Overview of The Sims 4: MOSCHINO catalog

Access for the game is provided through Electronic Arts

A while ago, The Sims announced about the release of unveiled an exclusive collection Moschino and The Sims Capsule Collection. On EA Play we announced The Sims 4: MOSCHINO catalog that will be officially launched tomorrow, 13 August. Today, with the early access that we have received from our source, we are able to provide you with our first impressions of the new content you can expect to find.

Stylewear of MOSCHINO

Let’s begin with the CAS. The characters from the teens to up received new clothes that resemble the clothing from the famous fashion brand MOSCHINO. Children and children did not receive any new items, though MOSCHINO has a collection for children. In truth, the clothes in the catalog don’t inspire a need to include them in the characters wardrobe. Maybe with the exception of a few other exceptions. It’s all up to your preferences and colors…

Men: full-length outfit, two pants, two jackets, sweater, t-shirt and boots.

For women: two dresses, a swimming suit, two jackets 2 skirts and shorts heels and earrings.

There are also a variety of new hairstyles that are suitable for males and two for women. There is also a unisex hairstyle.

Fashion Photography Career and New Opportunities in Photography
The first time, in catalog’s history that we have a brand new profession. However the fashion Photographer job is only a variant, and is essentially being far from a fully-fledged job. However, her involvement being in the field, it has seen some progress.The

In addition, the art of photography can be learned , not only through practice, but also through books: Photography. Volume 1. The First Shot lets you begin to master the skill from 1 to 2.

Photography. Volume 2. Making Compositions Learns the technique at levels 3-4

The final (fifth) stage of skill is just a matter of practice (and don’t overlook the power of inspiration).

But let’s get back to the job. If you want to be an fashion Photographer you need to use the phone or click on the bar for careers and choose the Freelancer career option and then select the Future Style Agency for photographers.

This is it, now search for a part-time or full-time job that is a good match for your level of expertise. In the case of the other Freelancer areas of expertise it is possible to apply by phone, via computer or by clicking the appropriate icon in the bar of careers.

In the end, all jobs in the quarry have the same things:

  • Snap a picture of an individual wearing the style or outfit of your choice;
  • Send images to customer for approval
  • Post the image on the latest trending simstagram.

There are other tasks to be completed. For instance, meeting and talk to a fashion-forward person and show him your photos, discuss fashion blogs, or to take selfies, etc.

When you attend an event, the upper right hand corner will display how far the task is being completed as it would for public gatherings. The only difference is that there will not be a lot of tasks to complete and there won’t be any requirement in order to collect any gold or gold. However, on the contrary, it could be disappointing if you is interesting to get rewards for this kind of occasion.

However, overall, the process is rather monotonous, like the various Freelancer branches, but it does allow you to earn quite a bit. Just like other branches, once you have completed the productivity scale on the initial time will mean that your enthralling photographer will be rewarded.

  • Extraordinary award for freelance work
  • Mirrorless Frame camera
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In addition you can expect to receive additional money to fulfill orders, and several interesting options. Learn more about the work that is photographer Fashion Photographer at

Studio tripod backdrop for photo shoots, and marks for models of studio

A career in photography that is trendy is difficult without specialized equipment. You can include a Studio tripod, labels for models and various kinds of backgrounds for your photography.

Yes, indeed, the background can be installed separately and comes with many colors. If you want to shoot in the field the tripod can easily fit in the luggage of your character and can be set up anywhere you’d like. Below are some illustrations of studio backgrounds. Each one has a simple animation, and it is picked by clicking on the background in live mode (unlike the “Background for Photo Shooting” which has a color that is chosen from the catalog of purchases and is not movable).

If you’re a fan of the game that, in the add-on the addon Sims 4: Go to work We already had an image studio where you could capture photos of adults as well as children (but you cannot take a picture of an adult and children) The catalog for the game MOSCHINO when you set the camera on the tripod for studio use. and taking photographs that include up to 3 people simultaneously as well as children, infants as well as adults are able to be photographed together.

