How can you improve robotics capabilities

The skill can be developed through books, through electronic archival storage, or even through practicing. Whatever the scenario the Attentive Mood can help you.

Books to learn the ability:

  • Robotics. Volume 1. Fundamentals of Microcircuits
  • Robotics. Volume 2. Making the perfect bot
  • Robotics. Volume 3. The inevitable Singularity

Get an electromagnetic archive repository or get one available at the Britchester Library. For learning about robotics, you’ll need select “AI for Robotics”. It is likely that the Research and Debate skill will be ramped up simultaneously however, don’t let it cause you to be embarrassed. Within a couple of hours, you’ll receive a message that your sim has increased his robotics proficiency.

If you’d like to be a professional engineer, buy The Dr. F.’s Official Robotics Desk in purchase mode , and begin working. For the first time, you’ll be able to play around and design basic components and mechanisms. When the simulation learns to develop helper bots as well as Servo, you will be able to increase your skills not just by creating craft projects as well as by enhancing and tweaking the robots.

Cautions! Take care when working with the machine, as when you are working at a low level, the possibility of getting the electric shock extremely high. Sim is likely to be hit “Until Crispy” (very dazed +40 for 3 hours) in the course of which a recurrent electric shock can immediately kill him. Electrocution ceases once the sim has reached the maximum level of robotics skills, but at level 7, you can create a robot arm which reduces the risk of being electrocuted.

Robotics skill levels

1 Level
Sim is learning a new robotics technique and is soon equipped to design and create innovative inventions that the entire cast will be enthralled by! Sim can purchase robotics scraps to create his creations using the computer, or search for electronic scraps of parts

Level 2
Sim is now able to create microchips, mechanisms, and quadcopters with the desktop for robotics

Level 3
Sim can now build the new desktop assister robot bot! The bot for cleaning will be an excellent helper for anyone’s home

4th level
Sim is now able to create the new bot assister using the robots desktop! The party bot can help to throw a party

5th level
Sim is now able to create an entirely new bot assistant on the robots’ desktop! Bots for gardening can help to clean up the dirtiest of neglected gardens

Sim is now able to create an entirely new repair bot for the robots’ desktop! Repair bots can repair broken objects in the home

7th level
Sim can now design an arm robot on the robots desktop

8 Level
Sim can now design an servobot using the robots desktop

9 Level
Sim will now be able to outfit the Servobot using the behavioral program “Defense Matrix”

10 Level
Sim can now outfit the servo-bot with the behavior module “Robo-nanny”

Parts to Robotics

Each of the systems that simulates on the table of robotics consist of various parts. The most fundamental component is Robot Parts, which can be sourced through research, or by ordering them through computers (Order Parts for Improvement). They are also required to build more complicated parts – Mechanisms and Microchips that you’ll be able to design in the second stage of robotics proficiency. Alongside these, you’ll require components to enhance devices created from the basic game that are ordered via the computer.

The primary drawback to this ability is the large amount of components needed to construct and enhance robots as well as other devices. Particularly Microchips and Mechanisms are something are only created by the user. They aren’t available for purchase and aren’t transferable across characters from the next (a grave problem). However, you can cheat. Enter the code of the developer testingcheats.true and then click on the table for robotics by holding your shift keys. The menu will look similar to this:

We’re interested in two options that are not signed. The right one will immediately add 50 pieces of each type and 99 robot components to the inventory of the character in use while the other will eliminate all of the components from the inventory once you no longer require these in the future. This is a trick that simplifies life for engineers.


The first thing you will be able to create when you arrive at the table of robotics is the Chatterbox. Chatterbox. It only requires 4 robot components to make. Kids can have fun with the chatterbox. It comes with a button users can “Press to talk” as well as the bot will use various phrases. When talking to adults it will basically say the same phrase “Thank to you for pressing the button” and with youngsters, he’s more expressive. Through this approach, children are able to boost their communication speed quickly and get a variety of muzzles like “Funny toy” (playful +3 for three hour) and “Yay! She’s talking!” (happy +3 hours) however, using a toy could provide you with your “Bored Doll” mulet (bored +3 hours).

At the second level of skill at the second skill level, it is at this point that the Quadcopter is made accessible – it’s already an item for teens or adult players. The playtime with it is approximately 40 minutes, which increases the time spent in leisure, and offers Sim an engaging toy called a muzzlelet “Sim-drone” (playful + during three hours). The quadcopter needs some more complicated components to construct:

  • 5 robot parts
  • 1 Mechanism
  • 1 chip

Assist bots

From level 3 onwards, Robotics Sim, you can build specially designed assister bots. These little robots fly over the place and continually look for broken pieces dirt and the weeds. The full set of helper robots for the hygiene and reliability of equipment doesn’t work. In any way. There are four kinds of bots are offered with each one available in three different colours. Repair Bot can fix anything from the shower to Servorobot. The JanitorBot will scrub surfaces, clear puddles, and other debris, clean plumbing. Bot Gardener will wash plants, eliminate the weeds and kill insects. Fourth bot Hanging out Bot is designed specifically for gatherings. It is outfitted with an audio system that throws confetti, and lets you enjoy drinks and snacks in a matter of minutes. The selection of recipes isn’t too lengthy, but with the ingredients you have, you won’t be caught up in cooking.

