The Sims 4 Carnival Set Review

The Sims 4 Carnival set is designed to be inspired by the stunning fashion of the Brazilian superstar and developed with his help. The characters’ wardrobe was enhanced by a variety of unusual, colorful, and unique clothes and accessories. As per the designer and Pablo himself, the concept for the collection stemmed from the Brazilian carnival costumes and the street culture and street party culture – blocks. We imagine this Brazilian Carnival as the first thing we dress in, the stunning costumes and hats embellished with sequins and feathers, carnival masks, and so forth. This is why it’s not included in the outfit. However, the look of the street party contained is quite a lot.

Let’s begin with the novels for males. In general, there are fewer of them, yet they indeed give an impression that is more pleasing than women’s novelties. Check it out for yourself.

Two new outfits have been included in the complete-length clothes category. Denim is very versatile, and you can wear it everywhere. The second look is more appropriate for a hot summer or a beach-themed celebration. In addition, the concept of the beach is reflected in at least half the sets’ objects. This isn’t bad when you are a fan of Sultani (addition ).

Four new items are now available in the men’s outerwear. Two bright summer shirts and a mesh tank top and a top that’s made of fishing scales (there you are again, Sultani, can you feel it? ).

A pair of shorts sat in the middle of the dress. It’s great to see that alongside the smattering of colors, they come with three classic colors to choose from.

The women’s wardrobe is filled with more dresses, colors, and sparkles. Five options are available within the category of full length. Two options for summer beach and two more appropriate dresses for events or going to a club and a third outfit which is a little difficult to come up with a practical use for.

In this dress, I would like to talk about this large chain and is not only visible across the skirt. It also has a stunning blow on the rear; however, it will overlook it.

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This isn’t a very unique variation, it’s just a basic modelthat’s similar to the base game, too. The texture resembles massive sequins but it’s really just the texture.

Then, the final outfit. It’s eclectic; however, in my opinion, an outfit with ethnic designs in the cut and glittery rainbow strappy shorts shouldn’t be paired together in the sense of. However, a bizarre outfit was created. It turned out that, as they say, it is not here or there. Perhaps it’s better to create separate pieces of clothing.

Three tops are added to the female clothing. The first is striped and comes with sleeves and a high collar; however, a naked belly is already a standard. The initial four colors refer to various LGBT flags. The fifth color is an allusion to the Brazilian flag. Remember this when selecting the right attire.

The one below is great for beach days. In addition, you could use it as a top for your swimsuit. However, you must disable the category filter for swimsuits. However, the result is unique.

The third highest point is completely made of crystals. It’s very sparkling and bright due to this, but you’ll not come across a need for it immediately. But the crystals are deserving of praise. They’re not just flat textures; they also make a huge volume. Perhaps it lacks less diverse alternatives. In black, for instance, it could appear nice.

In the category of underwear, two skirts, and two shorts. They are among the most disappointing items of the game. Take a look – or similar mini shorts are included in the game and are available in both the base game and within the DLC. The other shorts could be intriguing if the strap for the purse weren’t painted over the top. Otherwise…flat dull.

The skirts are now on the way. The soft mini-skirts are… Very. It’s bright. It was designed to make a puffy multi-layered skirt with a translucent top layer; however, the transparency isn’t very evident, it lacks airiness, and the crystals in the waistband are simply drawn. The skirt that has lacing on the sides is noteworthy for the lacing. It is a variation of the Sims with no complexes. The dress is a bit sloppy.

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It’s just the clothes. That’s it, but it includes a few other accessories, eye shadows, and a brand new manicure.

So, accessories. An attractive pair of earrings and a wing necklace were also added for women.

Also, for women and men, cute heart-shaped glasses are on the market. However, the glasses appear to be a little big for this type of frame. The frames may be too rough for these glasses. Maybe it’s an issue of personal perception.

A new piece of jewelry is now available in the bracelets category. It comprises a couple of rows of different bracelets

There’s also another new manicure, which is the “stiletto” form. The nails are said to be shiny however I don’t think they’re very effective.

The kit contains makeup suitable for the event. The first shades at the time of the kit’s launch are not compatible when used with the eyeliner from the Luxury Party catalog; they overshadow it. Together with the eyeliner that comes with both the base kit and DLC, they work as expected; However, there are shadows that appear beneath the eyebrows. There is nothing wrong with the second shadows, and they seem better because of the clarity that the lines. However, blurry textures and glittery appearance don’t look great in games.

In general, on an examination closer, the Sims 4 Carnival does not provoke negative feelings and is not as incongruous as the initial screenshots as there are quite humorous things, but it also offers an extra-special pleasure, which the game doesn’t create any problems. As stated earlier, it is a good fit with the contents of the add-on and seamlessly fits into the world of Sultani. A few outfits could work for parties or nightclubs; however, not much other than those.

Let us know your thoughts on this new The Sims 4 Carnival set.

Have fun playing!

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