Enchanters in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: How to Become an Enchanter, Features and Bonuses

In the game, there’s a brand new kind of occult character – the Wizard. In this article, we’ll explain how to become a sorcerer and what its capabilities are and also how to build your own magical the dynasty.

How do you become an expert

Create in the CAS In the creating a character mode, select “Add Occult Character” from the “Add Sorcerer” menu. This is all there is There aren’t any specific sets or second appearances available for wizards.

Mages are said to have eyes that are special However, at the time of writing this review they didn’t.

Request one of three Sages from the Magic World -Go through the portal into the Magic World, find one of the three Sages asking him “How do I become a Witch”. The Sage will provide you with the temporary ability “Temporary gift of Vision” (attentive +2 during 8 hours) This will allow you to observe as well as collect floating spheres within the Magic World and request you to gather seven of these spheres. Magical spheres are an element of magic from the past which is why Wise Men know how to harness their power and transfer the magic of them to characters making their characters into wizards. Take these crystal spheres (option of Wise Man “Give Spheres”) and he’ll grant your Sim magical powers with no delay. Note the fact that only regular Sims can be Wizards The other characters with occult powers are not eligible for this feature.

Born into the Sorcerer’s family –child that is the child of a wizard will be blessed with one of three unique characteristics: Old Kin or Purebred or Fading Kin. This means that once they reach adulthood they can start their studies without having to undergo Ascension or Ascension, and will also be more effective in their education than non-hereditary, normal wizards.

Fading Kind receives children who have at the very least one parent who is wizards. They receive an extra point for every level of enchantmentand an increase in their experience faster and an increase of 10% in the chance to accumulate a large amount of charge.
Bloodline Children who don’t just are parents but who at minimum one parent was a sorcerer will be awarded bonus points for talent and increased pumps, however their risk of being overcharged is decreased by 20%..
Old Kin will have youngsters of wizards who were born during the fourth century. The wizard will be awarded an additional talent point each level of wizardry , and an increased experience speed as well as the chance of charging too much can be reduced by as high as 50 percent.

However, keep in mind that when Sims who have these traits aren’t able to perform magic, the line of magic will disappear. For instance, the children of Sims who carry ancient Kin traits will be given the trait Purebred and, if they don’t link their lives with magic and their children will be born with the trait Fading Kin.

Special characteristics of an HTML0 wizard

If you’re a Wizard and become a Wizard, you will get an Stone of Light that, when clicked, permits you to be able to enter into the Magic World from anywhere in the world.It is

The Needs tab has been revamped to accommodate the new character status, as well as the new sphere indicator as well as wizard level bar. will be discussed below.

A new tab of interaction and communication is open to wizards after they select themselves or another person or object – “Magic”. The amount of interactions that are available is contingent on the level of proficiency and the bonus that they have accumulated. This tab includes the actions required to learn magic such as performing spells, dueling and just talking about magic.

The wizard’s plaque, just like others supernatural beings, can appear distinct. They also have their own funeral urn, and a different type of tombstone.

The Wizard’s Charge as well as Death by Overcharge

As we mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph, all spellcasters now have a shape-like indicator that is a sphere on the “Needs” tab, namely Spellcaster Charge. When performing magic, the spellcaster absorbs energy and power from the universe around him , and the circle displays the amount of Charge accumulated. There are four levels to him of charge:

  • Normal state In this state, magic is predictable. Without any benefits or negative results.
  • Chargedspells are more powerful however the chances of success are lower. It is possible to be struck by a curse! You can get the “Charged state” muzzle (inspired by +1).
  • A high cost The power of magic is greater. The odds of success are substantially less. Higher chance of getting an unlucky curse. Sim is given an “Overcharge” muzzle (strained +2 for 6 hours).
  • A Dangerously Overcharge-the most powerful level of charge. Massive power and endless potential for magic. There is a high risk to fail, adverse consequences and curses. There’s also the possibility of dying due to overcharging. Be careful! The subject receives the “Dangerously Overcharged” mouthpiece (strained +5 without actions time).

Like you’ve seen, every level comes with its pros and pros and. Particularly charged levels are excellent for magic duels . The chances of winning increase but the amount of the effort is for the player to determine. If you’re careful you’ll be able to avoid problems. Additionally, there are specific bonuses that permit you to play magic without checking the level of charge every minute, for instance”Take Charge” is a bonus “Take Charge” is available at the second stage of the skill. When you use this bonus, the magician can make use of”Remove Charge” to lower the danger level “Remove the Charge” option to reduce the risky energy level (available when you click on the character in play under the “Magic” tab). The bonuses will be discussed in the future.

If a wizard’s charge hits an essential threshold, the energy is released and the result is stunning. Following an explosion wizard’s hygiene scale drops to almost nothing and he is badly burned. Also, he gets an “Excess Magic” muzzle (discomfort +2 for six hours). When a wizard casts spell when the muzzle is in use it will cause him to die from the overcharge. So be certain to purchase the wizard’s pet. This initially could be beneficial and save him from dying.