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In free period during your free time, your Sim is able to focus on riveting mechanisms and chips for improvement and improvements, and each bot is equipped with the ability to go through 10 different levels (9 to be precise as they are designed already having the initial level). But, a Sim who has a high level of robot expertise can build bots with levels 3 upgrades in one go it’s a tiny thing but it can be a bit time-saving.


Title and Description

Skills level

Parts of HTML0
Janitor Bot. The cleaning bot can help you to keep your home neat. 3 robotics skill level
  • 20 robot parts
  • 10 components to improve the functionality of the functionality of your device
  • Three parts to improve the plumbing
  • 5 mechanisms
  • 2 microcircuits
Tosser Bot

The party bot handles the food, music, and drinks suitable for the most lavish celebrations.

Robotics 4 levels
  • 20 robot parts
  • 2 parts to upgrade the kitchen appliances
  • Five parts to enhance electronic appliances
  • 4 mechanisms
  • 3 microchips
Gardener Bot

The gardener bot will keep an the garden in check! The only requirement of the gardeners is reaping the rewards of the bot’s gardener work.

level 5 robotics skill
  • 20 robot parts
  • 10 parts to enhance the functionality of your device
  • Three parts to improve the plumbing
  • 5 mechanisms
  • 2 microcircuits
Repair Bot

The repair bot can repair damaged things on the site. Don’t forget that repairers may need repairs at times as well.

6 robot skill level
  • 20 robot parts
  • 10 parts that can improve the functionality of the performance of ordinary devices
  • 7 components to enhance electronic devices
  • 5 mechanisms
  • 3 microcircuits

There are two issues with bots. For one, if you live in a region that is rainy the likelihood of regular breakdowns is high. The door locks are useless as it does nothing on the doors. Second, you must stop them in order to alter them. If the property is tiny, it is okay however, if it is on a huge lot, with multiple floor… issue. To adapt your home you’ll also require the resources of 4 robot components for debugging. It is generally recommended to only activate them when their assistance is required to keep your home clean and spare those nerve cells. You can find all the information regarding the condition and quality that the robot is in, and the level of improvement, by hovering your mouse over it.

Assistbots can (and ought to) be improved by enhancing their endurance, battery life and performance. Each upgrade cost identical for every bot. To upgrade, you’ll needto:

    • 10 robot parts
    • 1 piece to improve normal devices
    • Two parts to enhance the electronic devices.

<1 part for kitchen appliances improvement <2 mechanisms

  • 1 chip

The improvements made are all on the workbench for robotics. To accomplish this, you must use the option in the robot to “Put it on the desktop”. Bot Helper objects on the desk”. After placing it on the desk of the robot will the enhancement feature be available to the bot. It’s a little odd and you are not able to make changes in a sequence, one after another. After each improvement, you must to start the bot and then let it run for at least one hour, and after that can it be improved through placing it onto the bot’s desk.

Improvement level

Description of the improvement

Level 2
Following the update to the system, the bot assistant will be charged more quickly!

Level 3
Following the update to the system, batteries of bot helper object will be discharged slightly slower!

4th level
Following the update to the system, the bot’s helper is slightly stronger!

5th level
Following the update to the system the bot assistant will be charged and speed up its movement!

Level 6
After the update to the system this party robot will have the ability accomplish tasks faster, and the battery longevity that the robot performs will increase.

7th level
Following the update to the system The bot’s helpser will be more effective!

8 Level
After the update to the system the bot assistant will be charged significantly faster!

9th level
Following the update to the system the life expectancy of the bot’s helper object will grow!

10 Level
Following the update to the system, the bot that hosts parties will be able to complete tasks more efficiently and will be more powerful.


Servorobot (or simply Servo can be described as an entirely new life form which was created in the sequel . You can join him into the family of yours and use as any other character. To make it, you’ll need eight levels of robotics and a lot of effort and specifics:

    • 75 robot parts
    • 15 parts to enhance electronic devices
    • 10 parts that can improve the functionality of the performance of ordinary devices

5 parts to make the kitchen appliances better to enhance the plumbing

  • 18 mechanisms
  • 12 microcircuits

For more information on ServoBots and their features, as well as capabilities, please visit

Robo arm

The first is that wearing a robotic arm can reduce the possibility of electrocution when working at a roboticist’s desk. Additionally, it accelerates the learning process of the robotics ability by about 25% and boosts the speed at which items are created. Third… It simply looks amazing! Additionally, there seven different colors of the hand available to be created. However, you must be aware that to connect the arm onto the persona, the person must not be wearing a full-length costume, since the robotic arms are not placed over the current clothes, but has a unique outfit which replaces the upper part of the clothes the sim.

