The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories update adds new interactions to the base game

The designers of The Sims 4 () have devised an innovative method to grant players more power over the Sim’s living lives. As an example, before, it was difficult to influence your neighbors. If you wanted to have complete control over your neighbors’ lives, you needed to integrate them into your family that was actively involved. Today, Maxis can have an impact on the lives of your neighbors, too, without having to be directly in their lives.

The latest version, “Neighborhood Stories,” can trigger life-changing modifications to Sims. This will provide more life to the neighborhood Sims that do not reside in the household of the active player. The effects will be visible when playing it with Sims, who is associated with the busy family. For instance, colleagues who are gym members, colleagues, or even a Sim who was greeted by a fruitcake at the community. The Grim Reaper is the only one who is exempt from this.

This applies to both changes in life that the player Sims could encourage their neighboring Sims to consider and the ones that neighbor Sims can decide on themselves. In some cases, both are also applicable.

These are the changes that can be achieved when the first version of neighborhood tales. The entire program is so that several releases will take place .

Life’s changes are independent or influenced by the Sim:

  • Change your career.
  • Hang out in a group with fellow Sims to develop or strengthen friendships.

Changes in life that can be only by the individual:

  • Looking to be promoted within your current job.
  • The acceptance of a wedding proposal if you are already married in a different Sim. Neighborhood Sims cannot be independently married at the moment.
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The way you live your life is dependent on the activity of the Sim:

  • Talking poorly in another Sim on the other and causing relationships between Neighborhood Sims to be severely damaged
  • Inviting two teens or two adults to start an intimate relationship.
  • Try to persuade a Sim in an unbreakable relationship to end the relationship or divorce.
  • Persuading a Sim in the neighborhood Sim to find an employment.

However, Sims will not become fully independent. For those who wish to keep control of all events, Sims developers have added a loophole—before the Sims making a decision; they will contact your active Sims and seek assistance. When they call, Sims are able to make a “yes” and “no” answer as to whether the Sim should take action. But, you may also give them the option of making the final decision.

The update also includes two brand-new possibilities for your Sims. The first is The Trusting Neighbor as well as Common Heartbreaker.

Neighbor Stories: Neighbor Stories will be integrated into The base game’s update scheduled to be released on November 30th, 2021. Additional information about the update is available on the official website for The Sims 4.

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