The Sims 4 Dream Interior playset review

Initial access to game set made through Electronic Arts

Within the The Sims 4 Interior of Dreams game mode the characters of your Sims will be real interior designers due to the possibility of a new career and anyone who cannot imagine life without design and construction is looking forward to a variety of new products to buy which include a range of sectionsal and modular sofas.

Modus for Character Creation

The Scandinavian style heavily influences the design and creation of characters. Lovely shades minimal prints; however, they are not excited for some reason. Perhaps it’s because we’re offered miniskirts, cropped tops, or damaged jeans. It’s also fair to affirm that there are excellent models for males and females. However, for males, there are many fewer. The CAS for males isn’t perfect because most of the items look unflattering in the simulation. The set for both genders also included a couple of pairs of footwear and some lovely female accessories like earrings and a necklace. There’s a minor issue in the male shoes, but if they are worn with included pants, they will cut through the pants somewhat. There are also some adorable baby and toddler toys. There aren’t many hairstyles, and most have a similarity to the ones already on the market.

Below are some examples below, using items from the set. These will provide you with an idea of the overall styles and the colors.


Update 1.75.125 of May 27 added characters into the game. The game added a new category, Decor. It is where you will be able choose one of fifteen designs of interior design your characters would appreciate or disapprove of.The game set also includes a

They are helpful when you are working for an interior designer where your sim will be doing work according to customers’ needs.

However, in the game of normal play, your sims can share their thoughts about the home environment in accordance with their preferences and dislikes.

New items are available in purchase mode

The new items in this set include quite a few. There’s a lot in actual. Similar to CAS, the elegance and elegance that characterize The Scandinavian style can be observed here. The wood and textile patterns of objects are created in a cozy, minimalist color scheme. All pieces are perfectly coordinated. There aren’t a lot of exciting decors this timearound, but there are some attractive items, like gorgeous statuettes of a llama. Also, there are ornamental plants and wall decor as well as those who love little things will appreciate various sets of shoes with decorative designs.

A different delight for builders could be two complete kitchen sets. It isn’t often for builders to delight us with such furniture pieces – since every cabinet and cabinet is 11 distinct objects.

A few of the items in the set are worthy of having a close take a look.

Modular shelving

It is worth noting that the latest innovation to be found in the market is The Modular Life collection of modular furniture. These furniture pieces can be used together to create original and innovative design solutions for your interior. In this set, you’ll see not just chic and contemporary wall shelves as well as cabinets, TV stand corners, and bookcase tables. They can all be used together! There are, of course, certain limitations, like floor furniture pieces can only be joined with other floor furniture items that are modular. Similar to modular wall furniture. They can only be combined.

The first item in the collection of objects is thought to be the first object. Every next thing, such as an item on a shelf or another furniture item, will be subordinate to the first item, and the concept is the same for the dining tables and chairs. Whatever piece of furniture you have within the bundle you place the cursor over the first furniture piece will be highlighted by an outline that blinks. Because of this, you can effortlessly move and take away all objects within the collection. If you grab the source object using your mouse, you can delete or move the entire group simultaneously.

To sort out the different objects you could mix, simply enter the term “module” into the “search” box in the build mode, and then click Enter.

Sectional couches

It is one of the most awaited improvements for the sport. It is possible to create sofas with various shapes and sizes due to the possibility of selecting between eight options for both kinds of sofas. This is similar to the interface used when installing cabinets and kitchen units which means you shouldn’t have difficulties. Furthermore, they offer two different choices for couches (4 variations for each) that can be connected to the sofa or put apart, and the characters can sleep and rest on them as the chaise lounge. At the moment, they are only accessible only to Dream Interiors set owners. However, they could become part of the standard version shortly.

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Bakes and hobs

This is the first time in history; it is now possible to have cooktops and ovens included in the game. Two kinds of hobs, as well as two ovens, are included in this set.

Another exciting new feature to the game is two ovens with electric motors set up on top of the kitchen counter. All recipes you could prepare with the stove are available to the ovens. However, they cannot be used in dormitories at university. However, the simgurus did mention this in their responses to players’ questions. Unfortunately, they may have gotten it wrong.

Tent for children

A brand new play tent for infants and kids. Children can sleep, snooze, and play either independently or in groups. It will help enhance the imagination abilities of toddlers and creativity in children. The tent, in the end, can be placed inside the character’s baggage and then taken along with them everywhere they travel.

Adult characters can act like monsters and scare children and children inside the tent. Children will feel a frightening muzzle, and toddlers will be irritated and unable to play inside the tent for a few minutes. However, the “monster” is sure to be extremely amused. If you’ve got an add-on called “Cats as well as Dogs” add-on, your pets will be able to go into the tent on their own and rest inside the tent.

Interior Designer Career

Are you fed up with the awful decor your neighbors have? Are you looking to share your exquisite style and style with others? It’s time to begin your job as an interior design professional! Interior designers transform clients’ design ideas into reality in a single order!

