Tiny Living add-on details

The Compact Living catalog offers a variety of tiny items to can help you decorate your home with an “minimalist” design.

The first point worth talking about is the fact that the developers are ” difficult to implement” a spiral staircase that has bunk beds. They claimed they were “These developments represent a significant change to the game, and this reason, this feature isn’t acceptable”, so anticipate another paid set such as “My First Spiral Staircase” or ” My first bunk bed”because the developers “difficult”.

What exactly do the catalogs bring? A new plot type and the option to select the limits of a plot’s cells. You can, for instance, select 100 cells as your limit and within those 100 cells, you must construct a home.

Let’s suppose you build a 3-story home and end up with the following distribution: 1st floor = 34 cells 2nd floor = 33 cells the 3rd floor is 34 cells because 100 cells cover all of the houses, including floors. Limitations do not apply to pools and landscaping, so you can implement a garden, vegetable garden, or playground on your plot without losing any buffs.<>

If you can squeeze in 100 square cells, then you gain special plot properties as well as other enhancements like:

  1. Lower bill for utilities
  2. Comfort bonus, which is a must to lazy Persians.
  3. Family relationships are a bonus in the intimacy; However, it is not a way to offend

Alongside the benefits of social and financial comforts associated with living in such a small home and having access to various small, multi-functional furniture to make your life easier and transform your home into a comfortable one. Here are some of the new products that are featured in the film trailer

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  1. A few new furniture pieces like a desk and dresser were a huge problem on the map, and the additions are greatly appreciated. It’s a shame that modders only made it available three years ago.
  2. The new entertainment unit looks like a tri-functional piece. It comes with an LCD TV, a stereo, and a bookcase that is incorporated to form a two-tile item.
  3. The recliner in the trailer has an adjustable sofa and shelves that can be utilized if it is shut. This makes this an additional attractive piece of furniture that can be used in many ways.

Catalogs will offer us a lot of knitwear. However, we are not the bourgeois crowd, and don’t buy clothes and create them (It will be possible only to purchase the clothes, but don’t tie. tie will become available only in the following catalogs, which there is no information is available as of now). Pants, skirts, sweaters All will be made from coarse knit.

The final thing that this catalog offers is the addition of a new death. Death caused by folding beds is, well, fine. Your sim could die due to this fantastic invention. To ensure that your Sim lives in the process, you must create a new, unknown skill.

Overall, the game is generally minimal and is not much of a novelty. The catalog be tested between Jan 21 (on the PC) as well as February 4 (on consoles).

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