Lifestyle in The Sims 4 Snowy Open Spaces add-on

In the 10th of November free upgrade, Sims got deepened relationships between your characters as well as their personalities are further developed through a new mode of Lifestyle.

General Information on Lifestyle

The term “lifestyle” refers to the of the characters’ lives that includes what they do and where they work along with how they interact, and even the food they consume.

The new Lifestyle section of the Simology panel lets you know the way your character lives or strives to achieve right now.

They are all automatically locked. If your sim is beginning to take any action that is related with one or more lifestyles within a couple of days, you will be notified that the lifestyle is “in development”.

By committing certain actions that are related in some way to the types of lifestyles, your Sim is gradually advancing towards unlocking it. There is an upper limit on how much time and effort you are able to spend on developing the lifestyle you want to live – just an hour or two each day. If you exceed the limit and you exceed it, you will be notified in the manner you wish.

When the life-style you’re creating is “Active” and you are able to activate it, you will be alerted by the game, and your life-style will appear in the Simology panel.

If the sim starts to lose interest in one of its current life styles, it will be deemed “At Risk” and eventually be inactive for a while.

The 16 lifestyles available are diverse. styles of living to choose from.

Some are completely opposites, and are not able to be led simultaneously.

  • Active lifestyle – Passive
  • Solidarity – Large social circle
  • Leisure at home at night Outdoors
  • A love of fast food. Passion for eating healthy
  • Technophobe – Technophobe
  • Love and Lust – Without those bonds that come with love

Different lifestyles are possible to combine with the other ones:

  • Coffee addiction
  • Workaholic
  • Voyager
  • Adrenaline craving

Lifestyle meaning

Contrary to character traits you choose to assign yourself or as a reward for your successes in the game the character’s behavior is entirely on the way you play. It has a more significant impact on their lives than traits of character, as it changes their behaviour and also opens opportunities for new and unique interactions. For instance, people who are homebodies prefer to remain inside the walls of their home, whereas those who love walking in contrast, be determined to get out of the house at every opportunity they can. People who eat healthy are likely to avoid taking from the fridge dangerous hamburgers, while technophobes will stay clear of electronic gadgets. In addition, based on how well the Sims adhere to their routine they can expect to receive powerful muzzles, both negative and positive.

How can you modify or eliminate a your lifestyle

If your life has been unable to work for you and you’re looking to end it as soon as you can instead of waiting for it to disappear by itself There are two options:

  • “Go for a lifestyle therapy” by phone or via computer (the cost of the service is 200 simoleons)
  • Buy a Life Potion from the Rewards Shop (costs 300 happy points)

The Lifestyle option is able to be turned off, however this will erase the Lifestyle information from your game saved. To enable this option you must go into your Game Settings menu. Choose”Lifestyle” under the “Game” area. There is a “Lifestyle” selection is located in the upper-right area of menu. Check the box to deactivate the Lifestyle option within your saved game. It is possible to turn this feature off at any time but the progress you made with Lifestyle in the saved game must be re-achieved.

Types of lifestyle techniques for development, as well as impacts of the persona.


People who live an active lifestyle enjoy the move, and they won’t slow down! To live this way take part in sports or pick an active job.

How do I get

  • Join the gym, run or take part in exciting outdoor sports (snowboarding or skiing, mountaineering, etc.)
  • Consider a career as an Athlete

Impact on the character’s life

  • Active activities bring numerous advantages
  • Prefers to take on vigorous actions
  • Higher productivity in quarries that are dynamic
  • Productivity is lower in slower-paced quarries
  • Do not like quiet, slow things, and gets anxious if you don’t take part in anything for a long period of time

Active lifestyle

People who live an active lifestyle are prone to the peace of mind and avoid causing them all the time. To live this way do sedentary exercises so that your body can get more time for rest. Also, choose the career path that does not require a lot of physical exertion.

How do I obtain

  • Do not regularly engage in activities that require little activity, like watching TV or playing computer games

The impact on life of the character

  • Silent actions can bring many benefits
  • Prefers to do so in a calm manner
  • More productive from less demanding physical quarries
  • Productivity is lower in fast-paced pits
  • Doesn’t enjoy vigorous activity and is stressed when you aren’t able to relax for long

Widespread communication

Characters who follow their lives in the Wide Circle lifestyle make friends more quickly and have lots of friends, which can make it difficult to stay connected with all their friends. A person must be able to have at least four members to be able to live the Wide Circle life style.

