The Sims 4 Country House Life Expansion Pack Announced

On the 22nd of July 2021, EA and Maxis will launch The Sims 4 Country Life expansion The Sims 4 () Country Life for 39.99 euros on consoles and PCs. In the addition, the Sims are attracted to the countryside. Within the city of Hanford-on Bagley, Sims can grow their produce, rear animals, and learn about the area’s people.

EA: “The feature trailer highlights the exciting new possibilities that the country lifestyle offers Sims getting to know the people in the area with a glass of wine in the “Arms of the Dwarf pub, create 16 jams of different varieties, have the perfect picnic, and then take up the new pastime embroidery. With the ‘Rustic Life plot challenge, players can help encourage their Sims to make a living off the land by cultivating their food or gathering ingredients and placing only fresh meals at the tables. They can also participate in submitting their products in the Finchwick market to boast about their accomplishments in the town. Many animals are living in Henford on Bagley. Sims could keep chickens within the henhouse. They can also collect eggs, visit cows milking fresh or assist llamas in cutting their wool. ”

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