Levels and bonus points for wizards

Through practice in alchemy and magic The wizard slowly increases his level of skill. Six levels are available in all. Each level requires a certain amount of time, which can be earned by performing different magic tricks or learning alchemy. You can monitor the progression of experience using a particular scale by clicking on the Needs tab.

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An apprentice

The moonbeam’s magic has been absorbed and is exploding. Learn about magic, practice and make new potions with the cauldron. Use spells and read books about magic to improve your skills.


It is now possible to not just create, but request more skilled and knowledgeable wizards to show you how to use the art of magic. As you continue to study, you will gain more knowledge of enchantments, potion and the art of magic.


Your abilities to be magical are noticed. Every adherent receives a magical package that includes everything they need for the daily life of a new wizard. Be sure to check your mailbox!


You can not only make up your own magic, but you may also seek out more skilled and helpful wizards to show you how to use the art of magic. It is a continuous process of learning about enchantments, potions as well as the art of magic.


Magic and spells have been an essential part of your existence. Your power and skills are growing quickly. You can instruct less experienced magicians the art of magic.


You’ve become one some of the strongest wizards from all dimensions and worlds. You’ll continue to study and expand your information to earn more points of talent.

The Sorcerer isn’t limited to enhancing his or her skills and will continue to improve the abilities of his or her magic even after the Virtuoso level is completed and will gain a boost in the power of their spells with each time they complete the bar of progress. In addition, as the wizard’s level increases, the animation of magical actions will change, for instance for example, the Sim can study books using spells without having them in his hands as well as stir the potion into the pot with graceful strokes with the wand. At the top the eyes of the Sim will be lit up with a magical glow when playing with magic.It is

Wizards’ Benefits

Each level increases the chance that wizards are able to learn new powerful spells, stronger spells and recipes, increase their magical abilities and avoid making mistakes while casting spells, and make higher quality potion and earn the ability to earn Talent Points that can be used for Wizard Rewards:

  • Apprentice – 1 point
  • Newcomer 2 points
  • Professional 2 points
  • Expert – 2 points
  • Three points for knowledge
  • Virtuoso and every subsequent completion of the scale 1 point

The bonuses in the form of parts are linked to the level of wizard and can be obtained in the order. They are classified in three groups:

  • Knowledge The bonuses offered in this area will help you master the magic art of coding faster and more safely.
  • Alchemy The rewards aim towards improving the potions’ skills and making better potions
  • Wizardry bonuses can improve the power and quality of your spells and increase the chances of winning magical duel.

There are other benefits which can be accessed in any order, however it is essential to take them when you are at the right stage. For instance, increasing the efficiency of the spells taught by a particular magic school, aiding in collecting collectible items or obtaining discounts on magical products, and so on.

Each bonus is worth one talent point, and a magician can obtain all however you need to attempt. When you reach level Virtuoso degree, the player receives a total of ten points, but he will keep improving by completing each completion of the progress indicator, the character earns one point of talent.


Title and Description


The power of knowledge is magical

The character is able to read more quickly and conducts study on the computers. These actions can enhance the enjoyment of reading over time.

The Sphere Hunt

The character now has the ability to observe magic spheres and then take them home. Magic spheres are a great way to increase experience, and also as small random needs boosters.

Charge Control

All increases in enchanter charges are decreased.

Be safe from curses

The character is safe from curses.

The magic influence

The character is powerful in the realm of magic. He is not affected by death due to excessive charge and can easily boost his power and eliminate his power with spells. He also has a higher probability of success when making drinks, potions as well as witchcraft.


Motor arm

The speed of making a potion has increased dramatically.

The magic of savings

Certain ingredients are not required when making the potion.

Homemade Chemistry

The drinks prepared by this person taste quite delicious. Anyone who consumes the drink gains an additional benefit.

Potion Master

The cauldron will never be empty. additional portions of the cauldron to be used when making a potent potion.

Potent and powerful

The effects of all potions have been boosted or last considerably longer. The character now has the ability to curse the potions to ensure that they do not succeed.


Take the charge

The character is now able to use to use the Remove Charge ability to void any charge possessed by the wizard.

Resistance to seals

If spells are used when using spells, the charge level grows significantly slower.

Spell cover

The character is now able to cast spells from a large distance. It’s not necessary to be close to the object. The target will not be aware of who have cast a spell upon them and they won’t judge you in a negative way.

Spell Master

Spells always work as long as the target is within normal state. The chance of negative effects is diminished to a lesser extent in ranges such as the “Charged status” or “Overcharge” areas.

Expert Duelist

This type of character is more likely to be successful in duels and also earn better rewards.


General Bonuses
Wizard Collector

The character is now able to collect more things when he finds magical ingredients from the world.


When you experiment and practice an enchantment, a character acquires experience more quickly and experience lower loss.


The speed at which we explore the world, playing around, and reading books has increased dramatically.