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How do I get

  • Learn about a variety of brand new characters
  • Participate in social events and get social with your fellow characters

A character’s life

  • Maintains friendships with superficial friends for longer, however, it loses good friends more quickly.
  • Enjoys a variety of benefits when you interact by interacting with 3 or more people simultaneously or making a new acquaintance.
  • More likely to form long-lasting friendships with friends
  • More likely to require the companionship of a friend.
  • Feels stressed when has less than 4 close friends


Characters who follow the “Cohesion” style prefer to keep a small circle of extremely close friends. To live the “Cohesion” lifestyle it is necessary to not have more than three acquaintances and establish more relationships with the ones that they have already.

How do I obtain

  • Participate in activities that are collaborative with family and friends

Effect on character’s life character

  • Good friends last longer, however, less strong friendships get lost quicker.
  • More likely to build long-lasting friendships with your friends
  • You can offer to become soulmates, and enjoy the exclusive interactions with soulmates
  • Feels stressed when you’re not with friends as well as having at least four friends.


People who live an “Outdoors” lifestyle like to be outside. To live this way you must engage in more outdoor activities and less in the house.

How do I get

  • Outdoors activities bring various benefits
  • The person prefers being outdoors
  • More productive when working outside
  • The person feels stressed when they are spending more time inside rather than outside

The impact on the character’s life

    • Different benefits in outdoor activities
    • Loves being outdoors
    • Loves to be in the outdoors.
    • Loves to be in the outdoors.

In quarries that are outdoors, productivity is greater.

  • Stress can be experienced if you stay in a confined space for long periods of time

Playing at the computer

People who follow those who live the “Passive Recreation at Home” life style prefer to stay inside the security of their own home within four walls. To live this way be active in the house, and less out.

How to obtain

  • How do you keep your indoors for as long as is possible
  • Don’t get involved in jobs which require you to be outdoors. For example, Lifeguard, Fisherman, Ecologist, etc.

Effect on life of the character

  • Homework brings various benefits
  • The character is more comfortable at home
  • Productivity is lower when you work outdoors
  • The person is stressed out if you spend more time outdoors instead of inside

Healthful eating

People who live the “Passion for Wholefoods” lifestyle are health-conscious foodies! To maintain this lifestyle be healthy, eat a balanced diet and stay clear of desserts, snacks and other bad habits!

How do I get

  • Eat and cook only healthy food items
  • Beware of fast food restaurants

Impact on the Character’s Life

  • Die healthy food choices can provide many advantages
  • Likes to cook and eat health food
  • Cook healthy and nutritious meals with alternatives recipes
  • It is possible to assure other individuals that they will reap the benefits of a healthy food
  • The person doesn’t want to take fast food meals and feels anxious if they don’t consume nutritious food for a long period of time.

Fast food cravings

Characters who follow their lives according to the “Passion of Fast Food” lifestyle are addicted to snacks and various sweets. They also frequently add bacon and sugar into their diets! To maintain this type of lifestyle you must eat frequent snacks and eat desserts, as well as other foods that aren’t the most healthy. The most important thing is to avoid food items that are healthy!

How do I get

  • Consume a lot of fast food
  • Purchase food at vending machines

Impact on the Character’s Life

  • Fast Food offers various benefits
  • The character likes eating fast food
  • You can add bacon or sugar to food items, turning the food into fast-food
  • You can also be certain of other characteristics that they will reap the benefits of fast food.
  • Isn’t a fan of eating healthy food and gets overwhelmed if he does not eat fast food for long periods of time


Your daily life is awash by technology! To live a more modern lifestyle make use of technology and electronic devices frequently or opt for an occupation in technology.

How do I obtain

  • Learn abilities Develop skills Video Games, Programming, and Rocket Science (Robotics – ?)
  • You can work towards a career as Technician (Engineer -?)

The impact on the life of the character

  • Technology interaction offers a variety of benefits
  • Technology favors objects that do not have electronic components
  • It is faster to learn programming and rocket in science
  • You can power up a computer and marvel at its processing power when you combine it with other characters
  • Greater chance of success when it comes to repairing or improving electronic devices
  • Increased productivity during a career in the field of technology
  • Feels nervous on a website that does not have electricity or when using technology for an extended period of time


There’s not a single atom of technology in your daily life! To maintain this lifestyle one must quit technology and electricity and also break down electronic gadgets from time to the time.

