The new emotional state Scare in The Sims 4. Codes for getting Scare muzzles.

Patch on January 21 2021 introduced a brand new emotional state for the characters of the base game being scared.

In this way over sixty muppets in the game base as well as different sets and add-ons have been transformed into scare muppets. This is especially true for those that have the words “fear”, “dread” as well as “phobia” as part of their titles. For instance, ” or “Night Spirit”.

Within the catalogue of this many muzzles were included new muzzles related to the manifestations of the supernatural in haunted houses or a career as an Paranormal Explorer.<

The impact of the emotional scare on the character’s behavior

In a state of shock Sims can be agitated in a variety of ways. One example of the newer interactions could result in connected screams that occurs when the sim in fear would rush towards the other sim to express his frustration at him. In the end, the other sim could soothe him as well… may also be terrified! This can lead to an entire scare outbreak If you’re not cautious enough.

In a state of fear the sim may be unable to communicate with other characters. In addition, they may wander around in a state of panic at times as he tries to perform household chores could result in numerous incidents. Don’t send Sims to fix your appliances. If there aren’t any other Sims available to soothe the scared Sim and he is scared, he might need to stay under a blanket for a time.

The emotions are two-fold that are scared and terrified. The way these emotions are expressed differs. Sims when they are scared may look around, but if they are scared more intensely – run with state of panic with incoherent shouting or in a state terror , they can duck and scream in terror. There isn’t any death from fright in the game. Perhaps this is the best, thereby increasing the risk of death for characters we don’t want to see.

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The characters can be scared due to a myriad of reasons, including a storm and fear of the Night Spirit curse, a bedside monster. Of course, ghosts and ghosts!

Certain characters might enjoy terrifying incidents. These are the characters who are the ones to lead “Adrenaline Thirst”.

New character trait for the rewards store – – Courage

However, if fear isn’t your thing, then you should consider purchasing an additional character trait to earn the sake of happiness points, namely Courage. The trait lets sims be less scared and relax quicker when they are scared However, even with it, characters aren’t completely confident. It costs a lot of money of happiness points, ranging from 8000 to 8000.

Codes to express the emotion Scare as well as the character trait of the Courage

For these codes to work, you must install the Tmex-AllCheats.ts4script, author TwistedMexican. Also requires the developer code testingcheats true.

sims.add_buff buff_Environment_ScaredAmbienceSmall – Sims will receive the scary decor mulet (Scare +1 no time of action)

sims.add_buff buff_Environment_ScaredAmbienceMedium – Sims gets Scared Decoration (Scare +2 no expiration time)

sims.add_buff buff_Environment_ScaredAmbienceLarge – Sims gets Scared Decor (Scare +3 no expiration time)

sims.add_buff Memory_Buff Sim will be “Very scary” (Scared +4 for 4 hours)•

sims.add_buff buff_Sim_Scared_ScreamIncoherently_IrrationalDanger – Sim gets “Just Irrational Fear of Danger” mulet (Scared +2 for 2 hours)<

sims.add_buff CheatingIntensityBuff_Scared – Sim will get Scared (Scared +1 for 20 days)<

sims.add_buff CheatingIntensityBuff_Terrified – Sim gets Scared (Scared +6 for 20 days)<

traits.equip_trait trait_Brave Brave Sim will be able to get the trait character through the Bravery Award Store.

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