A collection of seashells in the add-on The Sims 4 Living on an Island

Seashell Collection is one of two collections included in the add-on.

How do you build a collection of seashells

The collection is officially comprised of 13 items. However, it consists of 7 unique seashells, 6 of which are two different colors.

The most convenient method of collecting is to collect Sultani Islands, and there are many ways to collect it.

The easiest option is to pick them off the beach in the vicinity of Ohan’ali. There are at minimum three beaches where they’re frequently seen, and it’s not difficult to be aware of them. They simply lie on the sandy beach.

The other option is to wash the beach. Mouse click on the sand along the beach and choose “Cleaning on the Beach” and “Cleaning at the shore” and after that, “Look for shells along the shore.” This feature is available to Sims who are children and above.

And, by the way, kids and toddlers can discover shells while “Playing on the Sand.” It is possible to do this not just in the Sultani beach of Sultani and elsewhere across the globe in the world where there is sand. You could even put up the “sandbox” for your kids at home, and then they can build their collection each time. The sandbox is a great place to play.

The third option is that you can locate shells when diving off an underwater buoy whether or not Scuba.

The final option is a couple of shells that you can collect in exchange for Silver level.

Furthermore, shells may occasionally be found . The likelihood of getting shells is not dependent on the choice you make.

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You can also receive a seashell as an offer from dolphins. The option to fetch in the Russian localization is known as “Play ball” under “Ask to show off a trick,” but the more exact translation would be “Fetch.” When the command is received that the dolphin swims away and then returns with a present; most often, it’s a fish. However, you may also receive an ocean shell.

To complete the collection you will be presented with the “Softbody Collector” commemorative plaque.

The full list of shells found in the collection





Sea scallop The typical snapper shell. Delicate sea food along with tiny ocean goddesses. Ordinary 10SS/15SS
Sea Acorn Smooth outside, rough inside. Like the crayfish that smiles with a healthy heart that once lived in it. Ordinary 40SS/50SS
Little spiral shell The shell is small and simple to grab without stopping. Be aware that it can travel a long distance if you throw it. Common 20SS/30SS
Sea Urchin The sea urchin that was real was once a resident of this shell that was unassuming. Be aware when you swim in the sea – they may pierce your. Unusual 60SS/70SS
Lunar snail shell Moon Snails occasionally make their way out into the night to soak in the moon’s light and fantasize about the day when they’ll finally be one with the moon. Unusual 80SS/90SS
Marine Ear These beautiful shells can be discovered in the ocean and are sold at the shore. Generations of paleontologists gained their income from selling these shells on the shoreline. Rare 120SS/130SS
“Normal” spiral shell There’s nothing there. It’s just a normal spiral shell. It isn’t likely to cause any reaction in marine life. Rare 200SS
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Shells are used to implement HTML0.
All other than all but the “normal” spiral shells come with an average coziness score of 3 and the capacity to create an emotion of inspiration. Apart from that, they are helpful in the performance of “Shell Seller. In other words, twelve of the 13 seashells are used for strictly decorative use. However, it is the “normal” seashell when you blow it, attracts mermaids to the vicinity. In fact, it’s the same shells that mermaids utilize to regulate the weather; however, in this instance, they may not carry it in their bags.

Best of luck in your collection and enjoy playing!

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