How do I obtain

    • There shouldn’t be any electronics on the property
    • Living on a property that offers the “Living without amenities” property.
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Impact on character life

  • Electronic devices that are damaged and living on a property that isn’t connected to access to electricity or other amenities can bring a number of benefits
  • Prefers not to utilize technology.
  • It is possible to intentionally damage electronic appliances
  • A career that is less productive in technology
  • Feels tense when making use of technology

Lust to Love

The characters who follow their lives in the Lust for Love lifestyle really desire to be with someone and have difficulties with the bachelor lifestyle. To be a part of this lifestyle you must be interested in love in all forms or take part in romantic actions with your friends.

How do I get

  • Maintain a romantic relationship
  • Do something fun with your partner

The impact on the life of the character

  • An event can provide many advantages
  • The person who is romantic is more likely to be successful in romantic endeavors.
  • Easy to establish romantic bonds
  • Loves romantic movies and books
  • A romantic relationship can boost productivity
  • The subject is stressed when they are not in a romantic relationship

In the absence of bonds

The characters who follow those who live the “No Knots of Love” lifestyle choose a more single life and cherish their independence. To maintain this style of living beware of serious relationships and romance in music, literature and even on TV.

How to obtain

  • Do not have a serious relationship with someone you love

The impact on the life of the character

  • The bachelor’s lifestyle has many benefits
  • Quicker to master any skill without a partner
  • Not as likely to experience romantic feelings
  • Doesn’t recognize romantic novels and films


People who live”Coffeeomania” or “Coffeeomania” lifestyle are constantly contemplating coffee and the advantages it brings. To live this way you must drink a lot of coffee.

How do I get

  • Place an order for coffee (at the cafe)
  • Drink coffee

Effect on character’s life character

  • Coffee has many advantages
  • The character drinks and makes more coffee than other characters.
  • Coffee that is brewed well is always of great quality
  • The character acquires any new skills quicker after drinking the coffee
  • Characters may discuss the benefits of coffee, or be vocal about the negative effects caused by the coffee (depends on the quantity of coffee they have in their system).
  • The character is able to use caffeine while at work
  • Caffeine increases productivity
  • The person feels uncomfortable if they do not take a cup of coffee for a prolonged duration of time.


The majority of people who work from home are focused on their jobs, are overworked and seldom have breaks. To live this way strive to be promoted and work hard. Also, you must complete every day tasks, and try not to miss days off.

How do I obtain

  • Work hours
  • Work from home to complete work assignments
  • Receive coupons

A character’s life

  • Needs levels decrease slower when the character is working
  • More productive
  • More difficult to sustain long-term relationships
  • It is possible to return to work late and request an increase from your boss
  • Receives additional benefits for job-related work throughout the career of a company employee
  • Feels stressed because of not performing your work obligations or not being employed


Voyagers enjoy exploring fascinating and new destinations and enjoy having thrilling experiences! To maintain this kind of lifestyle you must travel to holiday destinations and visit exotic destinations and discover new experiences when traveling.

How do I obtain

  • Enjoy a relaxing holiday
  • Visit various cities and regions

Effect on life of the character

  • Travelling to other countries can bring numerous advantages
  • Quicker to master any skill during your vacation
  • Improves productivity and offers other benefits following having returned from vacation.
  • Can share travel stories following a vacation
  • He is bored if he isn’t traveling for long periods of time

Adrenaline lust

People who follow those who live the “Adrenaline Thirst” lifestyle are able to withstand danger and look for adventure to feel the thrill! To live this way be aware of dangerous areas as well as engage in fights and woohoo at public places. pick a risky career path and strive to have fun every chance you get! Be sure to stay away from boring routine.

How to obtain

  • Snowboarding (especially with high intensity)
  • Skiing (especially high-intensity)
  • Take a trip to climb Mount Komorebi
  • Hike mountaineering

Impact on the character’s life

  • Sharpness has many benefits.
  • The character will stay clear of boring conversations.
  • The character will not be scared when they see fire and will instead be attracted by the subject.
  • Higher productivity in hazardous quarries
  • The character is able to talk about new adventures , and enjoy excitement in conversations with other characters
  • The person can engage in an effort to experience the thrill if they haven’t experienced the thrill for a while
  • The character becomes bored while performing mundane daily tasks that include actions of communication
  • The subject is tense after not feeling energized for long periods of time

Discuss your experiences or ask questions on the characters’ lives . Have fun playing the game.

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