The charming charmer who is sociable

unlocks the magical abilities of interfacing with other wizards, which enhance the wizard’s level of experience.


Spells and potions that are practical are always effective as long as the user is within normal state. Chances of failure are lower when you are in those ranges “Charged state” or “Overcharge” areas.

Master of Mischief

Spells and potions that come from those in the Trouble category will always be effective as long as the person is within normal state. Chances of failure are lower when you are in those in the “Charged condition” or “Overcharge” areas.

Capturing the uncultivated

Inexpensive spells and potions are always effective as long as the user is within the normal range. The chances of failure are lower when in ranges such as the “Charged state” or “Overcharge” categories.

Teachers by Nature

Learning or playing with other spellcasters improves the skills and attitudes of spellcasters faster

Magic Discounts

The character gets an additional 50% off all purchases made at trade booths within the magical world.



Wizards don’t have the weaknesses of vampires however there is a curse system that is similar to the traits that are unique to the expansion Path to Glory. The loss of a duel unsuccessful spell, or drinking the wrong potion, or making an error in alchemy can result in the occurrence of a curse. The higher the wizard’s charge, the more likely they are to receive curses. There are nine curses in all however your sim is not able to receive greater than 3 curses any one time. But, they’re extremely unpleasant and, most importantly, they’re not lasting and you must get rid of them by yourself. The issue is that curses are frequently spotted by wizards who are not experienced The spells and the potion that allow the removal of the curses can only be learned at an Expert level. Be cautious and be aware of your charge level to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at risk. Who wants to be targeted with their fists, for no reason? Or, perhaps when they suddenly feel an inexplicably strong desire to hug every person they meet? That’s not the most unpleasant thing, but it is.

How do I upgrade the functionality of a wizard

Every time a magician performs any magic-related action in any way it increases his level of experience. These actions can include:

  • Learning to master magic through Wise Men or practicing on their own
  • Experimentation using the cauldron and the brewing potions;
  • Spell books to read;
  • Cast spells and potions;
  • Magical duels;
  • Talk to other wizards about magical issues (with bonus of the “Social Wizard” bonus);
  • Consuming and collecting magical spheres (with the Sphere Hunt bonus)
  • Even flying on the bicycle.

The simplest and most obvious option is to practicing. Click on the character in question and then, under the Magic tab, select Learn Magic after which you can select choose one of the directions for magic (Practical Prankster, Practice, or Indomitable). You can also ask an of the 3 Wise Men to teach you the art in his class. If your passion is alchemy, you should try out the cauldron. Not just will you improve your skills as a magician, but you’ll also discover new recipes, and you’ll even acquire useful ingredients. Also, don’t forget to put the it into action!

Information about the various spells, potions and the best way to use them , you can learn about them .

Apart from the spell books in addition, there are two books that can only improve the wizard’s ability but doesn’t impart any new knowledge to the wizard:

  • Tutorials for novice Wizards The course teaches wizards from apprentice to follower all the way to Follower;
  • Tutorials for wizards who are skilled Trains wizards to expert level and beyond.

They can be found in bookcases by selecting “Search for books that are magical” (option accessible only within The Wizarding World), but instead of books, you might frequently find a magical pet sphere, a magical spell that someone has forgotten about or a book that is infused with an enchanting spell. There is a slim chance of finding one.

Duels that are Magical Duels

The duel matches are worthy of some words about in isolation. Dueling with magic is a great way to boost your level as well as learn new recipes and spells. It is important to keep in mind that the charge of the wizard during the duel can increase very quickly. If the winner is defeated, then you could be cursed. Thus, take part in these magical battles with care the best method to safeguard yourself is to get the appropriate enchantment bonus, that we discussed earlier. Make sure you have an acquaintance with you as it’s believed to boost your magical abilities a little. Additionally the second level of enchantment charges will boost the effectiveness of your spells, and is fairly safe for the person who is enchanted at this point.

A duel win gives you an excellent boost to the level. The loss of a duel will not increase the game’s level but it will increase the wizard’s.

A loss in a duel adds amount of power to the warlock’s.

There are many types of duels:

    • Friendship – the degree of friendship during duel does not diminish;
    • The more intense – lowers the quality of relationship
    • Artifacts: You can buy an henchman sphere or broom;
    • Artifacts – You can buy an henchman globe, a magic wand, or even an bumstick

For information – Sim learn the new spell or recipe. A component is a Sim will be given an unspecified ingredient for potion.

All kinds of duels are readily available at any moment for anyone, even novice spellcasters. There is one restriction only friendly and ferocious duels are offered for members belonging to the same clan. For all other characters, you can engage in any type of magical duels. To allow the option to show up on the Magic tab the characters have to be acquainted with one another. Dueling can be played wherever, but it looks better on a particular platform located on Duel Island.

Our look at the various features of the wizards in the game has ended. In the next post, you will be able to learn . It is possible to ask questions and simply discuss the latest gameplay features in the comments!

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