The Sims 4: Industrial loft set is in the starting blocks

On the 26th of August on, the lofts of the industry will be set for the simulation game The Sims 4. Electronic Arts announced this. It will be accessible for PC + Mac (via Origin and Steam), PS4, and Xbox One. Furthermore, it will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is confirmed. It isn’t stated what the price will be; however, concerning the previous extensions sets, this will also be included in this instance around 4.99 euros.

The press release reads:

“Inspired by the former warehouses in Brooklyn, New York, the Industrial Loft collection includes a range of modern and stylish furniture that lets gamers reinvent worn-out furniture pieces within their own homes. Simmers can let their imagination flow with the help of huge windows, exposed structures, and sturdy statement pieces to design distinct designs that exude an old-fashioned feel and blend modernity.

The Industrial Loft set offers gamers various ways to express their Sims personalities. It allows them to create new features in basic rooms by using exposed fixtures, metal vents, fashionable frames made of steel and wood, and lighting components that create a comfortable and warm ambiance. With massive glass windows as well as double-sliding doors that let in sunlight in freshly furnished living spaces, game designers can increase the aesthetics of imperfect and unfinished elements.”

A free update to the base game will be made available in tandem with the expansion. The update will feature work created by artist Ohni Lisle, who hails from Brooklyn and creates vibrant as well as expressive artworks using a variety of materials.