To build the robotic arm, you’ll require:

  • 25 robot parts
  • Six parts to enhance ordinary devices
  • Four parts to enhance the electronic devices.
  • 8 mechanisms
  • 4 microcircuits

The objects are available only in the Engineer


Sim in the Engineer career can design more interesting gadgets on the robotics table

  • Test motivators
  • Smart glasses
  • Exomechanical suit
  • Exomechanical helmet

For more details about the engineering profession, go to

Test Motivators

From the very beginning of the Engineer’s profession, test motivators are made available to the Sim that, once activated, alter the actions of every character in the group, causing them to enjoy themselves and learn, tidy, or recharge their energy. If the test fails, it will can have different negative effects on the Sims like limiting certain requirements to an absolute minimum.


Title and result

Career level

The quantity of components
Motivator for the trial party

In the party motivator test an olfactory stimulant that is classified and pulses of electromagnetic energy alter the interest of characters around. The party motivator entices close friends to party until they are wiped out. All Sims in the area get an Atmosphere Moodlet (playful +1 for 3 hours).

3 career level Engineer The amount of information for every motivator is the same
  • 10 robot parts
  • 2 parts that can improve the functionality of regular devices.
  • One part is to enhance the electronic devices.
  • 1 Mechanism


Motivational Trial Study

In the test motivator an olfactory stimulant that is classified as a class and electromagnetic pulses alter the interest of characters around. The study motivator can make people in the area desire to study. All Sims who are in the vicinity will are given an Need for Achievement mulet. (attentive +3 hours) ).3 career level Engineer

Test cleaning motivation
In the test motivationator, an olfactory stimulant classified as a class and pulses of electromagnetic energy alter the attention of the characters nearby. Cleaning motivators make the characters in the vicinity want to wash. The entire Sims who are in the vicinity will get the Cleaning Moodlet (inspiration +3 for three hour period).4 Level Career Engineer

Trial Energy Motivator
The test motivator uses an olfactory stimulant that is classified as a class and pulses of electromagnetic energy alter the attention of the characters nearby. This Energy Motivator energizes characters nearby. All Sims around receive an “Total Excited” muzzlelet (excitement +2 minutes).Level 5 Career Engineer


Google Glasses with Smart Glasses

Crate Smart Glasses can be made with the help of Sims who have chosen for the Computer Engineer specialization at career level 9. They can be used to look up your social network feed, look up details on the internet and chat. The animation of each action is extremely modern. Furthermore, the simulator can perform the action autonomously without pauses from the main action. However, after a while, it gets irritating. With Smart glasses Sim will scan characters and discover their personality and mood by clicking upon another Sim and choose”Check Mood” and “Check Mood” and “Search for Character Traits” options.

The glasses come in six shades. To make them, you’ll require:

  • 40 robot parts
  • 10 parts to enhance ordinary devices
  • 8 parts that can improve the performance of electronic devices.
  • 4 mechanisms
  • 8 microchips

Helmet and exomechanical suit

The exomechanical suit could be made by Sims who have taken the Mechanical Engineer path at the level of career 8 and also the helmet at the level 9 of this same line of work. Both the suit as well as the helmet come with sims’ eyesmooves, which will last until they’ve worn them.

If the muzzle is activated it speeds up the process of learning robotics and logic and the suit accelerates training in the mechanics of fitness and strength (these skills are developed 20 percent faster ). It is also possible to use the hover mode within the suit, just like the servo robots. It is important to note that while in the suits, it is not possible to connect the robotic arm, and reverse. It’s the same for the helmet and the smart glasses. In addition, the suit and the helmet can be repurposed to different characters or used on the planet as a real mannequin.

Based on the information provided by developers as well as some English-language sources the Exomechanical Helmet as well as the Smart Glasses allow you to detect the character traits and mood of other characters, however this feature is not available at the moment.

Exomechanical suits and the helmet are available in seven different colors. It will require a lot of components to make a complete set.

Exomechanical helmets:
  • 35 robot parts
  • 8 parts that can improve the functionality of ordinary devices
  • Six parts to enhance electronic devices.
  • 8 mechanisms
  • 6 microcircuits

For the suit exomechanical:

  • 50 robot parts
  • 10 components to enhance the functionality of the functionality of your device
  • 8 parts to enhance the performance of electronic devices.
  • 12 mechanisms
  • 4 microcircuits


The robotics skills found in The Sims 4 “At University” was extremely interesting, and allows players to design a variety of useful innovations that make life easier for the Sims. However it is likely to be an extremely expensive abilities in the game as it relates to the time and funds required to create it. But, you’ll be able to enjoy making bots and other fascinating gadgets. If you’ve got an add-on called “Get into Work” extension installed the products you design using your robotics skills (except mechanism and microchips) is able to be sold at your own shop.

Ask questions and demonstrate your robotics skills . Play the game and have fun!

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