Interior design careers are open and full-time careers. It is a single specialization and 10 levels. In terms of design, it’s similar to the acting career of The Road to Fame. To get a job, you first need to choose a part-time job with the button on the career bar

Part-time work can be found placed on public or residential lots. The number of lots available depends on the add-ons that you’ve installed. All projects, including commercial and residential, are split into four kinds: fixing an area, replacing floors, building an area, and installing flooring.

Repairing residential property it is possible to do tasks that are different from fixing the room you prefer and repairing or adding a certain space type.

Attention when I am writing this review, there are issues with the addition of floors – in certain homes, it isn’t possible to add it, meaning it is suggested that this project is best accomplished by letting the sim create the floor yourself. Some players have encountered difficulties in room additions; However, they’re easily solved.

As with all open careers that you can choose to work in, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to have your character perform the work yourself or join them. If you decide to join your character, you’ll visit the client in a place that needs fixing. Then, you will assist your character by completing tasks on the options on the career tab. If the sim is required to work by himself and is not accompanied by a partner, just like in other professions of this kind, the sim will be back on time and will be rewarded with an increment in productivity and the amount specified in the task.

One of the features of a career is that, in addition to the productivity scale that is displayed on the panel, there’s another scale that is related to the designer’s professional standing. Projects that succeed will increase it while failing projects will decrease it. The greater the number of points and the higher the reputation of your designer, the more expensive and prestigious projects you’ll receive, and the greater chances of getting positive customer feedback. If you’ve got installed the “Path towards Fame” extension and you have a high standard of fame, you will be able to make repairs at the homes of famous people.

The path to success begins by knowing your customers and their needs. Be in touch with them, listen to their views, and provide them with solutions. All the essential interactions with your clients are identified by the career icon, and they are available in a specific section “Interior Designer” …” within the menu of communication. Pay attention to what they are drawn to and dislike about what they wish to observe in the interior, and you’ll succeed. If they are not happy with the repairs, his reputation could be damaged, and the compensation for the work he did will not receive. A repair’s quality could even affect the customer’s perception of the designer.

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The process of renovation is straightforward – simply start the construction mode and alter the interior to fit the design theme, preferences, limits and budget. to make it easier, you’ll have all the data you require to know. If clicking on icons for preference, you’ll get the list of items related to the ones you have selected. Very convenient.

Another intriguing aspect to be a successful interior designer is taking photos of the space prior to and following the renovation. Once you’re ready present the client with the results you’ll be shown by a short video that incorporates your photos. It’s very amazing.

The final note is to present the results to the customer. You can organize a huge show or simply let the client explore the entire thing by himself. If you have the opportunity to demonstrate, you will show the customer the brand new design and ask what their thoughts are about it. After reviewing the work you’ve done and presenting the results to the client, they can make the final decision. In addition, if you took part with your Sim while working on the project, the outcome of your efforts will be saved to the game’s save.

Newbie decorators take note that you do not need to completely revamp the interiors of your client’s house, all you need to do is make a few changes that people like or take away things that they dislike and the outcome will often be excellent.

Each successful order takes you closer to achieving success—the more time you’ve had and the more diverse order types you’ll have. If you have a solid professional standing, you’ll get many opportunities to be promoted to your contacts and invited to work again, and even offered a second chance in the event of a failure. Also, you might find yourself interested in the television station “Interior Dreams.” The most well-known designers are able to collaborate with various brands and promote their products by using them in their designs.

Dream Interior Channel

Being on the Dream Interior channel will give interior designers an abundance of confidence as well as anyone else a sense of inspiration. Additionally, when watching the shows on this channel, Sims will develop mechanical skills.

The most successful or least effective of your ideas could be showcased by The Dream Interiors channel in the shows “Total Failure” or “Everything in Its Place.” You’ll be informed about this event, so make sure you don’t miss out.

At 8 p.m., The special program titled “Total failure” (or “All In Their Own place” will be shown on the channel listing. After watching the program, the sim will get the appropriate muzzlelet as well as an email from a friend or customer thanking on your work… however or maybe with a sarcastic remark depending on the show that your work was featured. The video, unfortunately, is a standard item on Dream Interiors. Dream Interiors channel.


The game The Sims 4 Dream Interior differs from other DLCs that are similar in that it is more geared towards gamers who are more inclined to create. The gameplay is in the form of a brand new active career as well as a variety of new interactive objects, though available, is not enough in the size of the set. Of course, the career as an interior designer is interesting. However, it is again designed to satisfy gamers’ passion for creating and decorating. The developers have attempted to fill the void of game play by introducing new features to the build/purchase mode that users have long requested, but unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the gameplay issue itself. In truth, the engaging gameplay of “Dream Interiors” is a major loss even when compared to earlier sets like “Spa Day” or “In the Restaurant.” In addition, it is not as good as “Strangerville” or “Batuu.” However, people who like to construct and equip their Sims in real life will definitely find lots of new features in this game and enjoy playing.

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