Droids in The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu

Buy a droid in the Droid Factory in the First Order area. The little iron droid costs you 1000 galactic credits and 10 scrap pieces of metal.

The ability to earn credits can be accessed by doing tasks or playing sabakk, and scrap metal havemust be found in small piles scattered across the region. From one pile, you will receive 1 piece of scrap metal. It’s easier and quicker to purchase scrap metal from the droid factory. However, it is expensive, with 75 credits per piece.

If you’ve got everything you require and more, you can choose your next iron partner. It is possible to purchase the BB and the R-series of droids, which can be purchased to purchase in a variety of colors. The selection of colors is straightforward – select the head and select the appropriate color for the body. However, the colors don’t match that great.

The tiny helper will be with you wherever you go or stay where you instruct him to remain.

You can chat about distractions or discuss your thoughts on factions in his presence. You can also play songs and dancing, shut off the music and put it in your bag or give it away as a gift to a different person. It will also aid you in your missions, such as trying to distract and neutralize enemies and monitoring and hacking the control panel and during missions in space.

Children as well as adults can use the device. Children are limited to audio playback, communication options, and waiting and tracking protocols. Children are not able to interact with Droids. It’s annoying to know that a character is looking to talk with a droid each free minute. Usually, it’s talking about or praising a particular faction. However, as you talk more, your connection with the droid increases – but if you’re not close enoughto each other, it will be difficult to discuss certain subjects. You can monitor your performance by hovering over your active droid or looking at the relationship bar.

It is also possible to add a personality chip onto the droid. This gives it more character, changes the droid’s voice, and allows other options when conversing. The default chip is the standard chip; you can purchase other personality chips from the Droid Factory once he reaches the 3rd level of reputation and factions at 175 credits. Replacing personality chips is accomplished by using the “Operation Droid” menu. Choose the chip you wish to return from the options that you own. The chip you installed before will not disappear, but it will be added to your character’s baggage.

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Special tasks interactions

Special interactions useful for completing tasks are marked with a special icon – These will be accessible within the droid’s interface by clicking on characters, land or objects.

Special options are available on the Droid:

  • Begin following the protocol, and the droid will be following the character. The protocol must be in place for access to the rest of the droid’s abilities.
  • Standby standby protocol will be started The droid will remain in the same spot where the protocol was first started

Special options to click in the dirt:

  • Standby start protocol – the Droid will travel to the specified location and then wait for the desired
  • Start distraction protocol – utilized to distract enemies while they’re looking at the droid. The sim is free to take part in breaking and entering

Special features when you click on a different character:

  • Start Charge Shock Protocol – the droid erupts into electrical shocks and causes the character to become unconscious for a time

Special choices when hovering over objects

  • Utilize an droid to pick locks – found in supply crates
  • Start encryption protocol – accessible through control panels and used to open doors
  • Start scanning protocol – accessible on control panels and locks, the droid scans the panels and locks to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers.

Droid’s activities might not always go as planned, but they may cause the device to break at times. Don’t forget to “Tweak” it now and then.

Droid enhancements

To ensure that your droid is as efficient as possible, you should install various enhancements found in the “Operation Droid” menu. You’ll need lots of scrap metal and level 5 mechanics skills.

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The upgrades are split into three categories – that for the pilot device, the scout droid and for the protocol droid.

Droid pilot enhancements:

  • Integral chip – Increases chances of success for exploration actions by starfighters. Requires level 3 mechanics five scrap pieces of metal
  • Interstellar Navigation System Allows the ability to conduct research regarding starfighters (without needing to increase reputation by forming a faction) and speeds up recovery times. Requires level 5 mechanics and 10 scrap pieces of metal

Enhancements to the Scout Droid:

  • Built-in tracking processors: Increases the likelihood for success when your droid plays on the control panel. It requires a level 3 mechanics skills five bits of scrap steel
  • Physical Processor – Increases the area as well as the duration. Requires 5 levels of skill in mechanics 10 scrap metal pieces

Improvements to the protocol droid

  • Hearing Converter: Helps to achieve better results in communications when the device is within range. It requires a level 3 mechanics skills five bits of scrap iron
  • Personality Matrix unlocks more interactions between the character and robot. It requires a level 5 mechanics skill 10 scrap pieces of metal

Droids found in the real world

You can bring your Batuu Droid with you, but it’ll lose some of its capabilities when you are in the world. Notably, the protocol for following a sim and the ability to send an electric shock for an individual will be removed. You can now only speak to the sim, play music, and change the chip’s identity. However, a brand new feature, “Play with the droid” The Sim can play around with the droid using his datapad. The robot will move around like a radio-controlled vehicle.

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Have fun playing!

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