Additionally, the characters are now required to wear a particular way while filming. There are seven different styles in total and there are a variety of poses for each of them:The pose options are:

  • Cornery (not available for photo shoots with toddlers or babies)
  • Fussy
  • Chic
  • Advocable
  • Funny
  • Weeping
  • Sad

A second option that is default – the character can take any pose of random choice.The character will assume any pose that is available.

The tripod comes with all the cameras that are standard:

  • Photograph (you pick what to shoot);
  • Image… (other sim You can select from a list of people who are in close proximity to the sim);
  • Photo of yourself… (selfies on another sim – select from a list of sims close to you on your phone).

Additionally additional options added into the library. Particularly, there are two options let you to shoot photographs of adult characters with children and pets. There aren’t many photos that allow for these poses that aren’t ideal, obviously. A photo of an enormous dog is the only one option. It’s also a bit odd that children can’t snap photos with their pets They can take cats or even a small dog. Maybe the developers didn’t think of it or didn’t have the time to provide this feature for their users.

In one session you can capture 10 images by changing the pose of the model and camera angles. Another beneficial characteristic that comes with this Studio Tripod is the ability to adjust the angle of the camera with respect to the model according to your preference. This allows you to capture normal pet and baby photographs. It is now possible to alter the angle of the camera the same way you would when using Tab Mode by pressing D, E W, E. Utilize Z and Z to zoom in or out of the photo.

Another fascinating object is another interesting item is The Studio Model Label. It can be used to place the models to shoot in the way you like, and the specific option “Photograph the model at the spot” …” will be active when you set up the tripod.The mark is activated on the tripod.

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Unfortunately, this choice is only available for three characters. If you’re planning to snap pictures of a huge family it is possible to put the members within the frame, but you’re only able to request for three characters to take a picture. Alas. The rest of the world will simply sit on the mark or talk to one another.

The same tags are used your photographer can also invite models. This is a low-cost service at just 100 simoleons. You aren’t able to pick the model you want however, the NPC’s will visit you specifically for shooting.

Photo studio design objects

Modern clothes need a proper surroundings, and you will see a number of new items inside The Sims 4: MOSCHINO catalog that will help you create a stylish interiors for your own studio. The construction model has you can add two kinds of wall coverings (look at the categories “Wallpaper” or “Misc”) and as in addition to new doors and windows (windows are fantastic but the door does not fit and you shouldn’t put it close to),and in the catalog, you can buy new sofas, chairs and diverse decors that are modern in fashion.

Photo frames with new designs

Of of course, no studio is complete without the use of photo frames to showcase your talents as photographer. In the update, the developers enhanced the standard photo frames, permitting them to be placed not just on walls as well as on shelves and tables, and even in the catalog. MOSCHINO added two photo digital frames (horizontal and vertical) and frames where you can put three photos and create collage. The frames with digital photos have the ability to store photos that let users load multiple images to switch across the frames (there are also various speed settings). Additionally, you can add an enhancement called the “Wire Fractions” enhancement to make the frames less vulnerable to breakage.

Photos can be loaded of any size to digital photo frames. However, only medium and small images will fit into”the “Collage inside picture frame”.


The review on the product is varied. One side is it is a fresh career path and the development of the photography skill as well as on the other … very odd and a bit clunky CAS. it’s just an independent contractor, and bugs are present that ruin the experience of the game. Many gamers have a tendency to compare the game Sims 4: MOSCHINO with the catalog and they’re right. In both cases, after analyzing the catalog’s contents, there is a bit of disorientation and discontent. As My First Pet is a continuation of the dogs and cats theme of the addon, it appears it’s the case that MOSCHINO is an element of the add-on . When paired to this one, it acquires some significance. In its own form however, it doesn’t appear quite as appealing. If you choose to purchase it, we recommend to hold off until you get a good deal.

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